"Max? Isn't there another way to do this?"

We were standing on the roof, looking out at the canyons. The wind warmed the night, making it perfect for flying.

"Yes, but this is the most effective." If you were plummeting to the ground at a tremendous speed and your only option was to fly, wouldn't you? Even if you didn't know how? I thought so.

He crouched down and peered over the edge. "This is too high for me."

"We could go higher if you want," I suggested. I suppressed a laugh as his face paled, almost matching his Colgate perfect teeth.

He stood up abruptly. "No. This is. . .fine."

"Good. Now, I'm going to push you off and you have to whip out your wings as soon as your feet leave the roof. Then you start flapping."

He nodded. His turquoise eyes scanned the ground as if it would morph into a monster hungry for hunky bird kids like him. Wait. I never said that.

"You ready?" I asked. My hand was on his back, positioned to send him toppling over the edge. He grabbed it, holding on for dear life. Which might've been his thoughts exactly.

His hand was soft, never having to suffer from hard work. Oh well. Some people missed out on the fun of being a mutant kid on the run.

Dylan's hand was the opposite of Fang's, which were damaged and scarred. I wanted to take Dylan's hand and rub it across my face.

I felt my face flush and slid out of his grasp. "You'll be fine. Just remember to flap."

I traced where the warmth from his hand lingered on mine. He was looking at the ground again, still nervous.

"Think of it as a game. So there isn't much pressure." He looked at me, eyes shining with appreciation that made my heart flutter. Stupid, disobedient internal organ.

"Like, tag?"

"Whatever gets you off this roof," I said.

He nodded and seemed ready enough, so without warning, I shoved him. He fell rapidly towards the ground and I was thinking about getting the First Aid kit when he started flapping. He didn't rise very high, just enough so he didn't make a Dylan pancake. Eventually, he gained altitude and stayed airborne. I jumped after him and caught up easily. "There you go. Now try and catch me."

I flew ahead of him as he struggled to catch up. I knew he'd soon grow tired and give up, but you had to give the kid a chance.

I looked over my shoulder, expecting to see him hobbling after me. No one was there. I scanned the ground, thinking he had fallen. That First Aid kit might come in handy.

Something from above collided with me, knocking me to the desert below. I looked up and saw Dylan on top of me. Neither of us was seriously injured, just covered in dirt.

Laughing, Dylan tapped the top of my head. "Tag. You're it."

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