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Btw, you don't have to tell me that it was quite rushed. I know that better than anyone else.. After all, I wasn't supposed to write this story, but I did, postponing the other plots I have planned.. but I'm glad people like it.. so just keep enjoying it :)

Mr. Troublesome

Chapter 3: The End


I heaved a sigh. I fought again today. Good thing Rin wasn't around or she'll scold me. I didn't attain any injuries so hopefully, she doesn't find out. Just those bastards speak about it and I'll beat the crap out of them.. again.

"Sir Len," the maids called to me as soon as I entered the house. "The master calls for you."

I nodded my head. That old geezer? What does he want from me? I entered his office. The old man was signing papers, as usual. Isn't he tired of signing papers?

"I heard you fought again today," he said as he signed more papers, not bothering to look at me.

"Yeah. But it was only a trivial fight. I'm leaving, old man," I told him. I hate it when he meddles into my affairs. I'm not a kid anymore.

"Kagamine Rin isn't doing her job very well, hmm?" I heard the old man mutter.

I turned around. "What? Kagamine Rin?"

He gave me a quick glance. "Oh, she successfully hid it from you? How amazing."

"She.. what is she really?" I angrily asked him.

"Hey, you dropped your IQ. Your bodyguard, of course," he bluntly replied, even trying to make a joke.

"My.." I stuttered. "Fuck!"


I turned and tossed in bed, thinking about what happened. I touched my lips, remembering Len's kiss. What am I going to do now? Eventually, he'll find out about me being his bodyguard. He'll get angry, most likely. After all, if I find out my boyfriend is actually my bodyguard, I'd be freaked out and beat the guy up.

The next morning in school, I went to school very early to think. I didn't even get enough sleep. I have a bad feeling about this day, actually. I feel like humanity will burn down in flames today. Well, not really. I just feel like something bad will happen, to me specifically. And if something bad happens to me, I'd be more than pleased to bring humanity down together with me.

Yes, yes. The more, the merrier. It's bad to go down alone. It's bad enough to think you're going down. Ah, I'm being pessimistic.

I walked up the rooftop without dumping my bag into my seat. I don't even think the classrooms are open yet.

When I arrived at the rooftop, I was surprised to see Len already there.

"Len. Why are yo—" I was about to ask.

"Rin," he suddenly said with an angry and stiff tone of voice. "Are you.. really my bodyguard?"

I flinched. Wha? "How.. did you know?" I asked.

He glared at me. "Then you didn't really love me, did you?"

I was surprised. This.. "N.. No!.. I really—"

He opened his mouth. I had no idea that his next words would hurt me so much. "You.. make me sick."

I wasn't able to continue what I was saying. Hatred was burning in his eyes. Moreover, it wasn't just any ordinary hatred. It's.. a hatred directed to me. Solely to me. He passed by me, not even looking me in the eye.

I flinched then turned around. "W.. Wait! Len!" I ran to him and intercepted his path. "I really did love you, Len!"

He looked away. "I'm sick of your lies. Don't talk to me again."

He passed by me once again. This time, I have lost my will to stop him. He was really angry this time. Really! Can't he trust me at all when I say I really love him? That took quite some courage for me to say, but he just throws it away? Hmph! If he thinks I'm going to run after him like those in the anime, well he might even have a greater chance on winning a lottery! No way am I going to beg him. That's the job of lovesick idiots. I won't do it! Definitely not!

-Still Ren-

It's been days already, and the situation hasn't improved. Len is still ignoring me. Gah! He's so annoying! Yesterday, I tried to explain to him but he walked away as if I wasn't talking at all! Ugh! He's getting on my nerves!

Today, I will try to persuade him again, and if he still doesn't believe me, he can go fuck off and die.

During lunch time, I found Len on the rooftop. He seemed to sense my presence and was about to leave. I grabbed his hand. "Len! Listen to me!"

He glared at me and forcefully shook my hand off. I frowned. Will it kill him to listen to me! I grabbed him again, and this time, I pulled him and kissed him.

He trembled for a few seconds then pushed me away, panting. He glared at me. "You really make me sick."

I was speechless. So it didn't work out after all, huh?


I lay on the floor and looked up at the sky. I am currently at the rooftop, my usual lounging-like-a-lazy-bum place. I caressed my lips then froze. Frowning, I slammed my fist to the ground. She.. I'm sure she's lying. It was a wrong choice to trust her after all. She was just after money.

"Hey brat," I looked to my side and saw upperclassmen grinning at me. So they've finally appeared? "We've been looking for you. Heard you reduced to a one man group again. Wrong choice you made there."

I stood up then looked at them. "Only three of you?"

The leader spoke, "Heh, count again!" To my surprise, twenty other upperclassmen entered the rooftop.

Tch. A grin formed on my face. "Well, just a warning.. I'm not in a good mood today."

-Still Len-

Kaito leaned closer and whispered, "Oi. Your face is full of bruises. Twenty-three upperclassmen are stuck in the hospital. Ne, you weren't the one who injured them all, right? You just injured three of them, right?"

I scoffed. "It's not a big deal, really."

His eyes widened in shock. "Not a big deal? You fucking kicked their asses, dude."

I didn't reply. I felt quite irritated during the fight. I guess I've been used to seeing Rin beat them for me. Yeah, but I guess she only did that because she's my bodyguard. Nothing more than that. I grabbed a random notebook and started ripping it to pieces in sheer anger. Ever since awhile ago, she has stopped staring at me. Why is that? Did she finally quit her job? Hah! See if I care! It's good she's not annoying me anymore!

Kaito suddenly grabbed the notebook away. "What the heck? If you want to rip a notebook, why mine? Jeez!"

I winced when I heard the bell ring. Ugh. Forgot to put my books inside the bag again. As I prepared my bag, the others have already left, including the angry Kaito.

When I turned my head around, I saw Rin sleeping on her table again. I gulped as I stood up and approached her.

This has happened before. Way back when I was still confused why she was always following me. Way back when I didn't know she was assigned as my bodyguard yet. That was the time I fell for her.

Right now, she's still the same beautiful girl I saw. I once again brushed back the hair that covered her face. A smile crept up my face as I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"I.." I whispered to her. "I still love you."

"Len!" I heard Kaito call out from outside. "Are you a tree? For your information, a tree is slower than a turtle! In fact, it doesn't even move at all! So get your ass out here already! I'm tired of waiting!"

I scoffed. Then I must head to my bad and dump my books inside already.

Just as I turned around to leave, somebody grabbed my hand. I turned around and saw that Rin was awake.

She smiled at me. "I love you too!"

-The End-

Author's Note: Oh hey there! I know, right? It's such a fudging lousy ending! So here's the epilogue..





Everything is back to normal. Len and I are back together, although it took him some time to believe me once again. Really! He's so unreasonable!

Today, I'm being called to his house. Well.. not for romantic meetings. Len doesn't even know I'm going to his house. He's not around anyways. He's currently in Kyoto for the summer. I was supposed to go with him as his bodyguard (and as a girlfriend, of course) but his father, my employer, told me that he needed to talk to me.

As I entered his father's office, I suddenly felt ominous. Is something bad going to happen?

"Ah, Miss Kagamine Ren, please sit down," he said. I did as I was told. "I heard you weren't doing you job that well.."

I nodded. It was because Len got angry at me. I wasn't able to follow him around. But there's no point in blaming him anymore.

"Well, I've decided to change Len's bodyguard.."

I flinched. "But!"

He glared at me, making me unable to speak up. "You will be protecting Mikuo Hatsune instead. A new bodyguard will be assigned for Len."

I gulped. "Who is this Mikuo Hatsune? I've never heard his name before."

Shit. If I become another guy's bodyguard, I will have less time with Len.. Probably no time at all!

The old man started stacking papers on his table and signing them. "Mikuo Hatsune studies in Yiruko High School."

I frowned. "Eh? But I study in Kiruma High!"

"That's why you'll be given the whole summer to prepare transferring in Yiruko High." I was silent for a few seconds. Then that means I really wont be seeing Len anymore. I'm against this, but I can't voice it out. My family needs money. I have siblings to support.

"I understand. I will be leaving now," I reluctantly replied as I stood up and left.

This.. this is really really really bad.

-Epilogue End-