"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," House whined as him and Cuddy walked through the hotel lobby.

"It's one paper, House. That's all I ask," she said as they got to the reception desk.

Ringing the bell, they waited for the receptionist to come out. "One paper," he said incredulously. "One? Really?"

She rolled her eyes. "You know about the other one?"

"Of course I know the other one. Did you really think that you could hide it from me?"

She sighed. "Wilson wrote it. He was going to present it but something came up. And since you're here already I said that you'd do it for him."

"I know all that," House told her. "But seriously, you expect me to give a paper called The journey to the other side: making yourself happy? Come on, it's already a no-no since it's got happy in the title."

"House," she whined. "Please?"


"We're here now." She reasoned.

"Still nope."

"I'll show you my breasts," she bargained.

His eyebrows shot up. "Really?"

"Give the paper and you'll find out."

"Er... Excuse me?" The mousy receptionist said timidly.

Cuddy groaned inwardly and hoped that the receptionist arrived after the mention of her breasts. "Yes?"

"Can I help you?" By the half-scared half-amused look she was getting Cuddy assumed that her fears were correct.

"I'm Dr Lisa Cuddy and we're here for the convention. I have two rooms reserved..." She dug the reservation confirmation out of her bag and placed on the desk.

Still blushing a little, the receptionist turned to her computer and tapped a few keys. "Uh... I only have you marked down for one room."

"What?" They both said simultaneously.

"Only one room." She repeated, then scanned the print-out version Cuddy had handed her. After a moment she looked up at the confused doctors. "Yep, see?" She pointed to a few lines. "One room, three nights. It's all here."

With a look of pure horror on her face - and one of impish amusement on House's - she snatched the paper out of the cowering woman's hands. "Let me see that."

Skimming through it, she had to admit defeat. "I'm sorry... I must have made a mistake. Can I book another room now?"

The receptionist shook her head. "I'm sorry. This is a big convention and we're booked solid."

"There's no another room? Nothing at all?" At another head shake she was desperate. "A janitors closet maybe?"

At that House made a noise. "Oh come on Cuddy, I'm not that bad! Not bad enough that you'd want a night with the rats."

"You're worse," she told him. "At least the rats don't bite much."

"Much being operative word. At least my bites make you feel funny and won't give you the plague."

Ignoring him, she turned back to the receptionist. "There's nothing else available?"

"I'm sorry."

It took a moment before Cuddy reached out her hand. "Give me the keys."

House was unusually quiet during the whole exchange. When Cuddy turned - two electronic room keys in hand - she saw the boyish grin on his face.

"Well well, roomie. This is gonna be fun!" And then he limped off before she could stop him, leaving her more apprehensive than ever.

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