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Mr. Troublesome

Chapter 1: Impossible

I passed by him. Silky blonde hair, charming blue eyes and a dazzling smile. He's the prince and delinquent of our school, Kagamine Len.

Me? I'm Kagamine Rin. And NO, I am not his sister or wife. I am his bodyguard. Did you expect me to say 'just kidding!'? Well, sadly, it's true. I don't even think that guy needs a bodyguard. Moreover, we both have the same family name. Am I the only one who cares? Well, yeah. He's famous and all but he's not my type. Why am I even protecting a guy I don't like? It's like eating the banana peal instead of the banana! (Or slipping because of the banana and not the banana peal)

My family has it rough, you see? In order to feed my family, I do jobs offered by rich people. This time, my job is to protect him, or just make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Seriously, I think not getting into trouble is like asking him to die! He's in trouble EVERY SINGLE DAY. He fights the upperclassmen like it's a daily habit.

He's my classmate. HELL! That's not good. Well, my girl classmates think it's good to be on the same class as him, but not me. Not me. Technically, I hate troublesome people. What does he get from beating up upperclassmen anyway? Reputation? He's got so much of it already!

Well, at first I didn't care about him. He can go die and I won't even waste a brain cell to remember his name, but now it's different. The pay for the job is ridiculously huge! It's just until he graduates! Until he graduates!

But still! That's such a long way to go! Who knows, he might even flunk some subjects and repeat a year! No, it's almost impossible too. He's got the top grades in school and I don't even ever see him study. He has the mind of a dinosaur! (is thinking that since dinosaurs are big, their brains are also big. Just a note, their brains are small). Well, I'm doing sort of well in my studies so I shouldn't have problems in flunking any subject.

Actually, he and I have never shared a conversation before. Just along the lines of "Yes" and "No". And to me, that doesn't count as a conversation. I kept my profile low, looking as a typical plain female student with average grades and abilities. Well really, I can kick his butt so fast the next second; he'll see himself flying to hell. I'm a black belter in Taekwondo and very agile too. I'm good at keeping myself out of trouble's eyes though, but I think the moment I said yes to this job, I've openly jumped in front of trouble.

Well, to cut this whole narration short.. I HATE HIM. He's the son of trouble himself! I don't get what girls see in him. He might be handsome, but he's troublesome. He might be strong, but he's troublesome. He might be smart.. but he's troublesome! He is T-R-O-U-B-L-E-S-O-M-E and I-H-A-T-E-H-I-M! He makes my blood boil; I can even cook an egg with it!

I sat down my chair and stared at the girls crowding him. To my surprise, a girl suddenly screamed. I glanced at her being pushed aside by upperclassmen. Trouble, I see. I bet they're looking for Mr. Troublesome.

"Hey, Len-kun. It's been awhile," they hideously grinned at him.

Hmph. And now, Mr. Troublesome will say an insulting line which will make them angry.

"Yeah, it's been awhile since I kicked your asses," Len replied.

Now that they're angry, they will take Mr. Troublesome to the back of the school and TRY to beat the crap out of him.

"Heh, brave and courageous as always. But you won't win this time!" they angrily exclaimed as they dragged him away.

Ah, the same scene EVERY SINGLE MORNING. If I hadn't known better, I would have guessed they're raping him right now.

I stood up and followed them. Alright, time to do my job.

"Ne, aren't you tired yet?" Len asked as he sighed in exasperation. "This is the 172nd time you tried to beat me up. "

"We'll end your streak today, brat!" They charged at him, fist tight. Before you can even say Mississippi, I stepped right in and kicked then in the stomach, punching their ugly faces as well. They fell back, astounded by my sudden appearance.

"Who.. who are you?" they all asked.

I grinned. "Hmm? I'm.. your greatest nightmare!" I kicked them one more time and they left in haste, probably plotting another plan to defeat Mr. Troublesome.

"And you're?" Len asked.

I frowned. Doesn't even remember me, is it? "Someone you should forget about. Don't get into more trouble, please. I get troubled, myself."

I left him there, as if nothing has happened at all. Seriously, he should take my advice and forget me. I don't like being involved in his troublesome feats. Just protecting him is already a handful.

My name is Kagamine Len. I come from a rich and elite family of businessmen. My father is really protective of me, being his sole son, so I'm expecting some kind of bodyguard popping out of nowhere. What a surprise, I haven't seen one lately. Instead…

I glanced at my back, and the ominous shadow vanished.

Instead, someone has been following me around lately. Moreover, that someone is a classmate of mine. Kagamine Rin, a normal girl with normal grades and normal physique. Not quite popular, just so-so. She doesn't really notice me before; I was like air to her. Quite shocking (and insulting), actually. Well, doesn't matter. She was invisible to me as well. We never really talked and she hasn't shown any interest for me either. She's just.. typical.

But this is nerve-wracking! This is bullshit! Bull-Shit! Ever since the day she 'saved' me from those bunch of retarded upperclassmen, she's been following me around like a stalker. Well, not just 'like' a stalker, SHE'S A DEFINITE STALKER! On the creepy side, too. Whenever I turn around, she vanishes into thin air. It's scaring the hella crap out of me!

"Just.. just what do you want from me!" I angrily cried out to her.

Finally, she reveals herself behind the window. How the holy shit did she get there!

"I don't really need anything. I just want to stay out of trouble," she replied.

"Look, whether I get into trouble or not is my business. Don't get nosy with my affairs," I angrily told her. Even at classes, she's been staring at me as if she's trying to burn a hole through my back.

"It IS my business. I don't want you to get hurt (or else I won't get my salary)," she told me.

"That's just ridiculous," I said as I turned around and left. What does she want from me? She wasn't like this before. Before, she would just leave me alone like it would kill her to talk to me. Like I'm just some thrown away rag! *SFX: sound of pride breaking* But now, she's tailing me like a shadow. She's even worse than those ex-girlfriends I dumped before.

Even now, I could hear her footsteps following me. Persistent! How can a girl be so bold!

Kaito suddenly came up to me. "Hey!" he greeted, a fresh smile upon his face.

"Hey," I lifelessly replied.

"What's with the long face?" he asked. Finally understanding, a grin crept on his face. "Oh? Is it about Rin? She's been following you around lately, hasn't she?"

"Yeah, and it's annoying me. I'm starting to have wrinkles," I complained, still feeling Rin's persistent gaze on me.

"Ehhhh? It's probably because she has finally realized how great a man you are and fallen for you!" Kaito exclaimed, half whispering it to me.

I blushed. That can't be true. I shouldn't be blushing. There are tons of other girls who are head over heels in love with me. What change does another one added in the group do?

Kagamine Rin back here. Again, I am doing my job, looking out for Mr. Troublesome. The upperclassmen have been miraculously keeping out of his sight lately. I don't know what they're planning, but I bet it's something very very evil. Well, most likely they'll bring out their evil leader and reveal their real identities as aliens who desire world domination….. or something.

Mr. Troublesome suddenly came up to me. Ehhh? What does he want?

"Can you stop following me?" He asked.

"Uhhh.. No?"

He heaved a sigh. "Why? I'm just asking for a reason. And I don't want to hear the same 'I don't want you to get hurt' crap."

"Ehhh?" I sighed. "Then.. I don't want you to get into trouble?"

"That's the same!" Mr. Troublesome exclaimed in anger. Then what reason does he want? Really, he's so unreasonable!

This is Kagamine Len narrating.

I walked back to Kaito, angry and fumed at how simple-minded Rin is.

"Eh? She said that?" Kaito asked. "She's just shy. She really likes you. After all, if she doesn't, why would she follow you around, right?"

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

During the last period, I couldn't feel Rin's eyes glancing at me anymore. What happened to her? Hmph. Why should I care, anyway?

The bell rang but was immediately covered by the sighs of relief from the students. I should be the one sighing, really. It's not like they're the ones having their every action eyed by a girl.

It took me some time to fix my bag. I took out all my books during lunch after all, and forgot to pack them back after eating. Really, how troublesome. I frowned. Why did the word 'troublesome' have some kind of ring in it? It must just be my imagination.

I looked around and noticed that everyone has already left. Damned books. Suddenly, I noticed a girl sleeping at the far end of the classroom. I approached the table and was surprised to see that it was Rin. She was sleeping so soundly and peacefully that I wasn't able to move at all.

The sunlight reflected on her face, her hair hanging down, covering her eyes. Her skin was pale but lively. She looked like a living doll. My gaze fell upon her lips and a wave of desire crashed upon the shores on my mind. Without knowing, my hand brushed back the hair that covered her face.

Shocked by my action, I took a step back. I blushed. What..

"Len!" I heard Kaito call out from outside. "Are you a turtle? Get you lazy ass out here already. I'm tired of waiting."

"Y.. yeah! I'm coming."

I rushed back to my seat and dumped the rest of my books into my bag. I have to get out of here quick. This is ridiculous! What did I just do? Did I actually get attracted to a girl like her! Just because she's always watching over me.. not to mention that she's annoying! I must be insane. No, this is just lack of sleep.. or from hunger. That's right. I'll get better after eating. There is NO WAY that I like her. Just impossible. Impossible.

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