Understanding II: School Daze
~Forcing the Hand

When Toshiro left her Karin let out a sigh before stretching her arms behind her head. "I need to think of a way to convince him that I want to be friends with him."

She stood up and walked into the house. Yuzu poked her head out of the kitchen. "How did it go with Toshiro-kun?" Karin absentmindedly reached up to scratch her head. Before she could say something her sister spoke up again. "You weren't mean to him again."

"I wasn't being mean to him."

"Then why did Toshiro-kun slam the door." The light haired girl held her cooking utensil almost as if she was going to start waving it and start a lecture.

Karin pushed her lips together before plopping down onto the couch and letting out another sigh. "I wasn't mean to him this time around. I told him I want to be friends."

"Toshiro said he didn't want to be friends because of how you treated him then? Is that why he is angry at you?" Her sister folded her arms and frowned at her.

"No. He's actually not angry at me. He's actually surprised I wanted to be friends with him." Two dark eyes looked right at Yuzu. "Do you have any suggestions? You're able to make friends with everybody."

Two brown eyes glanced at the ceiling. "I don't know how I am able to make friends with people. I don't know how Toshiro and I became friends but I do know we're friends."

"You might want to tell him that Yuzu." Karin found herself inwardly chuckling.

"Why? Shouldn't he already know that? I mean... I know it." The small girl went back to her cooking then leaving her twin to think about what she needed to get done. Eventually Yuzu went upstairs and into the clinic to let people know dinner was ready. Karin got up and sat down at the table before placing her elbows on the table.

Out of boredom she watched as people came to the table. The first was her father who had a smirk on his face. "My kids are all safe and home."

Ichigo came downstairs with Toshiro behind him. The white haired preteen remained silent as he pulled back the chair and sat down. He also refused to look Karin in the face right away. When he glanced up for a few seconds his cheeks flushed up before looking away. Yuzu began to dish up the food to each person. Toshiro picked at the food with his fork.

Isshin was the one who broke the silence. "How's your homework coming Toshiro."

The small shinigami choose at this time to stick a piece of food into his mouth. As he startled he began to choke on the food. He paused for a few minutes as he clapped a hand on his chest. "I... oh boy."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Yuzu spoke up as she began to eat her own food.

"Ahh..." There came a scuffing of feet on the floor from where Toshiro was sitting.

"He hasn't done any of his homework yet." Ichigo shoved food into his mouth before pointing a finger at Karin. "By the way, why did you have to bring up that subject with him?"

"What subject? You mean the fact I asked him to be friends?" Karin watched as the white haired youth's mouth opened and closed.

"No. I mean you brought up the subject of how babies are made." Ichigo glared at his dark haired sister. "I did not appreciate explaining that to him."

For the second time that night Toshiro chocked on his food. He pounded his fist on his chest as his cheeks flushed up. Yuzu however blinked a couple of times. "Aren't babies brought by some sort of magical creatures?"

"Of course Yuzu!" Isshin piped up just as Toshiro's mouth opened and wavered for a few seconds before snapping shut.

"What was the problem with talking about magical creatures?" The light haired girl asked, her big brown eyes begging for an answer.

"Ichi-nii is a big boy. Big boys don't like talking about that stuff because it is embarrassing." Karin let out a laugh as she watched her brother fidget.

"That's... just... don't go there." Ichigo grumbled. "You know why so I won't say anything more."

Isshin took the time to speak up. "Karin, you said something about asking Toshiro to be friends. I take it my daughter's attitude towards him has changed?"

"Toshiro knows Ichi-nii and I can see ghosts and I trust him not to say anything at school." The female took some more food while Toshiro continued to pick at his.

The man glanced over at Toshiro. "How come she's willing to talk to you about that?"

The boy felt his eyebrow suddenly twitch and his mouth opened to say something. Karin let out a snorting sound. "So says the father who acts like he's younger then us."

To everyone's dismay the man hurried over to the poster and began sobbing to his dead wife. Toshiro felt his cheeks flush up again. Yuzu took the time to speak up. "If you need help on your homework we can help you Toshiro."

The boy stabbed a piece of meet. "I really don't need help. Thank you anyways."

Isshin calmed down and came back to the table. "Nee... Toshiro. What was your answer to Karin-chan asking you to be friends?"

Toshiro's mouth opened wide and he stopped moving his food on his plate. He then glanced away. There was a long period of silence while the man stared at the boy. Karin however suddenly spoke up. "Can I ask you something Ichi-nii?"

"What?" The boy asked.

"It wasn't easy to make friends when you were younger, right?" The girl faced her brother but out of the corner of her eye looked over at Isshin and Toshiro.

"I guess you remember me getting picked on for my hair color when I was younger. Why did you..." Ichigo paused and suddenly looked at Toshiro. "Oh."

"Oh what?" The small boy continued to pick at his food.

"You're the one who brought up your looks earlier." Karin stated.

"I'm not sure what this has to do with anything. It proves my point that nobody would want to be friends with me." Toshiro set down his utensils. "I'm full."

"Why wouldn't we want to be your friends Toshiro-kun?" Yuzu stated. "Those people who didn't want to be friends with Ichi-nii were mean. That isn't a reason to be friends with people. You're a very nice person and you and I are friends, right?"

"Stay and eat." Isshin piped up. "You don't have to give Karin and Yuzu an answer right away. It is a rather new concept for you so it may take some time getting used to.