A/N: Welcome to Season 5 of Supernatural with my original character Andie Morgan. If you haven't read her before; I suggest you read my season 3 and 4 fics, Counting Down The Days & We Fall Down. Links to both are in my profile. But if you don't want to read all that, and I don't blame you, here's a short bio on Andie:

Her father, Dylan, was killed by a demon when she was 3, her mother, Lily, committed suicide when she was 9, she left the group home she was living at when she was 13 and grew up on the streets. She came to America from Australia when she was 20 which is when she met her best friend, fellow hunter Cassidy. She is half-angel, her Grandmother Ellie is a full-angel, and has three angelic powers in telekinesis, the fact that she can't easily be killed and mental location (the ability to simply know where places and people are), however she is not on angel radar and many of them consider her a parasite. She is married to Dean (the wedding a last ditch effort to save Dean's soul back in season 3 believing it'll save him from hell – it doesn't) and they have a very complicated but strong relationship.

Disclaimer: This story follows the episodes of season 5 and though it may use the dialogue; I do not take that work as my own. That plus the characters and world of Supernatural belong to the show and its creators.

Chapter 1:

Nowhere Man

As quick as a blink, Andie's eyes snapped open. It took her mind a few seconds to adjust to what her eyes were seeing. No longer was she in a church; instead she was on a plane staring at various passengers drinking tea or working on crossword puzzles.

A plane?


She realized she hadn't let out the breath she was holding in. Exhaling, Andie turned to her right and saw both Sam and Dean looking as horrified as she was. "What the Hell just happened?" Dean asked frantically under his breath.

Andie shook her head, forcing herself to blink,"I dunno...we were just there and then we were just... here." She could see out the window beside Dean. "And here is a thousand miles up in the air!"

"No, no, no..." Dean closed his eyes and gripped the arms of his seat. "God, I hate flying."

Over the intercom, the calm pilot's voice delivered a message. "Folks, quick word from the flight deck. We're just passing over Ilchester, then Ellicott City, on our initial descent into Baltimore..."

"Didn't we just come from Ilchester?" Dean whispered loudly to the pair beside him.

"Y'know, I vaguely remember a TV show with a scene like this," Andie spoke up, eying the passengers. "Which leads me to believe this is not going to end well..."

As if on cue; the plane took a sharp nosedive, the passengers screamed, luggage fell from the overhead compartments and the oxygen masks fell from the roof. Dean, Andie and Sam all grabbed for their masks and looped them over their heads; but as Andie did, she caught sight of a horrid vision out the window. A blinding white beacon of light shooting directly up into the sky; a blinding light Andie was sure was emitting from a now destroyed St. Mary's Church.

After a scary landing, the plane pulled into the terminal much to the relieved cheers of the passengers. Dean, Sam and Andie sped off the plane as fast as they could and made their way to the rental car desk. All they had with them was what was in their pockets, which thankfully including their numerous credit cards.

Andie was still recovering from what had happened as she sat in the back of the rented commodore only half listening to the radio at various reports of horrible things. Swine flu, earthquake tremors, hurricanes; to most people it would just sound like a run of bad coincidences; but to the trio in the car? They were warning signs of the apocalypse. It was coming; and this was just the beginning.

They all sat in silence for a long drive until a light ringing, as though she'd listening to music too loud, made its way into her eardrum. She thought it would pass; but it didn't. In fact, it got louder. "You hear that?" She finally broke the silence.

"Hear what?" Sam muttered disinterestedly.

"That ringing..." Andie dug her finger into her ear to try and dull the source of the noise; but it didn't help. "You can't hear it?"

"Hear what?" Dean turned in his seat and gave her an odd look. "Why are you yelling?"

"What?" Andie could barely make out what he was saying. A sudden lurch in her stomach made her gasp; she felt like she was being yanked from her middle out of the car and into a shocking white light.

Her chest heaving, Andie groped around for something to hang on to and found that she was on her hands and knees in a field, gripping wads of grass between her fingers. "What..." She whispered, looking around the empty field and seeing that she wasn't actually alone.

"You're safe," Ellie pulled her to her feet and enveloped her in a warm hug. "Oh, I was so worried he wouldn't get you out."

"Castiel?" Andie guessed as she let herself fall into her grandmother's arms. "He's okay?"

"He will be." Ellie said, holding Andie by her shoulders, her eyes darting all over her inspecting for injuries.

"Why did you pull me out of the car?" Andie asked. "I thought you liked popping up in the back seat."

"I needed to see you without Sam and Dean." Ellie answered. "Zachariah..." She said his name with obvious disdain.


"It's started," Ellie said gravely, for once actually looking her age. "The apocalypse. The end."

"Way to be positive, Ellie," Andie deadpanned.

"The other angels... they want Dean to come with them."

"After they lied to us?" Andie said in disbelief. "All that crap about seals? They kick-started the end of the world!"

"To be fair..." Ellie said carefully. "It was Sam who started it..." She held up a hand to cease Andie's coming retort. "I don't want to argue with you, Andie. Fact is fact. I'm sorry; I am. I believed in Sam so much... and I know you still do."

Andie folded her arms tightly over her chest. "It wasn't his fault..." She muttered. "Ruby... the demon blood... he-he wasn't himself."

"Who are you trying to convince, love, me or you?" Ellie asked wisely. Her granddaughter replied by simply pouting. "You have to kill the Lucifer," Ellie continued. "He is powerful in ways that defy description and we need to strike now before he finds his vessel."

This was news to Andie. "Vessel? Lucifer needs a host body?"

"He is an angel." Ellie confirmed. "And the devastation if he finds his host..." She closed her eyes; unable to articulate the horror.

"That won't happen." Andie promised, though her expression didn't change. "We can stop it."

Ellie smiled, a little more at ease. "I'm glad to hear your confidence." She squeezed Andie's shoulders. "I wish I could stay longer."

"You're not leaving me out here, are you?"

"No, I'll send you back to Sam and Dean; they're with the Prophet."

"Chuck?" Andie vaguely recalled the story Dean had told her.

"Yes. But Zachariah is there, too." She added with caution.

"Why do you hate him so much?" Andie asked. "He's an angel... you're an angel..."

"Some of the... older angels don't see you the way I do."

"Me?" Andie was perplexed.

"Half-human, half-angel... you're a gift." Ellie smiled. "Some of us see that, like myself, Castiel and Anna... others don't." Her smile disappeared. "They think you're a mistake."

Andie scoffed. "Mistake. Because I'm a nympholiam or whatever?"

"Nephilim." Ellie corrected her. "Strong; unaware of your power. That's what they're afraid of, especially since your humanity cloaks you from their radar."

"Are they more like me?" Andie asked out of pure curiosity. More half and halfs?"

"Yes. Although, like I said, since we can't see you we wouldn't know how many. But Nephilim have been around for centuries..." She tiled her head slightly askew as if listening for something. "I'm sorry, love, but I have to go." She pecked a kiss against her granddaughter's cheek. "Be careful." She pressed her middle and forefinger against Andie's head before she even had a chance to protest.

Ellie must not have the accuracy that Castiel did when it came to sending people from A to B, because Andie wound up on her hands and knees again. This time; she was inside and landed on a fluffy rug so it wasn't as harsh on her knees. Her ears were still ringing a little; but she caught the distinct sound of Dean's voice in the room beside her.

Carefully; she inched closer to the voices, noting the distinct timbre of Zachariah's high-and-mighty tone of voice spouting something about Lucifer needing a vessel. Taking light steps; Andie crept down the hall and could see Zachariah along with two other angelic lackeys.

"You think you can rebel against us?" Zachariah was yelling.

Andie drew in a breath, her heart racing, and waved her hand at one of the angels behind Zachariah. He crashed into the fireplace and disappeared. Zachariah turned to face her but she was too quick and sent him so heavily into the wall it made a dent in the panelling. "Not so tough without your fancy room, are ya?" Andie quipped to no one in particular.

"Andie!" Dean said in relief.

"Just a sec," She swiped her hand at the angel by the fireplace and sent him flying through the panel separating both rooms. "Ok, now we can hug," She flung herself into Dean's arms.

"Are you okay? Where'd you go?" Dean asked as he hugged her.

"Oh, my God it's Andie..." Chuck said in disbelief. "Wow... you're so how I pictured you."

"Please tell me that's not Chuck: The Prophet?" Andie asked as Dean set her down.

"Sorry." Sam said with half a smile.

"Nice move," Zachariah popped up again, seemingly unscathed. "Won't be that easy for you next time. But," He sneered. "Like I was saying to the boys before you crashed our little shindig; we're on the same side now. One team. All for one against Lucifer." His eyes flickered down to Dean's hand. "You're bleeding..."

Andie hadn't even noticed the crimson blood dripping from Dean's hand until Zachariah mentioned it.

"Yeah," Dean smirked. "Little insurance policy in case you dick's showed up." He pushed Andie into Sam's arms, pulled the double doors closed and slammed his bleeding hand in the centre of the angel banishing sigil he'd scribed in his own blood.

"No!" Zachariah cried out, lunging for Dean, but he was engulfed from within by an explosion of white light, zapping him from the room in an instant.

Dean sneered down at the space the angel had been standing "Learned that from my friend, Cas, you son of a bitch."


Andie's first task when the trio rented a motel room was to use the room phone to call Cassidy, check in and make sure she was okay. Thankfully she was, as were Luka and Zoe. Cassidy was desperate to regale her with the stories she'd heard after she'd finally met Aurora; but Andie had to cut her off and Cassidy knew in her tone of voice that something was wrong.

"Morgan, spill it." She ordered. "What happened?"

"I can't talk right now," She said as Dean came into the hotel room. "We're all okay... I just wanted to make sure you were..."

"Ok, now you're scaring me; you never check in..."

"I'll call you later," With that, Andie hung up the phone. "Did you find it?" she asked Dean hopefully.

"In the backseat," Dean chucked her cell phone at her. "So Ellie took you to a field?"

"Yeh," Andie nodded and clicked through her cell phone for messages. "Wanted to make sure I was okay, I guess..."

"Well, this is for that, too," He approached her with two identical pouches in his palm. "Hex bag." He pressed it into her hand. "Sam made them... Ruby taught him how... it'll keep us off angel and demon radar."

"Where is he?"

"Diner downstairs; getting food." Dean replied stuffing the hex bag in his jacket pocket. "Says he's okay after all the demon blood stuff... apparently all he's jonesing for is a good burger."

"That's... good, right?" Andie guessed

"Yeah..." Dean said quietly.

"Hey," Andie rested her hands on his shoulders. "This isn't your fault. We didn't know that angels could lie. The seals... wasting our time... none of us knew. All that matters now is what we do next."

Dean gave her an odd look. "You're... oddly positive today..." He said as he hooked his arms around her waist. "Talking with Ellie must bring out the angel in you." Andie made a face. "We made a mess; we clean it up, right?"

"Right," Andie sighed and her head against his strong shoulder. "So we've just got to..."

He rested his forehead against hers. "Find the devil." He murmured, the utter impossibility of that statement not lost on either of them. Find the devil? What could be easier?