The large ordinate doors opened before him as he walked on the red velvet coverings on the floor. His cold eyes scanning the faces in the sea of people on either side of him out of habit more than interest. As always, there were too many lords, too many painted lady's, and of course the whores of the court. Many of whom brightened and pushed aside the males speaking with them to see him more clearly as he strode forward and then dropped to one knee in front of his King.

His lord and master, Sarutobi Hurizen had called him from the battle field to speak with him about a something that he had felt required his best knight's attention immediately.

Hurizen stared at the young man, he was an impressive sight even on his knee, his long silver hair slipping over the gleaming silvery white of his armor to frame his face as he raised his head to look at him with his shockingly enchanting mis matched eyes, one dark blue and another a vivid red. Sarutobi smiled at the knight, he really did like this young man. He was a good soilder, a great general and leader, he had earned many victories for his king, and now Sarutobi finally knew of a way to repay him.

He knew of Kakashi's secret dream of having his own land, his own people to lead and protect. And he even knew of a way to give those things to him.

He would have him marry his former friend's daughter and reside in her castle, and protect her people. "I have decided that you should marry, Kakashi. What do you think of that?"

"If that is my king's will, then I shall obey." Kakashi said respectfully, though inside he was a bit puzzled that his king would bring this up now. Kakashi was still young, only twenty and two winters of age. Still in his prime, still virile. There was plenty of time for him to marry and settle down.

"It is my will. And I have chosen your bride carefully knowing your tastes in women..."

Kakashi visibly tensed, and risisted the urge to cringe. Oh dear god, no. He didn't want to be bound to a clingy, shrill voiced shrew until the day he died. It was one thing for him to bed them, it was another to stay with them. He would rather be boiled alive than marry such a contemptable and vile creature! "My king..."

Sarutobi silenced him with a wave of his arm, he understood very well the man's need to protest, but really there was no need. Sarutobi had picked someone that he knew Kakashi would adore, cherish and dote on. The girl in question was currently awaiting the new lord of her strong hold and defending the castle and it's lands single handedly, something that worried and amused him. She would keep Kakashi entertained well into his twilight years.

"The girl that I have picked is a niece of mine..." Kakashi stared at him in shock. His heart thudding in his chest. He wanted to ask if his king was jesting with him, but the serious look on his face told him all that he needed to know.

"She is...exceptional Kakashi. Fierce, brave, strong, loyal, she has many of the traits that you yourself are so admired for. And right now she is alone, trying to hold back enemy forces who are trying to take her and her castile as their own. I need you t0o go to her, I need you to secure the castile and the girl."

Sarutobi reached out and picked up a semi large stack of papers tied together with a blue ribbon and handed them to Kakashi who looked down at them for a second before he realised that they were letters. Untouched, unread letters. Sarutobi smiled at the younger man's confused expression. "Those letters are for her furture husband. She has written three of them every month up until now. It will help you get to know her, and understand her better."

Kakashi bowed and was about to leave when his king said something that struck him a particularly odd. "You will love her Kakashi."

Kakashi turned his head to look at his king with a frown on his face. "My king?" He asked stupidly. Sarutobi smiled with a far away look on his face.

"You will love her Kakashi. She was born for you and you alone." Kakashi said nothing else, just bowed again and walked away.