Hello… Just a quick one-shot that popped into my mind.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans.

Beast Boy had a secret. A very big secret. But who could he tell? Obviously if he told a secret it wouldn't exactly be a secret anymore, but this was too much to keep inside.

So first he went to Starfire, and let's just say that that didn't go very well.

"Hey Star, can you keep a secret?" Beast Boy whispered to her.

"A secret? Oh I would love to hear your secret!" Starfire exclaimed. "Friends! Please be quiet for Beast Boy is about to tell me a secret!"

Beast Boy slapped his forehead and moved on. Okay, so Star was out. Next he'll go to Robin. And that didn't work out as planned, either.

Beast Boy found Robin in the workout room and went up to him, watching him beat up his favorite Slade punching bag.

"Uh, Robin, could I tell you a secret?" Beast Boy asked.

"Why would I want a ferret?" Robin grunted, not hearing Beast Boy correctly over his punching.

"No, I said- Oh never mind." And with that Beast Boy left the gym.

Now Robin and Star were out. Well, who could keep a secret better than your best friend, right?

Beast Boy spotted Cyborg in the kitchen, smacking on some newly roasted ribs, Holding in his stomach, Beast Boy stood next to the meat and began to tell Cyborg of his dilemma.

"So you want me to keep a secret?" Cyborg assumed.

"Exactly! Finally, someone gets it!" Beast Boy sighed happily.

"Hold on, let me just do something first…" Cyborg flipped a switch on his arm and looked back to Beast Boy. "Okay, ready."

"Okay, so there's this-" Beast Boy noticed that Cyborg's arm had a dot of flashing red on it. "Are you recording me?"

"What, me? Would I do that?" Cyborg asked with fake mockery.

"Ugh. Forget it."

And now Beast Boy had run out of options. The best friend, the leader, and Star were out. The only one left was Raven. But was it really worth it?

Apparently it was. 'Cause at 1:15 in the morning, Beast Boy was standing outside Raven's door, knocking quietly.

"Raven? You there?" He whispered. No reply. All right, maybe if he went to get some milk he could relax and try again later. So he entered the kitchen. Guess who was there?

"R-Raven." Beast Boy stuttered. "How are you?"

"Fine." Raven replied tiredly. She finished making her Herbal Tea and was about to head out when Beast Boy couldn't take it anymore.

"Raven!" He burst. Raven turned around in surprise, and Beast Boy ran up to her.

"Can you keep a secret?" Beast Boy asked, exasperated.

"Have I ever told anyone's?" She asked.

"Has anyone ever told you any?" Beast Boy shot back. Raven tilted her head to the side.

"Yes, but Touché."

"Okay, so you can't tell anyone. So, um… This is more awkward than I thought it would be… Okay. I really sorta kinda like you. Like like you."

Beast Boy was prepared to run, but Raven just lightly smiled at him.

"Your secret's safe with me."