Title: Away from All

Author/Artist: unsugared aka Miracchin

Rating: PG-13, for some kissing and dark thoughts

Fandom: Marchen Awakens Romance

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Alviss; Phantom/Alviss

Theme: 470. Freedom in chains.

Genre/s: Dark, angst

Warnings: Slash. Dark fic, and more importantly, crazy!Alviss. Spoilers for episode 88: Phantom's Dream.

Words: 509

Summary: He touches the chain, the one that separates him from the life of a mortal. Not that he minds.

Disclaimer/Claimer: Marchen Awakens Romance belongs to Anzai Nobuyuki and the likes. I am not one of them.

"Why am I here?" His eyes wander around the room he is in. Darkness surrounds him, threatens to engulf him from all sides. Unable to fight off the darkness, he looks down.

"Why is this here?" Mindlessly, his fingers trail the chain attached to the collar around his neck. It feels cold in his hands, just like the touch of the man who attached it to him just hours ago.

That man, who locks the collar around his neck; who holds him like a lover would; who swipes his tears when he least expected him.

The man who is going to take his mortality; the undead Knight named Phantom.

Playing with his collar, Alviss tries to recall why he is there, in the dark room. 'Ah, I was supposed to kill him,' he remembers, but makes no other effort to do anything about it. "Why do I want to kill him again?"

'For our friends, for our lost comrades, for ourselves,' a voice reminds him, but still the blue-eyed boy can not see the reason.

"Our friends? They can fight on their own. Some of them are even stronger than me. Our lost comrades, they are gone, forever gone; why should I hurt myself for them? And for myself? What if I no longer care about it?" 'Why should I, when he has shown that he cares about me, and wants me by his side?'

Again, his fingers play with the chain, this time with a small smile on his lips. "This chain; others see it as a form of restrain. Some see it as a cage; stopping you from going out, from gaining freedom."

He leans onto a wall, a hand clutching the chain tighter to himself. "They are wrong, all of them. This chain… It is my freedom. It will help me to get free from everything out there, from all expectations they want me to fulfill."

He knows he is talking to himself, but he ignores that trivial fact. He does not who he is trying to assure, either.

"More importantly, it links me to the one person who sees and cares for me, no matter what I am now."

The voice inside his head has stopped talking, instead there is another voice responding.

"Who are you talking to, Alviss?"

Alviss' blank blue eyes look up to see the pale man standing by the doorway. "Phantom," his smile widens as he stands up and walks to the immortal man.

The older man hugs him with his arm, rubbing his nose into the boy's dark hair. "I'm sorry for leaving you alone."

The younger shakes his head, telling him it is not a problem. "I'm fine here, Phantom, as long as I know you'll come back."

Phantom then smiles, his hand leaving the slim waist to trail his fingers over the red mark across Alviss' cheeks. "I'm glad to know I will have you forever, Alviss," he says, as he leans closer.

Alviss leans up slightly, breathing out a small 'forever' before surrendering himself to the kiss.

A/N: … I have no reasons for this lame fic. I don't know what I was thinking either. I just think possessed!Alviss is hot, and should remain with Phantom and do something.

… Thank you for reading and any comments are well-appreciated.