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This is my attempt at a happy fic. Blame Philippa from the spooks forum who suggested I give this a go. Hope you like it. Not entirely fluff but a bit of an adventure along the way too!

Busman's Holiday

Ruth smiled; she couldn't actually believe they had managed to get away from London. There had been no Red Flash calls, no last minute emergencies or calls to go to Whitehall. Ros had practically thrown Harry out of his office as he went over how to get hold of him in an emergency for what felt like the twentieth time. Ros was not renowned for her patience and Ruth couldn't help but smile at the memory of the Section Head almost ordering Harry to go away and enjoy himself. The way Malcolm had sent her away suggested she had been just as bad. She smiled as she thought of what the two techies were putting together this time; perhaps it was a blessing Harry wasn't around to see it. Shaking her head she watched as Scarlet investigated something interesting at the bottom of the garden.


Harry watched as Ruth stood in the garden waiting for Scarlet to finish attacking an interesting patch of grass at the bottom of the garden. He was relieved they had finally managed to get away from the Grid. He hadn't thought it was actually possible. He smiled as he watched Ruth try to distract Scarlet, but the little dog was far too interested in what she was doing to let Ruth stop her.

"Scarlet!" Ruth laughed as the little dog ran to the other side of the garden. It seemed she was determined to avoid going for a walk for as long as possible. Harry approached Ruth as she turned and smiled.

"She's as stubborn as you" Ruth smiled as Harry wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I know, she's well trained. Why do you want to go out anyway?" He began kissing her neck, making it difficult for Ruth to remember exactly why she had been intent on going down to the village.

"Well, since you insisted on driving up here over night, we have absolutely no food. I thought I'd take Scarlet and investigate" Harry tightened his hold on her.

"Nah, don't need food" He kissed her neck again as his warm hands began to snake up underneath the back of her shirt. Ruth pulled back slightly.

"Well Scarlet does. So do I, unless you think I should loose some weight" She raised an eyebrow as Harry immediately realised he had said something wrong.

"No, ah no Ruth. You know I didn't mean that" Ruth smiled as Harry began to think she'd been teasing him. Scarlet bounded over to them covered in mud. Her game had clearly become boring as she watched her two humans together she started barking, determined not to be left out.

"Come on then girl" Harry addressed the little dog. "Village it is." He avoided looking at Ruth who was smiling broadly at getting her own way.


Ros stood in the doorway of the small kitchenette on the Grid watching the team. She had to admit it was strange not having Harry and Ruth around. She watched Tariq looking over Malcolm's shoulder and staring at his computer screen looking very exited about something. Ros decided she really didn't want to know what had got the young officer so exited. Adam was still limping and Lucas and Zaf were deep in conversation about something. Ros sighed, there was no sign of Zoe. She'd disappeared to the registry an hour before and still hadn't returned.

Lucas looked up as Ros walked across the Grid towards him.

"Ok, what have we got?" She really wasn't in the mood for pleasantries.

"Morning Boss" Zaf smiled as she rolled her eyes.

"Ah, the group Ruth categorised as threat level C seems to have imploded in on itself. One corrupt politician caught out by the tabloids." Lucas smiled as Ros rolled her eyebrows.

"Just one?" Ros remained deadpan as Lucas smiled. He knew that she had an inherent distrust of politicians, especially those that had a habit of turning up in the tabloids. Zaf nodded.

"Yeah you know that one that was in here with Andrew Lawrence the other week, kicking odd at Harry?" Zaf raised an eyebrow as Ros smiled slightly. It was good to see that karma really did exist.

"So, nothing life or death yet. OK, I'm off to Whitehall. Someone has to fill in for Harry at this JIC meeting" She picked up her leather jacket before walking away from the team.


The walk to the village had been peaceful. It was strange to be away from London without working. She felt Harry wrap his hand around hers. The walk back from the village should have been uneventful. Scarlet walked at Harry's heels, investigating the odd tree they passed. Ruth couldn't remember a time when she had seen Harry so relaxed. She smiled as he raised an eyebrow.

"I give up, what are you smiling at Ruth?" He paused as she turned to him.


"Oh, thanks." He smirked slightly as he pulled Ruth to him, not caring they were still in the middle of the high street.

"Well, you're a funny man!" Ruth giggled as Scarlet became bored at the lack of progress they were making towards getting back to the cottage.

"Funny peculiar, or funny humorous?" Harry waited as Ruth seemed to consider the options.


"Charming!" Harry pretended to be offended as Ruth began walking away. He couldn't help but smile as she looked back over her shoulder.

"Yes, you are. C'mon" Harry didn't need telling twice.

The rest of the walk back had been the same good natured teasing as in the high street. They were genuinely relaxed and happy as they reached the front garden of the cottage. Ruth stopped as they approached the doorway. Harry paused as he saw the colour drain from her face.

"Ruth?" He felt her pull on his hand as Scarlet began barking

"Who knows we are here?" Ruth felt the familiar stab of fear as Harry looked at her.

"Ros, Lucas and Catherine. No one else" He really didn't see why Ruth was so scared.

"Someone is in the cottage Harry. The door. Look" Ruth stepped forward as her heart began hammering in her chest.

"The paper" Harry realised what she had seen as he walked towards the door. The paper Ruth insisted on wedging in the door had disappeared.

"Harry" Ruth almost hissed as he pushed the door open. He ignored her, hoping that whoever it was had been scared away by Scarlet's barking. Ruth tightened her hold on the little dog's lead. The 8 year old terrier growling and pulling to investigate the intruders. Ruth stepped forward slightly, determined Harry wouldn't enter the cottage alone. Harry wished they were back in London as he stepped over the porch way into the main hallway. Ruth screamed as the burglar threw himself into Harry as he knocked him to the floor the younger man pushing past Harry as he barrelled in to Ruth, elbowing her in the face. Harry was immediately on his feet as he realised Ruth was still holding her face in her hands.

author's note: Please let me know if I should continue with this. I think its going to be another multichapter. I dont seem to be able to write short stories. Who is Ruth and Harry's burglar. Does it have anything to do with the Grid or Nightingale.