The Product of me reading fanfix and being on you tube at the same time. (lol)

All characters belong to Jenny Nimmo © and the video the play itz based on belongs to FilmCow/Secretagentbob © on youtube (BTW I dnt know who owns youtube but itz definitely not me)

Set after CBatRK/CotRK8

Hey, Charlie. Come look at this," Olivia beckoned Charlie away from Fidelio and Gabriel to look at the audition board.

'What, Liv? I want to go outside, it's boiling in here.'

'Just look,' Olivia pointed to the board.

'What?' Charlie looked at the board. 'WHAT!'

'I know,' said Olivia.

Fidelio dragged Gabriel over to the audition board. 'Hey, guys, what's going on?'

Emma, Olivia and Charlie pointed to the audition board.

'Wow, Charlie. I didn't know you auditioned for that,' said Gabriel, while trying to stifle a laugh.

'That's the thing. I didn't. We're not even allowed to audition for plays. Not as the lead part anyway. There must be some mistake.'

'What, you don't want to be Charlie the Unicorn? I'd kill for that part. I only got the pink one,' Olivia started to sulk.

'Come on, Liv. We'll go to Miss Kate. We'll check if it's a mistake. She probably just put Charlie by mistake,' said Emma, while pulling Olivia along.

'Fine, but it's not a mistake Miss Kate's never got anything wrong. I'm just a rubbish actor, even Charlie is better than me.'

This brought up many loud responses of: 'No, Liv you're a great actor.' 'It's definitely a mistake, Charlie can't act to save his life; your supposed to be there.' 'Yeah, Liv. You're much better than Charlie.'

'Charlie will ruin the whole play,' said Fidelio.

'Oh thanks, Fido. I thought you were my friend,' said Charlie.

'It's true though, Livvie's much better.'

Charlie had to agree, 'I know. Let's go see Miss Kate to change it then.'

The group of five all went to see Miss Kate.

'What? What do you mean it's not a mistake?' replied Charlie. 'I can't act!'

Calm down, Charlie. It's not a mistake because I wanted to have someone called Charlie to play the main character. And seeing as you're the only Charlie I know in Bone's, you'll have to play it. If you've got a problem, take it up with Dr Saltweather or your father, they've both agreed to it.' Sais Miss Kate, 'Now shoo, all of you. I have to finish adapting the script. Also, shouldn't you all be getting to class?'

The five made their way out of the office.

Fidelio started laughing.

'What?' asked Olivia, who was still sulking after she didn't get the main part.

'Charlie's going to have to dress up as a unicorn.'

Everyone thought about this and burst into laughter, though Charlie didn't.

'Ha ha, very funny, guys. This isn't fair I can't act! How do they expect me to act in a play as the main character? I haven't even seen the video on youtube.'

Chillax, Charlie. Me and Fido will have to help. You're going to have to sing too. And, wait a minute. You've never heard of Charlie the Unicorn?' asked Olivia.

'Nope. What is it?'

The whole group gasped.

Only the funniest video online. It's hilarious, if not a little random,' said Gabriel.

The bell went then, to signal the end of lunch.

Everyone singled off into pairs, Charlie went to his class alone. He heard Fidelio and Gabriel's conversation while they walked away.

'Come on Charlie, we found a map to candy mountain,' said Fidelio in a high voice.

'Yeah, Charlie. A map to candy mountain!' replied Gabriel in an equally high voice.

Charlie hoped that what they were saying had nothing to do with Charlie the Unicorn; it was too random for him.

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