DAY 3.

6.35 AM

House woke up as Cuddy's shrill alarm went off. Groaning, he reached over and turned it off, but the damage was done and he was awake.

He swung his good leg out of bed and gently lifted his bad one, glancing at the door. He knew that part of him should feel bad for locking Cuddy out last night but he really didn't. Serves her right for flirting with Wank to screw with him.

He contemplated letting her in now, but if she wasn't awake what's the point of that? He'd make it last as long as it could before he had to give, especially because he knew that repercussions could be potentially bad. Then again, wasn't that the point of the conference?

He took his time showering and brushing his teeth and dressing, but soon it became clear by the tell-tale stomach rumbling that he was going to have to leave soon to eat.

Sighing, he opened the door.

Huh... No Cuddy. House peered down the hall left and right. Yep, still no Cuddy. But...he looked down...Cuddy's shoes. The black five inches had been abandoned on the carpet, and Cuddy had gone in search of something else.

He jumped as he heard a bang from behind him. Whipping round, he saw a flustered Cuddy banging on the glass door. She looked awful, her hair was mussed and flyaway, her make-up smudged and making her look like a tired - though admittedly adorable - panda.

Then he saw the mottled purple bruise on her arm. His jaw hardened. Crossing the room as fast as he could, he unlocked the door and a homicidally angry Cuddy fell into his arms. They stood there for a minute, before House wrinkled his eyebrows. "How did you get onto the balcony?"

"I climbed," she panted. "I thought you'd maybe have left the balcony door open."

"I didn't," he pointed out.

"Thank you, captain obvious," she said snidely. "I found that out at one am when I'd finally made my way over and I was still alone in the cold."

"Alone?" House asked. "What, Wank abandoned you?" He eyes flickered to the bruise. He decided to let her tell him.

"Wank is a jerk," she spat.

"What happened?" He asked gently, and Cuddy looked up, amused.

"Why House, are you concerned?" She ribbed him good-naturedly.

He pouted. "I'm merely noticing the purple patch coming up on your arm. Doesn't take a genius to figure that something's wrong."

"Doesn't matter," she shrugged. "I'm fine."

"What's his room number?" House said, and Cuddy shook her head disbelievingly.

"Oh no..." She said fearfully. "No way am I telling you that."

"I just want to go and have a chat with him... Check him out, that kinda stuff," House said sincerely, but of course Cuddy didn't believe him for one second.

"Nu-uh!" She said, pattering across the carpet and into the bathroom. Her voice still echoed out to him. "After you locked me out all night, you have to do what I say at least once!"

"I'm sorry for locking you out," he said softly, and he heard the bathroom clatter stop as Cuddy poked her head out to him.

"Did you... Did you just apologise?" She said, astounded.

"I've have feelings too! He said in a funny voice, placing a hand over his heart. God forbid that they had an actual sentimental conversation.

She turned away from him and began to take off her smudged mascara. "I look like crap," she proclaimed to no one in particular.

"Yes, you do," House said from the room, where she could hear zipping. She assumed her was getting dressed, but then the zipping continued for about twenty seconds and even she didn't think his trousers were that big.

"What are you doing?" She questioned, stepping out of the bathroom.

"Packing," he said innocently. "I want to be out of here as soon as possible."

"Oh." Was her reply.

"Oh?" He asked, obviously not satisfied with her answer.

"I thought we were having a good time," she pouted, and if House wasn't mistaken she also squeezed her breasts together - no, she was doing that, he knew those breasts anywhere.

"We are," he smiled, reaching and stroking her cheek.

If she was surprised, she didn't show it, merely leaning in so that his arm enveloped her. "So why do you want it to be over?" She breathed against his ear, making his breath hitch.

He tried - no, really, he tried - to resist her, but it was impossible. She was handing herself to him on a silver platter and he'd have to be insane or a moron not to take it. And, he prided himself on not being either of those after Mayfield.

But his snarky inquisitive side couldn't help but come out to play. "If you're planning on doing me so that you win, and I'm planning on doing you so that I win... Doesn't that make this pointless?"

"Pointless?" She echoed in a cute voice that he'd never heard her use.

"If we both think we won-"

"-Then we both have a sense of achievement. The prospect of beating you has already got me hot and bothered." She said, not kissing him but just resting her lips against his jaw.

"Good enough," he murmured, and took her mouth in his.

Their tongues danced together, biting and nibbling and exploring each others mouths, before House became impatient and pushed her onto the bed, running his hands up her porcelain thighs. She moaned as he deliberately avoided between her legs, just slid his hands under her dress and brought them up to rest on her voluptuous breasts. She moaned deep into his mouth as he brought made her nipples pebble with his gentle touches.

Carefully, he began to slide her dress over her head. The zip was already undone, making his job surprisingly easy. Then she was lying before him, clad only in a matching hot pink ensemble that made him practically start salivating.

"Like the view?" She teased, but her breathing was rapid and shallow.

"Very much," he murmured, bending down to kiss the swell of her breast which were peeking out from her bra.

Reaching around behind, he tried to undo the clasp but failed. Cuddy brought her hands up and unhooked her bra in the right place. "It's in the front," she whispered, and then her breasts spilled into his awaiting hands.

He began to lave his tongue over her nipple, eliciting a pleased moan from her. "More," she panted, and he slid one hand down into her panties.

Carefully and painstakingly parting her folds, she waited in anticipation for his fingers to reach their destination. As they brushed over her clit, she shuddered.

She rolled her hips up to meet his hand, urging him to go inside. He obliged, sliding one calloused finger into her depths, making her moan yet again from the feeling.

At her nod of approval he added another finger and began to pump them in and out of her, curving so that they hit the right spot.

Her limbs began to tremble as she felt her climax building, low in the pit of her stomach and growing with each thrust of his hand.

She gripped the sheets beneath her, fisting them in her own fingers, trying not to let what he was doing overwhelm her. "Let it go," he panted into her ear.

Just watching her face contort as he did this was making his length throb, almost to the point of pain. He knew he had to take her soon.

Almost at once, she moaned long and hard as her orgasm coursed through her body.

She wasn't sure if it was the adrenaline or the pure lust shooting through her veins... But House looked different now. Good different, but still...

She didn't have anymore time to contemplate this before he removed his hand from her, it coated in her juices. Pulling herself up - somehow - she managed to crawl over and straddle him, sliding his boxers down his thighs as she did so.

"Two days is enough foreplay," he panted, rolling over so that she was pinned beneath him. Finally, he eased himself inside her, loving the feel of her walls clamping down around him, making him blind to his surroundings.

He began to thrust in, right to the hilt, so deep that he hit spots inside her that Cuddy didn't know she had. No one had made her experience this before.

She could feel her second orgasm building already. He was squeezing her breasts with his warm hands the movement of his thrusts was scooting her backward on the bed.

She was close, so close, and judging from how erratic his movements were becoming she'd bet money that he was too.

He began pumping faster, harder, until she could do nothing let her head go back and scream his name, her senses failing her as her orgasm ripped through her trembling body.

He followed close behind, spilling inside her with a carnal growl. His chest heaving, he watched as her eyes fluttered open. "I think, we, both win," she forced out, content to just lie there, her body still pulsating.

"I think we do," he had to agree, running a hand across her body. "How important is Wilson's paper?"

"Not important," Cuddy replied immediately. "So not important."

"So... We can stay here all day?" He asked, his fingers gently tapping out a melody on her hip bone.

"Oh yeah," Cuddy exhaled. "All day."

"Good," he said, pressing his lips onto her creamy collarbone. "Because there is so much I'm planning to do to you."

"Bring it on," she grinned, letting his lips capture hers.


7.00 PM

"Hey," Wilson looked up from his file and his best friend limped into his office. "You're back," he stated.

"Yes I am," House nodded.

He studied House's leg. "Are you limping more than normal?" He asked.

"I... spent the day engaging in strenuous physical activity," he said, and his expression left no doubt as to what that activity was.

Wilson cocked his head and rolled his eyes. "There's only one kind of physical activity you participate in," he answered. "Cuddy must not have been pleased."

"I'd say Cuddy was extremely pleased," he said lowly, and Wilson's head shot up.

"No..." He said, eyes widening. "No..."

"Oh yes," he grinned. "And you know, if I've learnt one thing from this weekend-"

"Can this please not be kinky sex thing you guys did," Wilson pleaded.

"-It's not who wins, or who loses..." he turned and opened the door, unbeknownst to Wilson about to go down, take Cuddy back to his and have his wicked way with her in approximately five different places... Perhaps six, depending on how the night played out.

"It's how you play the game," he finished with, and dramatically slammed the door.

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