'Oh you have a nerve. You turn up now?' Bobby scowled at the angel who appeared before him without any warning.

'You have to be quiet. Where's Sam and Dean?' Castiel whispered checking behind him.

Bobby threw down his book on this desk and sat back, unimpressed. 'Well Dean is downstairs doing it tough locked inside the panic room and Sam has set up camp outside his door and refuses to move.'


'Good?' How is that good? Where were you when they needed you?'

'I was here. I was watching.'

'You mean to tell me-'

'They had to go through this.' Cas interrupted. 'They were both falling back into their old habits, you yourself even thought that. Dean with his drinking, Sam with his anger, both of them drifting apart all over again. They had to pull themselves together and pull each other up and out of it. Otherwise they couldn't do their job properly and-'

'And that's all that matters to you right?'

'And they would have been killed. On the job, both of them. For good.' Cas informed simply.

Bobby swallowed and peered at the angel. 'You know that for sure?'

'Yes. I know that for sure.'

'Why are you telling me this?'

'Because someone has to know.'

'Know what?'

'Know that from now on there aren't any more quick fixes. They have to do it on their own, just like they used to.'

'I think they got that.'

'No, you don't understand what I mean. Dean isn't going to jail but he can't know that just yet. Either can Sam. They both have to think it is possible and likely, just like any other person.'

'But they aren't like any other person Cas. You of all people know that. Everything they have been through and what they are still going through don't happen to other people.'

'Yes I know that-'

So the normal rules shouldn't apply to them.'

'The normal rules have to apply to them. That's what I need you to understand. Dean's record has been wiped but this is the last time. They must learn from their mistakes, both of them. It's the only way.'

Bobby stood up and stepped over to him. 'So no more favors, okay I get it. It's not like they deserve them is it? It's not like they did your job, helped you, saved the world and suffered for it is it?' He shook his head and gave Castiel the most evil glare he could muster.

'If I had've intervened sooner, you think Dean would be in that panic room right now?'

He had Bobby there. Most likely Dean would have been out somewhere drinking while Sam would be out somewhere fretting.

'I didn't like watching it any more than you did.' Cas said genuinely. 'You don't think I wanted to jump in at every turn? But I couldn't because it would only weaken them further. You'll see. When this is over and Dean beats this - and he will beat this - you will see how ready they are.'

'Ready for what?' Bobby frowned. 'And if I were you, I wouldn't suggest anything to do with the devil, angels- or saving the world.'

Castiel held Bobby's gaze. He was so much stronger than before, so much more sure of himself. Bobby kind of liked him better when he had his human elements about him, some kind of raw emotion. This one seemed so cold and rigid.

Castiel breathed out and replied; 'Ready for their fair share of happiness.'

Bobby blinked and took a step back, suddenly overwhelmed. 'You swear?'

Giving a warm smile, filled with genuine emotion, Cas nodded with promise.


'Sammy?' Dean checked yet again from inside the cold, hard and grey walls.

'I'm here.' Sam called through the locked door as he leant his head back on his side of the cold, hard and grey wall.

'You're always here. You never leave.'

'I'm not going anywhere.'

Dean smiled even though he felt like tearing out his hair. 'Thanks…Bitch.'

Sam smiled too, his dimples bursting to life for the first time in a long time. 'Anytime… Jerk.'


Thank you so much for all that read this story from start to finish and for those that reviewed. I know it went for a long time and I appreciate you all so much for continuing to read. :-) And after all that, we all needed a happy ending right? I hope so!