"Good Morning, Konoha! The end of summer is nearing so go out and soak up the sun while you still can! This is 95.7 Konoha."

















"Arghhh, dammit! Fuck you, stupid alarm clock!"

I get up from my bed feeling irritated and looking like crap. Today was the last day of summer before school starts. I had approximately twenty-four hours left until I have to deal with the troublesome beings known as teachers. Great, now I sound like Shikamaru.

According to my plan of pure awesomeness, today I was going sleep till ten or so, eat a super awesomesauce breakfast, and then hang out at the mall with my besties for the rest of the day. However, I had overlooked an important flaw in my plan: Misaki.

Apparently, someone had decided to set my alarm clock to five freakin' thirty in the morning. I hate you, Misaki, I really do.

"Oi! Sakura, you awake?" Well speak of the devil, here she is now.

My eyebrow twitched angrily.

"What do you want?"

Misaki used her hand to flip her red-streaked maroon hair to the side. "Eh, nothing much. Oh, and Sakura babe, you look like crap."

How I wish she would just spontaneously catch on fire and turn into ashes.

Just imagine, her screaming in sheer agony and crying out in pain; her body being engulfed in flames and her entire being burning up into a crisp. Oh, how I wish my imagination were reality.

I shot her a glare. "Well no dip, I just woke up."

"Then get off your ass and go wash your face, Sherlock."

I feigned a dramatic gasp. "Potty mouth!"

Misaki scoffed and turned to look at me; she looked unimpressed. "Sakura, come on. I know you can't look as half as beautiful as I am, but at least try."

Che, yeah right. "Your face looks like Donkey Kong's ass."

"At least I can't land a plane on my forehead like you."

Whoa, low blow. Low blow. I swear, I was about to pounce on my sister and claw her fucking hazel eyes out.

"Get your fugly self out my room, you're damaging my vision. Plus, I can't deal with your sluttiness this early in the morning; go whore yourself out to some stranger."

Misaki stood speechless; I knew she couldn't think up of another comeback.

"OUT!" I growled irritably, while pointing in the direction of the door.

Misaki's face flamed a bright red as she stormed out of my room. YES! Finally, peace at last!

I crawled back under my covers and put my head on my ultra fluffy pillow, hoping to fall back asleep.


















Yeah, you know, fuck it. I can't fall back asleep. Anyway, apparently my screaming woke up my brother, whom was sleeping across the hall. He groggily entered my bedroom and stood by the doorframe with a troubled expression.

"Hehe, hey Sasori. What's up?" I asked sheepishly.

Sasori remained standing, but now displayed a bored look. "Is there a reason you're screaming this early in the morning?"

I shrugged. "You know how Misaki is."

He nodded accordingly. "Yeah, she can be a bitch sometimes."

I scoffed at his comment. "Naw, really? I never would have thought that."

Sasori rolled his eyes at my sarcasm. HEY! ROLLING YOUR EYES IS RUDE!

"Whatever, I'm going back to sleep; don't scream again." And with that, my older brother returned to the dark abyss of doom and no return, otherwise known as his bedroom.

I rolled over to my side, what was I suppose to do for about another five hours?

Le sigh.

I hopped into a chair and started logging on into our school website, The Gilded Leaf. Yeah, stupid name, I know.

You see, our school symbol is a leaf, which is pretty dumb if you ask me. Seriously, what kind of school wants their students to proudly show off a leaf? Anyway, when you gild something, you add gold to it to make it more beautiful; this is usually done to a lily. So yeah, our school symbol thing is a leaf, a golden one at that.

Originally, the website was created for educational uses like looking up homework pages, getting additional studying materials, viewing class schedules, etc. However, after a little persuasion and a couple bottles of sake, my friends and I finally convinced our alcoholic headmistress, Lady Tsunade, to change the website's format. With some of Shikamaru's help, The Gilded Leaf is now a social networking site for all the students to chat and stuff.

I moved the cursor to the upper right-hand corner and clicked on the large 'LOGIN' button. I quickly typed in my username and password and pressed enter. The school's red and white homepage faded into my sparkly green profile page. My eyes roamed across the screen until I found what I was looking for: the blue bottom that read 'CHAT'.

You are now logged in as Sakura Haruno




iSakuface* is now online

Friends: O!no, CLouDySUNSHINE:), 10-10equalsZERO, OhNOES!$HARK*, .64, myIQis2high4u, rAmEnLUVER10NaruDawgPWNS.!., iUchiha, !TACHi-is2cool, art-!s-a-BANG!


MissAki3 (unfortunaltley, I have a sister)

Likes: bubblegum, texting faster than I talk, cute boots, lipgloss, purple eye shadow, converse, mocha frappichinos, my Blackberry is my life, sparkly nail polish, the smell of new textbooks, bubbles, other stuff that I'm too lazy to name right now…

Dislikes: snobby people, dealing with ignoramuses, the awkward silence, people who can't accept compliments, bad hair days, waking up late, MissAki3, AMI2pretty4u, kitty-karin

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To: SakuraH

From: LeafAdmin

SasoriH, .0001, is no longer attending Leaf Academy. Do you wish to keep him/her in your 'family' group?

Yes No

To: SakuraH

From: LeafAdmin

ItachiU, !TACHi-is2cool, and DeidaraH, art-!s-a-BANG! no longer attend Leaf Academy. Do you wish to keep them in your 'friends' group?

Yes No

After I checked my messages, I quickly scanned over my friends list… and no one was on. I decided to just blow some time and troll the website. Yeah, cause I'm cool like that.




After an hour of profiling stalking and failed attempts at starting chatrooms—because no one is on, derppp—I am STILL bored out of my mind. Big surprise, right? Maybe I should go eat breakfast? Yeah, breakfast sounds good about now.

I hopped off of the chair and slipped on my super cute, pink bunny slippers. Mmmm…. now my feet are nice and toasty. I quickly darted into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and came out. Yay, now I don't look like crap anymore!

Now I just need my cell phone, you never know when someone's going to text you. Plus, I live for my Blackberry. After minutes of searching, I finally found it in its sparkly, hot pink case. With that done, I headed out my room and down the stairs.

I quietly hummed to myself as I was walked downstairs to the kitchen; maybe this morning isn't so bad after all! Yep, I was almost convinced, but then I saw it: my sister leaning against wall while animatedly chatting on the phone.

"Yeah, so I was like yeah and she was all like, nah uh! - I know right! - Oh wait, can you hang on for a minute? - 'Kay thanks." Misaki cupped her hand over the phone and turned to face me, "Oh, so the sleeping giant finally awoke?"

"What?" I groaned exasperatedly.

"Oh, I was going to tell you this morning, but you were too busy being a bitch so-"

"What is it?"

"-plus, your being such a bitch right now and-


Seriously, I was running out of patience. This bitch had to go, soon.

"There's a package for you near the door, it was delivered this morning."

My eyes widen upon hearing this news. Yes! My eye shadow finally came! Oh. My. Gosh. I was waiting for this for the whole summer; the stupid delivery people kept losing my package and I had to keep reordering it for nearly two months! But yes, it's FINALLY here! I dashed down the hall towards the door. Screw breakfast, it can wait!

I finally arrived at my destination; I just needed to rip open this box and the eye shadow will be all mine! ALL MINE! –insert menacing laughter here-

After several layers of bubble wrap- come on, twenty freaking layers? Why would you use so much? I mean, everyone loves bubble wrap, but this is way too much- I finally obtained my sparkly purple eye shadow. Yeah, I have a thing for sparkles in case you couldn't tell already.

I can't wait to put this on- seriously, who wouldn't be?


That's my stomach! I guess I should get some breakfast. I walked to the kitchen and searched the cupboards for edible substances. Hmmm, lets see. There's a can of old beans, a container of who-knows-what, and a squirming brown creature that resembles a cockroach. Wait, a COCKROACH?


Misaki dashed into the kitchen, her face looking like it was in panic mode. "What happened?"


"What, a cockroa- Ahhhhhhhh! COCKROACH!"

"Ew, ew, ew. Kill it!"

I hate bugs so much, they're so, so, disgusting! I mean, seriously, what girl isn't afraid of a cockroach?

"What, kill it? How?" Misaki was on the verge of losing it; her face was twisted in contoured with panic and she was pulling at her hair.

"I don't know, just do it!"

I am fucking terrified right now. All I wanted was some food, why does the world hate me so?

"Uh, uh, uh…. Just throw stuff at it!"

After minutes of throwing, we finally killed it with that old can of beans. However, the cockroach kind of exploded upon impact with the aluminum object. It left this icky bug juice all over the cupboard; it was gross.

After that little problem was resolved, I decided to look elsewhere for food; maybe I'll have better luck in the pantry. Soon enough, I found a box of Lucky Charms. Yes, I love you Lucky Charms with all your marshmallow goodness.

When I was little, I was obsessed with Lucky Charms. Like, they were the only things I would eat for a period of time. But, I only ate the marshmallows cause they're the reason Lucky Charms taste so good. Anyway, I would put all the boring, plain pieces of cereal in a baggy and say I'll eat it later. Later never came. Its pretty much the same now, except I just pick out the marshmallows one by one instead of throwing the plain pieces away.

After I finished my breakfast I decided to watch some television. I walked over to the living room and plopped my butt on the giant, bright red couch. Yes, the couch is bright red; my family is just that cool- except Misaki, that is.

Once I was resting comfortably on the couch I grabbed the remote and pressed the red power button. The television screen flicked into life and I was met with five dancing aliens with television screens on their stomachs.

Ah, my eyes!

Luckily, someone texted me then and I quickly turned off the television before anymore eye damage had occurred.

From: Ino

To: Sakura

Hey Sak, there's been a change in plan. Can we meet at the mall around 10-ish? Tenten is coming home from judo practice at two or so and she doesn't want us to wait till then.

From: Sakura

To: Ino

Awww, poor Tennie. She has to miss shopping with us!

From: Ino

To: Sakura

Don't worry; she says she'll meet up with us at the smoothie shop around 3. Text Hinata, thanks. Bye!

I quickly sent Hinata a message explaining the situation. Now all I have to do is take a shower and get ready for the mall. It is now eight thirty; I have plenty of time to get ready.

I climbed up the stairs and headed towards my bedroom. Upon entering, I scanned across my room. It was messy. I shrugged it off, "Eh, I'll clean it later." I navigated through the clutter and finally arrived at my closet. Let's see, what should I wear?

After some decision making, I finally found an outfit cute enough for the mall. You see, you can't go to the mall wearing just anything; you've got to find the perfect outfit. The mall is the center of social gathering; its where you judge and be judged. An outfit will show who you are and where you're headed in life.

A pencil skirt describes you as high-class, professional, and most likely intelligent. It also says how you can be sophisticated and stylish at the same time.

On the other hand, a pair of sweats describes you as lazy and live a pretty low-key lifestyle. You are probably laid back and could care less about work. As you see, clothes are important; they define who you are.

I decided to where my navy blue tank top. Its one of my favorites; it has a scarf hem so the ends flow out a bit. I paired it with some white short shorts and a pair of wedges. My look: flirty for some man hunting.

I returned downstairs to remind my sister to alert me around nine fifteen. That way, I won't be late for the mall. I ventured back to my room and prepared to take a shower.

After I finished, I threw on my clothes and tied my pink hair into a high ponytail. I put on some of my new purple eye shadow and a smidge of lip-gloss. I looked BEAST: S-E-X-Y. I looked at the mirror one last time and then checked the time. It was only nine forty-five.

Wait, nine FORTY-FIVE! "Holy shit! I'm late!"

I scrambled down the stairs and stopped to yell at Misaki. "Misaki, why didn't you call me at nine fifteen?"

Misaki turned to me puzzled. "Huh?"


Misaki is useless. But I don't have time to deal with that now, I HAD to get to the mall.

I rushed out the door while stuffing my Blackberry in my back pocket and grabbing the keys. I had my learner's permit; I could drive, just as long as no one catches me without an adult.

I stepped outside and then I saw her: Karin Hoshiko.

I have no personal animosity against Karin, really I don't. She's my neighbor; we're like the best of friends.

Nah, I lied. Karin is probably the biggest bitch I have met, even bigger than Misaki.

Karin is about two inches taller than me and she has this awful, flamboyant red hair. It's all unkempt and lopsided; but she thinks it's S-E-X-Y. In addition, she also wears thick, black frames. She wears hoards of make-up to cover up her blemished skin. I'm serious, if you wipe off all the make-up on her; it looks like there are maggots growing from her face.

She has one thing that makes all the guys in our grade swoon over her: her D-cup breasts. However, what many of them don't know is that they're fake; she buys push-up bras and sews layers of fabrics to them. Her choice of clothing is okay, just a little showy. She wears extremely low-cut shirts and super tight bottoms. Her overall appearance: slut.

How do I know all this, you may ask? Well, Karin used to be my best friend, that is, until seventh grade. Shocking, I know. Her, Ino and I were the best of friends all the way through elementary school and sixth grade. We had weekly sleep over parties and shopping trips; life was good then.

Anyway, in seventh grade Karin was dating this kid name Zakum. He was a real jerk; Ino and I both knew this. We tried to tell Karin but she wouldn't listen. Karin and Zakum were dating for about two weeks when Karin mentioned something at lunch. She and Zakum were going to do 'it' after school that day. I was mortified; she was my best friend and I knew Zakum was just using her. I couldn't let her get hurt by this jerk.

When the last bell rung, I went around campus trying to find Zakum; I was going to give him a piece of my mind. I finally found him behind the school building. I glared at him and started shouting but then he pinned me against the wall.

"You pretty." He said, his breath smelled horrible.

I glared at him harder. "Get your hands off of me, you creep."

He leaned down to kiss me but his attention and mine turned to a voice. It was Karin.

Karin had tears rolling down her cheeks. "Sakura, you bitch. How dare you kiss my boyfriend, you slut!"

I could tell she was hurt but I didn't kiss Zakum. Inside, I was broken. How could she not tell that he was the one that's forcing me to kiss him! He is the real jerk! I was shocked; she chose her boyfriend over her best friend.

I returned back to my senses and acted upon my reflexes; I kneed Zakum in the balls and ran. Tears were beginning to form in my eyes.

The next day, I came into school and Karin ignored me the whole day. Later, Ino had a fight with Karin because she tried to explain to Karin that Zakum was a stupid jerk. Karin refused to listen and Ino came to my aid. Karin stopped being our friend from that day onward.

The next week rolled along and Karin had found new friends, Ami and Kin. Ino and I had done the same; this is when we met Hinata and Tenten.

A month had passed; Karin and Zakum eventually did do 'it.' I was disgusted. Anyway, it was nearing the end of March; my birthday had been a few days ago. It was the last bell of the day and I left to classroom and went into the restroom. When I entered, Karin and her two followers had their hands crossed over their chests.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura." Karin spit out my name as it was filled with venom.

I looked around, what was going on?

Ami and Kin took out scissors from who-knows-where; meanwhile Karin pounced on top of me.

My long pink hair was being cut and locks of it limply fell on the floor. I started to cry.

After they were done, Ami and Kin gasped at my appearance.

"Crap, it looks worse than I thought it would. Lets get out of here girls!" I heard Karin say.

I looked in the mirror and gasped. My once long hair was now short and choppy. My hair was uneven and awful. I stayed in the bathroom for what seemed hours, embarrassed to show myself to the world.

Ino got worried because we were supposed to go to the mall that day but I was nowhere to be found. She, Hinata, and Tenten came back to the school and searched for me. I finally was found thanks to their efforts. I knew, then and there, Karin was the enemy. Seriously, you fuck up my hair; you die.

Karin looked at me distastefully and scoffed. "Oh look, it's my slut of a neighbor. Got a new boy toy? I heard a lot of screaming this morning."

I glared at her. "Well if it isn't thunder thighs, how's your whore business going? I hear you're charging twenty bucks for an hour now. It's a shame you're forced to charge less, but I guess people don't want to bang ugly sluts anymore."

Karin adjusted the frame of her glasses and glowered at me. She walked over to me and poked me in the chest. "At least I have big boobs."

I smirked. "At least mine aren't fake."

Karin flamed red but then mimicked my smirk. "At least I have a boyfriend."

Oh, no she didn't! She did NOT just go there.

Karin's current boyfriend is Sasuke Uchiha. Otherwise known as my ex-boyfriend. The two have been dating for about four months. Sasuke and I started going out in eighth grade but we broke up four months ago.

I really don't know what happened. We were kissing and holding hands in the morning, but then next thing you know, we're no longer together. He just said, "Its over." without a single hint of emotion in his eyes. I was heartbroken and I gained three pounds from stuffing myself with chocolate ice cream after the break-up.

I'm still pissed at him; we hardly talk anymore. Who wouldn't be mad? Every time I see him, he's busy doing lip exercises with Karin. It's disgusting to watch.





A hot pink convertible pulled up in front of us with Ami in the driver's seat. Ami pulled down her shades and glared at me. "Come on, Karin. Let's go."

"See you around, slut." With that, she shoved me on the ground and hopped into the convertible.





Oh, shit! Was that my phone?

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out Stanley, yes, I named my phone. I slowly opened the case, hoping Stanley was unharmed. I was met with a damaged Blackberry; the screen cracked and small pieces falling off. My baby, he's dead.

That's it. First my hair, then my man, and now Stanley! You just crossed the line; no one messes with my Blackberry. No one.

I growled and stood back up on my feet.

Bitch, this means war.





A/N: It's another story. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I had this idea and I just started typing. I'll try to update soon even though I say it all the time. I'm sorry! I'll really try this time, promise. My Best Friend's Wedding is slowing coming along. I'm still trying to piece together the plotline. As for Heart of Greed, I'm thinking of putting it on hiatus. This story is my top priority for now.