Once she was dressed in her favorite red and gold velvet dress, with her hair partially pulled back by a gold ribbon- she slipped her shoes on and made her way to the door and opened it and slipped out of the room.

She made it out into the hallway before noticing several men in armor standing a few feet away from the door talking in hushed tones and stopped. What were men in armor doing in her hallway?

She was about to ask when one of the men noticed her. "Lady Naru, what are you doing out of bed?" One of the men demanded in an agressive tone as he walked over to her and took hold of one of her hands.

"Our Lord Wolf has asked that you not leave the room without an armed escourt."

Naru wasn't sure what stunned her more. The mention of the knight, Wolf or the fact that the man holding her arm placed it on the crook of his elbow and slowly led her over to the stairs.

For a moment she wondered if he was going to shove her down the stone steps and make her break her neck. And was just a bit surprised when he helped her down the steps and into the great hall and politely seated her in her chair at the head of the table. "Wait here m'lady and I'll see if the cook has finished fixing you your food." The man said and Naru could only look up at him wide eyed and nod her head in shock.

What the hell had happened here while she'd been asleep? Had they been over run by those damndable fae?

She looked around the great hall in an effort to locate the talismans that had been made to keep the fae at bay and spotted them hanging over the door and windows right where they had been hung and scratched her head. Puzzled.

Well if the talismans were still up and in place then it was safe to assume that the keep hadn't been overrun by fae and their trickster ways. Did that mean then that Wolf had managed to get a letter from the king granting him permission to enter her home? She felt a dull ache forming behind her eyes and groaned. God, why couldn't she remember?

The man- she was assuming he was one of Wolf's knights- returned and set two plates piled high with food down in front of her and then stepped back so that he was standing three feet behind her at attention. Naru half turned in her seat and looked at him warily for a moment before blurting out. "Are you a fae?"

The man looked startled by her question but grinned and shook his head anyways. "Nay, m'lady. I'm merely a lowly soldier doing as he's been told by his lord."

She frowned as if she were disappointed and muttered, "Oh." Then turned back around in her seat and looked over her food. The two plates that the knight had set before her had far too much food on them ranging from breads and cheeses, meats, fruits, and sweets. Just how much did the knight think she could eat?

She wondered before turning around against and hesitantly asking. "Um, sir knight? Would it be okay if I fed some of this food to some birds or wild dogs?"

The man looked at her oddly for a moment before saying, "You needn't worry about poisoning any longer m'lady. Lord Wolf has replaced the cooks in the kitchen with some of his own people so there will be no chance of anyone ever again trying to feed you poison."

"Oh. Well that's reassuring..." Naru muttered to herself before asking the knight. "And where is Lord Wolf?"

"Sleeping. I'd imagine." The knight said with a slight upward curve of his lips as Naru frowned, not understanding why the man seemed so amused as she turned back around in her seat and started eating.

Everything was quiet for twenty minutes, allowing her enough time to eat most of what had been placed before her when all of a sudden a loud angry sounding roar echoed through the keep from upstairs. Naru dropped what had been in her hands at that moment in time, spilling her goblet of mead as she turned her head towards the stairs as a scandalously clad man in nothing put a braies and tights came barreling into the room holding a broad sword and looking murderous.

Naru flushed and gaped at him in slack jawed disbelief as mismatched eyes locked on her. Behind her the knight that had been kind enough to walk her down to the great hall, snickered as if the scene before him was funny.

She failed to see the humor in this. After all there was nothing funny about a madman running through her keep.