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Set after CBatRK/CotRK8

It was Friday night; Charlie had given up on sulking, he looked out at the audience. Everyone was there. His friends and family took up enough of the hall (luckily for him, they were using the smaller hall for their production).

'Nervous?' asked Miss Kate's sing-song voice.

'A little,' replied Charlie, he didn't like his unicorn suit, not because he thought it was girly, but because he had to walk on all fours because of the way it was sewn.

Charlie walked towards Olivia, he automatically regretted it. She was going over her lines in a ridiculously high voice. It didn't seem right.

'Oh, hi Charlie,' Miss Kate started shouting out orders to go on stage. 'Ready?'

'Yes, but could you tell Edwin not to jump on me so hard? He's not that light you know.'

'Fine, let's go,' Olivia pushed Charlie out on to centre stage, where he curled into a ball and pretended to sleep. The curtains raised and the play started.

'Ow gosh, what happened? Ahh they took my lucky hooves.'

Everyone clapped fiercely and Charlie could hear all of his friends laughing. Olivia, Edwin, Kevin (who played the candy man) and Marissa (who played the Leeropleradon) all came out and bowed.

This only made the audience clap louder.

Miss Kate came out of the wings and shooed the actors into the sidelines while she made her bow.

Fidelio came out of the audience and went into the wings to congratulate Charlie and Olivia. The others soon followed.

'Well done, that was brilliant!' shouted Fidelio.

'Thanks!' squeaked Olivia; she still hadn't gone back to her normal voice. She then threw her arms around Fidelio's neck and hugged him.

Fidelio blushed and the rest of his friends came into the wings behind him.

Tancred wolf whistled.

Gabriel shouted, 'Get a room!'

Everyone else laughed as Olivia and Fidelio went further into the wings together.

'Aww, isn't that sweet,' said Emma, her arm linked with Tancred's.

Dagbert felt uncomfortable so he changed the subject, 'Well done Charlie! I didn't know you could sing!'

'That's the thing, he can't!' shouted Billy. 'He only just learnt now!'

Everyone continued laughing.

Charlie just grinned, he was happy now. He didn't have to ever wear his unicorn suit or sing, ever again.

Miss Kate came off the stage and congratulated her 'little actors' as she put it. Olivia and Fidelio came back to the group and Miss Kate called all of her 'little actors away to talk to them.

When they returned, Olivia has extra happy and Charlie looked distraught.

'What's wrong?' asked Tancred.

'Nothing's wrong,' said Olivia. 'It's great!'

'What?' asked Lysander.

Olivia couldn't hold in her joy, 'Miss Kate said that the play was such a success that-'

'We are going to do Charlie the Unicorn two next week,' said Charlie.

So much for never having to sing again, thought Charlie.

Aww, was i too mean to Charlie? Never mind, if he can fight in battles; he can act one more time (tho i won't be writing it up).

Here's the link to the proper Charlie the Unicorn video (in case you've reading this and have no clue about what the video iz about) ((youtube).com)/user/secretagentbob?blend=2&ob=4#p/c/FB4D116D74C7B1B8/18/CsGYh8AacgY

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