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Chapter Six, part one,

An Adventure

The contest winners mainly consisted of girls. They were all screaming, more noticeably, screaming Gavin's name. He was clearly lapping it up, twirling for them, and thrusting the air, his ego becoming more boosted as the screams grew louder. I rolled my eyes, and rested my head on the metal rail. Carl was beside me, and he did the same. I chuckled.

"Are you not joining in the festivities?" I asked, my voice thick with sarcasm. Carl chuckled.

"Nope. Well...maybe..." I grinned, and scanned the crowd once more. I sighed. There wasn't many people that were even looking in my direction, let alone someone to talk to. It wasn't often I would see people from 'land'. I rarely go on there, only on occasion (just to double check I can still walk on there), and it's not like we have a competition for people to come on the boat every week. I watched as the fans excitedly followed the guys inside, all them screeching and buzzing about the fact they were in the presence of their 'idols'. I looked at Carl.

"You sure you're not going to join in?" I asked. Carl also watched the fans follow everyone. He could tell there was more girls than guys. Pretty girls, no doubt. I smiled as he unknowingly licked his lips.

"You don't mind?" he asked. Before I could even say 'Yes', Carl bounded down the stairs, three at a time, and followed them in. I smiled to myself, and also headed down the steps, one at a time though. If I stay outside, then I suppose I won't have to endure all the chaos that was happening inside. On the other hand, it is fucking freezing out here. I went inside, where it was warm but immensely loud. I rolled my eyes at the girls excited by a blender, and tried to make my way through the thick crowd.

"Excuse me, sorry, can I just- Oh my god!" I yelled as a boy spilt his drink down his jumper. I dabbed the liquid with my hand, making it only seep through the jumper thicker and quicker. I covered my mouth in horror. "I am so sorry!" I apologised. The boy chuckled.

"No, it's fine honestly. This jumper's hideous anyway. My mum gave it to me...she thinks I'm out playing football with the lads," the boy explained, with an amused smile on his face. I smiled.

"You play football in jumpers?" I asked, biting back a little giggle. From the corner of my eye, I could see Gavin and Dave looking in my direction, talking in low whispers to one another. I slowly turned and smiled a tiny smile, before turning back to the boy.

"I don't play football period. But my mum hates pirate radio, and would probably have a stroke if she found out I listened to it everyday," the boy said, a mischievous glint in his blue, or possibly grey, eyes. I smiled.

"Well..I'm sorry again," I apologised once more.

"It's fine..." he trailed off, as he took off his jumper.

"Laurie," I introduced, "and you are?"


"Nice to meet you Tyler," I said, shaking his hand. He shook it back, and smiled at me. There was a small silence between us, and I licked my dry lips.

"Alright everyone, let's move on!" called Dave, right into my ear, breaking the silence (whilst damaging my eardrum in the process). Tyler smiled and followed everyone else into the kitchen, who all seemed excited to see tins of soup and beans. I was about to follow, when I felt myself being pulled back, gently.

"What are you playing at?" hissed Gavin.

"I was just merely talking," I explained.

"Listen...if anything happened to you, it would be our heads on the chopping block. Personally, I think it's great that you've met someone...interesting, but careful, okay?" I rolled my eyes.

"Gavin, I can handle myself. It's not like I warn you against your women."

"No, but you do remind me to use protection."

"Which is a good thing. Now if you'll excuse me...I have a tour to endure." I said, with a firm nod. Gavin raised a bemused eyebrow, but let me go on into the kitchen regardless. I pushed past all of the reluctant girls, and stood next to Tyler. He was much taller than me, so he was practically looming over me. I smiled up at him, and faced forward, listening to Dave rabbit on about how Felicity cooks.

The rest of the tour was long and dull. I noticed most of the girls had disappeared halfway through, leaving all but a few left, including myself and Tyler.

"Welcome back. I hope you all had a tremendous time," Quentin said. The few of them that were left cheered and clapped. I just grinned at Tyler. "Only, slightly odd thing, there only seems to be half of many of you that were here earlier...if you give us a moment, we'll sort out this strange and mysterious situation."As Quentin and the others went on the hunt for the rest of the winners (no guesses where they would be...Mark, anyone?), Tyler and I started to talk about our childhood.

"My dad works most of the time. He's big in London, or so he says. My mum's convinced he's having an affair, but still refuses to leave him. Says he looks after us. But he doesn't. He's either working or drunk. That's not much of a father, is it?" he asked me. Try having mine, I thought, almost tempted to say it. Instead, I shook my head.

"No, it's not.." I whispered.

"What about you?" Tyler asked me. I shrugged.

"My mum died a while ago," I began, but I saw Tyler's sympathetic look in his eyes. I rolled my eyes. "Don't," I warned him. Tyler laughed.

"Don't what?"

"Look at me like that! I know, it's sad, and I miss her everyday. Thing was a while ago, so I'm over it. Well, not over it, over it, but you get what I mean right?" I asked him. Tyler nodded his head eagerly, paused and then shook his head.

"No. You've lost me," he said, laughing a little. I chuckled and bit my lip, trying to conjure up the proper words to explain it without, without offending my mum.

"Well, it's like.. I'm over the fact that she's dead. It's not like I'm crying everyday, as I used to. But it's not like I've totally forgotten about her, get it?" I asked, once more. Tyler nodded. I saw all of the girls that had previously disappeared, trudge onto the boat deck, pulling their tops over their heads. I chuckled and turned back to Tyler. He opened his mouth, but my dad's voice bellowed instead,

"My dearest comrades. It has been wonderful to have you all here, but unfortunately, it is time to move on.." The crowd moaned and whined together in unison. "We hope to see you all very soon. Goodbye!" Quentin said, waving to them as they all piled onto the boat that gets them to shore. I felt Tyler grab my hand.

"Come on!" he said, as we headed to the back of the crowd. Of course. I forgot to tell him that I live on the boat. He thinks that I live on shore, along with the rest of normal society. I looked up at the others, who were all still waving goodbye on the top deck. I swallowed, and kept my head down, hoping that no one would notice I was leaving. I stepped onto the boat, and Tyler quickly followed. He kept his hand on my waist as the boat headed off for shore. Along with the rest of them, I turned and faced the boat, and waved, until the boat became a tiny dot on the horizon.

Tyler lit up a cigarette and offered me one. I practically snapped it out of his hands. I felt a bit sick. I knew my dad and the others would freak once they realised I was gone. If they ever realise I'm gone...I thought. They probably won't. There's broadcasting, and...alcohol to worry about first. I breathed the smoke out, and turned to Tyler and asked,

"What are you doing now?" Tyler smiled.

"Just going into town," he replied, "want to come with?" I nodded. I needed to get the idea that the other's would be worried about me out of my head.

We arrived on shore and Tyler and I leapt off the boat. I looked at the captain, and said to Tyler, "I'll be really quick." I jogged over to him. He frowned at me.

"Laurie..what are you doing off the boat? Your dad didn't-"

"My dad doesn't know I'm here," I interrupted. The captain raised his eyebrows.

"Ohh dear.." he muttered.

"Please don't make me go back yet! Just a few hours...please!" I begged, clutching my hands together. The captain gave me a stern look, before softening it and nodding.

"Of course. I'll see you in a few hours," he replied, before wandering off, muttering to himself. I turned and skipped back to Tyler.

"What was that about?" he asked. I shook my head.

"Nothing...come on!" For the next few hours, we went into record shops, flicking through the albums, and hiding some beneath our clothing. We went into clothes shops and mocked the mannequins, posing in the shop windows with ridiculous outfits, before being chased out by the shop managers. We bothered the public, drank a bottle of whiskey Tyler stole from the ship, and just had a general good time. I didn't even notice the time, until I checked my watch.

"Shit," I muttered. Tyler looked at me, confused.

"What?" he asked.

"I have to get back...home," I said, grabbing all of my things, including my new records. I took one last swig of whiskey, and made my way back to the dock.

"Hold on!" called Tyler, "I'll walk you home!" I paused, and bit my lip. Should I stop? No. I carried on walking. Tyler eventually caught up with me. I looked at him in surprise, but said nothing.

"Where do you live?" Tyler eventually asked. I carried on walking, sighing a little. Time for the truth.

"On Radio Rock.." I mumbled. Tyler looked at me in amazement.


"My actual blood-related dad, basically runs the show. I sneaked off with you, because...well, it's boring there. I don't really get to do anything, just wander around and talk to the same people over and over. And then, you showed up, along with the rest of the competition winners, and you were fun and different. So, I thought, what's the harm, and now my dad's going to kill me.." I rambled, as I walked faster. We arrived at the dock, and the boat was ready and waiting. I turned to Tyler.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you from the start," I said, softly. Tyler smiled.

"It's okay. I can see why you didn't.." I looked up into blue-grey eyes, and ran my hand through his dark brown hair.

"Bye Laurie," he said.

"Bye Tyler," I said, with a sad smile. Tyler grinned and kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed back.

"A little something to remember me by." I laughed and headed on to the boat. As we headed back to the ship, I waved at Tyler, until he was nothing more than a tiny little dot on the horizon.