Kagami twirled around in happiness. Why was she so incredibly happy? Because, today was the day she was meeting her best friend ever, her secret friend that only she knew of. One day out of the month every month they met each other. It usually happened to be the first, unless for some reason it was otherwise.

His name was Raidon, and they had known each other for five years since she was eight or nine. He was nearly two years older than her, though. They met when one day Kagami had fallen through her family's "magic" well, where she made a startling revelation. She discovered that the place she had fallen to was not exactly her family's shrine, but five hundred years before in the exact spot. Her mother had always told her to stay away from the well (and now Kagami knew why), but fate demanded the opposite.

Raidon truly was her best friend, and vice versa. They had both been lonely children in need of a good friend, and therefore found each other. Raidon and Kagami told each other everything and anything that happened in their daily lives.

Even though Kagami dearly loved her friend, he was quite apt to mood swings. One moment was a very inspired, deep thinker but then suddenly switched over to being a moody and depressed or reserved the next. Raidon loved reading poetry (which Kagami was very good at writing) and was a very clever boy. But due to lack of affection (from his father), the sixteen year old was self-conscious and lacked confidence. He believed in others more than himself, which made him a loyal friend.

Oh yes, and he was a demon. Well, half-demon. His father was Lord Sesshoumaru, and his mother was Rin, a human. Sesshoumaru married Rin when she was quite young, Raidon's age in fact. Kagami's own parents were named Kagome and (Kagami loved her father's name, it was so strange and exotic) Inu-Yasha.

Brushing her short black hair very swiftly, she then slid an ivory comb into her hair. It was in the shape of a samisen, a gift from Raidon on her birthday some years ago. She wore her long-sleeved, pebble colored light sweater over her white tank top (to copy the American fashion). Quickly sliding on her jeans, she jumped into her sandals and ran out of her room. This morning she would have breakfast with Raidon.

Bouncing down the stairs, she entered the kitchen. "Mom," she said, "I'm having breakfast with a friend, is that okay? Lunch, too, so I'll be back by three!"

Kagome was cooking fish for her tired husband, who was sitting at the table. "All right, Kammy," she called Kagami by her child nickname, "but no later than that."

"Hold it!" Bellowed her father. "Kagami, who is this kid you're always meeting? Is it a boy? I just know it is! Who is he? How old is he? What exactly are his intentions? What's his name? If it's Miroku, you can forget about ever seeing him again!"

Kagome sighed, rolling her eyes. "Inu-yasha, dear, calm down. I'm sure they're just friends, if it is a boy. Kagami, tell your father."

"His name is Raidon, he's fifteen, and he doesn't have any `intentions'! He's a very nice boy, and we're best friends," Kagami explained.

"If he's your best friend, then how come we've never met him?" Inu-yasha barked at her.

Kagami stared at him as if the anwer was obvious. "Dad, gee, I wonder why. You're so absolutely frightening that you've scared all my boyfriends away!"

This was true. Inu-yasha's savage eyes bored into her own. He growled ever so softly, a glimpse of the undying ferocity that lived inside him. He did look wild, and he and everyone who knew him knew that he really was just a bit wild. Inu-yasha scratched his head and Kagami sweated.

"Be back before three, otherwise no later than three!" He grumbled, sitting down at the kitchen table. "And have fun."

"Thanks, Daddy!" Kagami hugged him tightly. Running out of the dooryway without looking, she collided headlong into her older brother, Youkiro, who caught her safely.

"Watch out there, little sister!" He smiled. "Where are you going to? Meeting your secret lover?"

Kagami hit him lightly, but smiled nevertheless. She was very lucky to a nice, kind big brother, even though he was a bit too bubbly (similar to their mother).

"I'm going to meet a friend," she told him.

"All right then," he smiled still, "have fun!"

"I certainly will! See you later today!" She walked off torward the magic well. When she saw he was inside, she ran for it. Finally she was off, off to see Raidon!