Understanding II: School Daze
~School Again

"Does... never mind." The white haired preteen glanced away, his bright teal eyes narrowing with frustration. "What is it with female anyways and the way in which the confound people. Do all of them have an agenda against males in general like Ise does? I can understand directing anger at myself, but I can't comprehend for the life of me why they get mad at males for some of the things they get mad at."

"Karin-chan isn't mad at you."

"I know that... still... I don't get it."

"You don't get most people."

"Toshiro..." The female in question's voice broke him from the conversation he was having with his zampaktuo.

"We'll continue this conversation later."

"If you don't forget it just because you don't want to remember it occurring."

"What is that... never mind." The boy turned to Karin. "Yes?"

"We're at school."

"Oh..." The boy let out a deep sigh, knowing full well that going into the building and sitting for hours doing nothing productive was going to eat away at him. This to him felt like the real punishment, the real goal everyone had in mind. "I can't wait to get back to Soul Society."

Four boys came hurrying up to them, one of them pushing up his glasses. "Karin-chan!"

"Karin...chan..." Toshiro looked at the boy, his eyes widening in confusion.

"Um..." The four fell silent.

"Toshiro's going to be playing soccer with us after school."



"Why do you attach chan to the end of Kurosaki's name instead of san?" Toshiro's mind remained focused on the one train of thought, only to suddenly realize what Karin had said. "Wait... what? Soccer?"

"Yeah. Soccer." Karin piped up, turning her head to smile at him, her hair moving with her energetic movement."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Insult Karin by adding san to her name?"

"But she obviously can beat all four of you up." The words slipped out of the child taicho's mouth. The four boys stared at Toshiro before suddenly saying they forgot something.

"Toshiro... why did you have to bring that up?" His female companion let out a deep sigh.

"It doesn't make sense. I wouldn't be caught dead adding chan to any of the female Shinigami's names."

"Says the person who as far as I can tell not used anyone's first name until now and that was only because you were repeating what they said."

The boy's eye's widened upon realization. He quickly turned towards her and bowed. "Gomenasai!"

"Toshiro... what..." The girl quickly grabbed his shirt and pulled him out of view. "What are you doing? You don't have to apologize to me. I already told you I want to be your friend. That means you can call me by your first name."

"That..." The boy glanced away, his bright teal eyes darting to the wall. "When do you think Kurosaki will be here?"

"Yuzu?" Karin shook her head in disbelief.

"What other Kurosaki would I be talking about?"

"There is my brother, my sister, my father, my mother plus my ancestral tree."

"Through your mothers line, right?"


"You..." Toshiro stared at her. "Haven't you met your mother's parents?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Eh..." This caused the boy to bow again. "I'm sorry. I really blundered there." As he bowed he noticed that her foot was tapping in irritation. "I'm really sorry that I upset you."

"Upset me?"

"You haven't upset her."

"Then why the hell is she acting like she's mad at me." Toshiro moved to a standing position, the corner of his mouth twisting.

"Toshiro... do you call everyone by their last name."

"Everyone except my granny."

"And what do you call her?"

"Granny. Where is this going?" The male preteen folded his arms. "When I was little she always told me to never, ever call people by their first name."

"What about the other kids?"

The boy's mouth twitched again. "What other kids? The only other person who talked to me as a child was Hinamori and after she left to become a Shinigami we grew distant. Not to mention... well, that is neither here nor there."

"If you had actually played with other kids your age you would know it is all right to call other kids by their first name." Karin's comments was met first with silence and then the white haired male turned his head to look away from her.

"That's honestly not my fault."

"I didn't say it was."

Toshiro glanced away, his mouth tightening. He continued to do this as he followed Karin to their classroom. When he sat down at his desk he closed his eyes trying to close off the things around him while his mouth remained tightened from the level of frustration he was feeling. The sound of hands touching the front part of his desk caused his eyes to open.

Instead of seeing Karin or Yuzu standing there he saw the girl who had identified herself as Nabara Yami the other day. With her was her group of friends. His teal eyes darted around looking for Karin who simply glared at Nabara. "Can I help you?"

"We stopped by the hospital yesterday, but they said you were checked out all ready."

The thought of hiding crossed Toshiro's mind suddenly as his cheeks heated up. "Why?"

"You're our classmate."

"Yeah... sure. There is something more to this. I may never have gone to a public school before, but people don't visit you just because they're your classmate. They'll visit you if they're friends or want to be friends..." This thought caused Toshiro to swallow hard. He glanced over at Karin only to see that she was still glaring at Nabara. He then turned to look out the window. "I can't rely on her to help me just because I'm... what is the word for it?"

The sound of a desk moving a bit across the floor was suddenly heard. "Nabara, in case you haven't noticed you're making Toshiro feel uncomfortable."

"As I told him, we just wanted to visit him at the hospital yesterday because we're classmates. Since we weren't able to see you we made you cookies instead." Nabara set a bag onto his desk.

The boy looked at it, frowning as he did so. "Thank you..."

"Are you going to eat them now?"

Toshiro's eyes blinked before looking at the girl in confusion. "Wouldn't it be rude to eat them in front of everyone?"

The female's cheeks heated up. "Well, yes... of course. I'll... um..."

Karin watched with him as Nabara took off with her group only to see them giggle.