Impossibility Sesshoumaru Finally Tells a Tale/The Trouble With Love and Family

Chapter 8

Kagami was worried, to begin with. Raidon had been in his mother's room for over an hour, and absolutely no sound had been coming out of it. She didn't want to disturb them, but if he didn't come out in five minutes she was most definitely going in there. "Relax, Kagami-san," Kazuo smiled at her. "I'm sure everything is fine." Kagami rolled her eyes. Well, Kazuo was the sort of person that you shouldn't listen to. To his advice, that is. Kazuo was. well, how could she put it? An airhead. Yes, he was certainly an airhead at times. Makato had been sitting in a corner, sulking in a dark, cobwebbed part of the room. Shippou was lying near by Kagami, snoring away. Kazuo was kneeling next to him in state of nothingness-he was simply staring at the wall, thinking of (what he always thought of) naught. "I'm going in there!" Kagami announced suddenly, making Kazuo look up at her, and Makato turn around sharply. "Okay," Kazuo shrugged. Pouting, Kagami stalked out the door up to Rin's room. She straightened herself out for a moment, swallowed, and went inside. There was Rin, her whole body covered by a blanket. There was obviously something wrong with this picture, with Raidon kneeling next to her, his face blank, staring down at his lap. A sick, sinking feeling dropped into Kagami's stomach, and she didn't want to even think about what she already knew. "R-Raidon?" she whispered. "What's wrong?" He barely moved at the sound of her voice, but whispered something barely audible. However, Kagami could hear it. She already knew it. "She's. dead." Kagami closed her eyes, and sighed sorrowfully. Rin had been a wonderful lady to know, a loving and beautiful woman. She couldn't believe that Rin was dead. Walking over to Raidon, she wrapped her arms tenderly around him, cradling him in her wings. "It's okay," she whispered to him. "Everything is going to be okay." Raidon freely sobbed into her embrace for the first time. He clung onto her shirt as a baby would, pathetically blubbering. Kagami rocked him back and forth, a few tears spilling down her own cheeks. She felt so sorry for Raidon, to lose the only parent in his whole life. Sesshoumaru, she must say, was not much of a father. Speaking of Sesshoumaru, what would he say to this? How would he react? Would he comfort Raidon, and mourn for himself? Or would he just throw Rin's body into a hole in the ground, say a prayer, and go off to do. whatever Sesshoumaru did? It was at least fifteen or twenty minutes before Raidon's cries died off. He sniffled for a moment of two, breathing heavily. Finally he calmed down, and his fearful grip on Kagami loosened a little. "She's dead," Raidon repeated. "I'm so sorry, Raidon," Kagami stroked his hair. "So am I," he sighed.


"L-Lord Raidon, your father. has returned," Jaken stuttered. "Jaken, must you always stammer like that?" Raidon snapped testily. His sadness had turned to irritable anger. Jaken rushed off, and in his place Sesshoumaru stepped through the doorway. "What has happened here?" he demanded. The look on Raidon's face was filled with venomous anger. "You're a fucking bastard, Sesshoumaru." The lord of the western lands was, of course, unperturbed. "I asked you a question. I expect you to answer it. Where is your mother, also?" Raidon was shaking now, and his stare bored into Sesshoumaru, who was now staring back at his son. "She's dead. And it's your fault, damn you. You couldn't sense it if you were sitting right next to her. this is all your fault." Sesshoumaru looked thoroughly shocked. He opened him mouth as if to say something, but then closed it. "How did this happen." "I have no idea!" Raidon snapped. "She kept on talking about some 'dark one,' who poisoned her! If you have any clue about this, you better tell me right away, or I don't know what I'll do." Sesshoumaru's eyes snapped upward, looking sharply at his son. "The dark one. this is impossible. I have to be alone for a while. Do not disturb under any circumstances." He swiftly brushed past Raidon, face stoic, and went down the long hall into his room. Raidon's face twisted with fury and disgust, his ears twitching. He swallowed, and straightened himself up. Turning around, he went over to Sesshoumaru's room, and slid the door open. "Sesshoumaru." Raidon whispered, "I need to know what is happening." He shut the door. "I need to know now. Who is this dark one?" Instead of brushing him off like Sesshoumaru always did, he actually answered Raidon's question. "The dark one lived many, many years ago, before I was born. Even before my father was born. He wasn't exactly a demon, but more part demon, part human, and part. monster. He possessed a man's body, a jealous and pathetic human, and they became one along with other demons. There was a woman who existed to kill this creature, her name I momentarily forget. She and the dark one had a seven-day battle, and at the end the dark one was finally destroyed, or so she thought. You see, she had collected her soul together in the form of a jewel, the Shikon Jewel. She had, also, formed the dark one's soul into a jewel as well." Sesshoumaru sighed sorrowfully. "As the Shikon Jewel had powers, so did this jewel. It possesses the great power to heal, and to bring something dead. alive. If you possess it, you are invincible." Raidon stared at him. "I don't believe this. and it's inside of Kagami." Sesshoumaru looked slowly up at him. "I know. You need to find someone to help you." "We know of someone-his name is Iku. We don't know where he is, what he is, if he's even trustworthy, or-or if he exists." "He is trustworthy, and is most certainly alive." "How do you know?" Raidon looked suspicious. "He is the one who gave your mother the jewel." "Oh."


It had been annoying Makato greatly for quite a while. The way Raidon looked at her, spoke to her, acted around her was just so. infuriating. There was no denying that Raidon was in love with Kagami, but Makato wasn't sure if Kagami felt the same way. She acted around Raidon as she would a good friend or brother, but Makato still couldn't be sure. He had to her.

Standing up suddenly, Makato decided to go look for Kagami. He found her immediately after walking out of the room, and she was standing in the middle of the hall, ear pressed against Sesshoumaru's room door. "Kagami, don't tell me you actually think that Sesshoumaru can't smell you," Makato said quietly, but the young girl jumped nevertheless. Holding her chest, she tiptoed over to where Makato stood, and asked, "What do you want?" "I want to talk to you," he said, leading her away to somewhere private. "About what?" Kagami was curious. "Raidon," Makato said simply. "What? Raidon? What about Raidon?" She quickly turned confused, slightly frowning at lightning demon. He shifted his feet for a moment or two, his eyes nervously darting around the room. ".youinlovewithhim." he mumbled to her. "Sorry, what was that?" "Are. are you in. in love with him. w-with Raidon." Kagami stared at Makato, her eyes as wide as dinnerplates. Did Makato just as her, Kagami, if she was in love with Raidon? Her cousin, her best friend Raidon? "Excuse me?" Kagami finally managed to say. "Are you in love with Raidon?" Makato said more clearly and boldly. "Why-how did you, since when. why do you think such a thing? Raidon is. I'm not in love with him! I do love him, but not that way! He's my best friend, and my cousin. How did you think that up?" Makato sighed. "I can't say. But, thank you for your time. Kagami, I-" He made a quick motion as if to reach for her, but then suddenly decided not to. Immediately after, Kagami reached for his hand, pulling it up to kiss it and then putting it on her cheek. Makato stepped toward her so they were barely an inch apart, and slipped his other hand around her back. "I. I'm in love with you. I love you, Kagami. I really, honestly do." Kagami swallowed, and looked up at him uncertainly. "I. I care for you so much, Makato. I think that I love you, too." Makato smiled, and leaned down to kiss her.

"I. I care for you so much, Makato. I think that I love you, too." Raidon heard Kagami say. He couldn't believe it. Kagami didn't love him, but she loved that son of bitch, Makato? The one who had almost gotten her killed. In all of the five years that Raidon had known Kagami, he had protected her as best he could. Makato had known her for less than a week, and never once tried to protect her. Raidon had expressed his love in many ways, but Kagami had never gotten a hint. Makato came out right away saying that he loved Kagami, and she believed him, believed that she loved Makato as well. How could this all possibly happen? Raidon's life was falling apart. His best friend and first love was being kept alive through a jewel, and she didn't love him, but she loved his rival. His mother had just died, his only family. he couldn't believe it. I hate my life, Raidon thought. I hate Makato, I hate Sesshoumaru, I hate this dark one. and I hate that Kagami doesn't love me. "Raidon? Are you all right?" Raidon whipped around, finding Kazuo before him, who was yawning. "You look sort of. oh, I don't know-pissed off?" Well, maybe Kazuo wasn't so much of an airhead after all. The look that he was giving Raidon certainly said so. "I-It's nothing," Raidon said, trying to hide it anyway. "Really. Nothing at all." "I heard about your mother, Raidon. I wish I could have met her. I am very sorry," Kazuo said sincerely, looking sorry for Raidon. Raidon sighed, trying not to cry again. Nodding, he slightly turned his head away. Kazuo shook his head, almost annoyed, and stepped toward Raidon. Putting an arm around the half demon, he hugged him comfortingly.

"It is all right, my friend, go ahead and cry," Kazuo said softly. His voice, Raidon found, was strangely soothing. "If it were my mother, I would cry all I could. I know what it's like to lose a loved one, believe me." "Do you?" Raidon sniffed bitterly. "I doubt it." Leading Raidon over to a window, Kazuo sat him down on the sill. Standing up, Kazuo gazed dreamily out the window. "Did you know that I have a sister, Raidon?" Kazuo said suddenly. Looking shocked, Raidon shook his head. "N-no, I did not." "She-Haruka, was two years younger than I, and a great wonder in our family. Never once did she raise her voice or say a nasty word to anyone in her entire life. She was sweetest little girl, and I loved her with all my heart. One day, on her eleventh birthday, she was playing by a creek in the woods. I was coming out to find her. and I did. I most certainly found her-dead, with a gash in her stomach and her head hanging on only by a piece of skin. I found an ugly demon standing over her, and another demon trying to kill the one that had murdered Haruka. Neither of them saw me, so I drew out my double boomerangs, and sliced off the head of my sister's murderer. The demon trying to help her had turned out to be Shippou. So you see, I didn't trust demons from that day on, but then I did trust some-because of Shippou. Raidon, I do know what it is like to lose a loved one. Our family almost fell apart from the tragedy. But we stayed strong, and clung to each other. Family is very important, Raidon, especially in crisis' like ours. Make sure you get to know yours." With that all said, Kazuo patted Raidon on the back and walked away, yawning. Make sure I get to know my family? What, a cousin who doesn't love me, a father that hates me, and an uncle who I barely know. Well, what a family. Standing up, Raidon decided to talk to Sesshoumaru about Rin's funeral.