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Squalo was standing in the empty dojo where he and Takeshi always came to train, gazing at nowhere in particular, and a glint of frustration in his eyes. The kids had gone back to their own time, which meant that their older versions should have been back to this time; and yet Squalo hadn't received any news from Takeshi. The damn idiot could have at least sent him a message or something, for hell's sake!

Naturally, Squalo had utterly refused to contact him for the simple reason that he didn't want the other swordsman to start thinking he was worried or something similar, and the result now was that two days after the end of the battle against Byakuran, Takeshi was still nowhere to be seen. The Varia of Rain hadn't even bothered looking for the other Guardians' whereabouts because honestly, he didn't care about them the slightest bit. All that mattered to him was that Yamamoto Takeshi wasn't here while he should have been.

Tch, and since when do I care so much about the guy? He's an annoyance.

Squalo lowered his eyes to the wooden floor on which he was standing; that same floor on which he had given up any control and claimed Takeshi's body for the first time. That same floor on which the Guardian of Rain had welcomed his embrace for the first time.

Squalo reached for his left arm – or what was left of it – with his valid hand and bit his lower lip. Even if Takeshi came back here, who knew when they'd be able to spar again? The long-haired swordsman had once severed his own hand willingly, but it wasn't the same as losing an entire arm. He swore mentally at the carelessness that had put him into this situation and a sudden surge of rage swept over him as he remembered how bitter the taste of being defeated was. However, what was really infuriating him was the fact that Takeshi was going to look at him with pity for sure, and he knew he wouldn't be able to stand such a look from him.

He knew that, the moment he would meet Takeshi's gaze on him, he wouldn't be able to control his desire to destroy that condescension and might even be able to kill the man for it. But in order to do that, Takeshi had yet to come here.

Two days. Two fucking days and the bastard still hadn't even given him the slightest sign that he had come back to this time.

Damn it, why do I even bother with you?

At that same moment, a thought crossed his mind: had the Yamamoto brat met up with his younger self already? And if he had, had he been clever enough to listen to his advice? Squalo shook his head, pissed at himself for paying too much attention to something that looked more like a girl's problem. It was better to go back to the manor and see if he could take it out on someone there. Levi, for instance.

As he was about to leave the place, a pair of arms slipping from behind around his waist made him freeze on the spot.


How long had it been since he last felt the warmth of a chest and a beating heart against his back, as long as a hot breath next to his ear followed by words whispered in the most seductive tone possible?

"Did you miss me, Squalo?"

There was only one person capable of arousing so many contradictory feelings in Squalo with mere murmured words within a second; that same person whom Squalo wanted to kill and ravish at the same time.

"Tch, who'd miss you, you bastard?" he snapped back.

The embrace tightened, and a face was buried in the long and silver hair, inhaling Squalo's scent delightfully. The swordsman hadn't moved a single limb. The two men remained motionless for a whole minute, bathed in a complete silence until the familiar voice broke it again:

"Squalo, your arm..." The tone was pained, and it was enough to snatch Squalo out of his stillness. With an abrupt movement, he broke free from the embrace and turned round, glaring at the man who was now facing him.

"Shut up." he said sharply. "My arm's fine."

The moment his grey eyes landed on the other man, his whole body stiffened. There he was, standing in front of him, still dressed with the same black suit and green shirt, the collar open just enough to give a fair outline of the tanned chest hiding underneath, the casual yet elegant stance he was displaying; and that mature face where no trace of youth could be seen anymore, those sharp and dark eyes gazing at him as if to read in him, the scar on his chin which was the proof that it wasn't Yamamoto who was there, but Takeshi.

Laughter filled the place, making Squalo frown. The idiotic Takeshi was laughing.

"Vooii! What's so funny, you scum?" the Varia asked, irritated.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just that I should have expected your reaction." the other replied. Then, looking away, he added with a quieter tone: "I guess I flattered myself too much by thinking that you'd miss me, even a bit. And of course your arm is fine. I'm sorry for worrying about it." he said with a gentle smile.

"Tch, whatever. Did you come all the way here to tell me that?"

Again, Yamamoto laughed.

"Kind of. You know, I was unconscious all the time the battle lasted, so it's as if no time had passed since I last saw you; but when I regain consciousness, for some reason I wanted to come and find you in Italy." he explained. "And if you're here at the dojo, it means you were waiting for me, weren't you?" he then asked innocently.

"You trash, like hell I was!" Squalo retorted as he stepped forward. The next second, his right hand was on Yamamoto's neck and he was glaring at him with all the hatred he managed to gather, which in fact, meant not much.

The Guardian of Rain didn't even resist though he winced at the sudden grip around his neck, but his smile hadn't left his lips. With one hand, he reached for a silver strand of hair and slipped his fingers in it. On the way, his thumb brushed Squalo's cheek – maybe on purpose.

"Squalo... Your opinion of me will never change, will it?" he asked softly.

"You got it damn right." Squalo replied before he pulled the other swordsman to him and pressed their lips together.

The difference between kissing Takeshi and kissing Yamamoto was that the former was used to those fierce and demanding kisses and knew how to deal with them; while Yamamoto had merely let Squalo have his way with him, Takeshi had developed a defence system that allowed him to appease Squalo's hunger for him, simply by matching the movements of his tongue with Squalo's and softening the attacks with his lips. With the passing years, he had also learnt that the Varia of Rain had several weak spots that often proved useful if Takeshi wanted to survive; for instance, he knew that slipping his hand slowly on his neck to his nape always made Squalo shiver though very faintly, but just enough to loosen his possessive lips and allow Takeshi to breathe a bit.

He felt Squalo's arm snaking around his waist to pull him even closer and his mouth started to trail on his jaw up to his earlobe. A moaned escaped the Vongola when Squalo bit on it, making the latter smirk.

"Squalo..." Yamamoto called softly.

"Shut up." the other ordered. It was annoying how neither Takeshi nor his younger version could keep their trap shut; but it always gave Squalo a reason to silence them with forceful kisses, so he wasn't going to complain that much.

His fingers moved to Yamamoto's belt which he unbuckled in a second before slipping his hand inside the loosened trousers and brushing against the other man's crotch.

"Squalo!" Yamamoto hissed at the touch. "So you did... miss me... nghh..."

"Like hell I did." Squalo snapped as he grabbed Yamamoto's member more firmly.

"Glad to hear... aah... that..."

Yamamoto's mouth was sealed once again by Squalo, and this time, the latter didn't give him any opportunity to resist as he was literally eating him with unsuspected greed like a famished carnivore. Even though Yamamoto was used to such rough treatments from the Varia of Rain, he couldn't help but wince when Squalo bit him on his lip and sucked the few drops of blood with obvious delight.

Takeshi's blood... nothing to do with the brat's.

"Still... as addicted to my blood... ahh... as ever, aren't you?"

"Shut up." Squalo repeated, annoyed, as he pulled back and withdrew his hand, to Yamamoto's utmost surprise.

"Squalo, what..."

"What the fuck did you do the past two days?" the other swordsman asked harshly.

The question took Yamamoto off guard and he looked at Squalo with surprised eyes. Then a faint smile graced his lips as he asked back:

"Were you worried about me, by any chance?"

"Answer the damn question!" Squalo snapped violently, but Yamamoto didn't flinch at the tone as he was pretty used to Squalo's fits of anger. Instead, he stepped forward and reached the other man's cheek with his hand, his eyes softening:

"I had to deal with some matters with Tsuna and the others." he replied.

"Tch, whatever." Squalo said dryly. He then slapped Yamamoto's hand away and turned round to leave the place.

Yamamoto watched as the silver-haired swordsman left, puzzled, before he shook his head and sighed. The smile on his lips broadened. That was Squalo all over; impetuous and unpredictable.

And Yamamoto was the only one who knew how to follow the flows of Squalo's temper.

Squalo was lying on his bed, his head resting on his only hand, eyes closed. Despite the appearance, he was pissed. A lot. Because of Takeshi. Why? No reason, really. He was just pissed at him. And at himself too.

He couldn't explain what had stopped him from pinning Takeshi on the floor of the dojo and screwing him on the spot, especially after almost losing his control with Yamamoto in the forest.

It's because I don't give a damn about you.

Of course he didn't. Takeshi was simply a person to spar with and occasionally, a handy partner to release his frustrations on. And since Squalo was in no state to spar at the moment, it made no doubt that Takeshi had already returned to Japan, the bastard.

The sound of a door handle clicking made Squalo open his eyes. Since the curtains were drawn, it was hard to tell who the person at the door was at first glance, but Squalo had been used too much to seeing that tall silhouette and that familiar gait not to recognize the intruder.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you, Squalo." Yamamoto said.

"Tch, you're always disturbing me." came the sharp reply.

"Haha, sorry, sorry."

The sound of Yamamoto's steps stopped not far from the bed but not close either; Squalo hadn't even moved a finger. Silence filled the air for a whole minute during which the Varia had chosen to close his eyes again.

A minute after, he felt the bed sink slightly under the weight of someone sitting on the edge, and fingers brushed his cheek again. Silver eyes snapped open and stared at the smiling face in front of them.

"I'm sorry I didn't came here earlier, Squalo. Let me make up for it." Yamamoto said gently.

"You bastard, you'd better not waste my time or I swear I'll skin you alive." Squalo replied harshly.

"I'll make up for my absence." Yamamoto repeated as he leant forward and pressed his lips against Squalo's.

The latter shrugged mentally; Takeshi had never disappointed him before when it came to please him, but this time, he was going to make sure the damn Vongola would keep his word and make up for not coming to him earlier. He watched as Takeshi swiftly unbuttoned both their shirts and opened them before bending forward again in a new kiss. The contact of their warm skins against each other stirred dormant memories in Squalo's mind, and a swelling wave of sudden desire swept over him; listening to his body only, he grabbed the Guardian of Rain by the collar and roughly pulled him on the side, switching their positions.

Squalo grunted a bit as he didn't have a second arm to support him, so he merely used his right arm and pressed himself against Yamamoto and buried his face in the crook of the younger man's neck. A pair of arms wrapped around him, pulling him even closer.

"Squa...ahh!" the latter gasped as Squalo bit on his neck and started sucking on it ferociously.

As vocal as always, aren't you?

Squalo smirked as he moved his lips back to the other's mouth again. Takeshi had always known how to drive him crazy with each part of his body, from the sweet moans coming from his throat to his fingers which always knew where to touch or his slender legs wrapping around Squalo in a way that increased their pleasure by ten folds. Each part of his body. Of course Takeshi knew how to use them; it was Squalo who had trained him, after all.

He inserted his knee between Yamamoto's legs and pressed it against his crotch, eliciting another gasp from the Guardian of Rain, a gasp which he quickly muffled by shoving his tongue in Yamamoto's mouth. At the same time, Squalo cursed mentally; that damn arm – or lack of – was bothering him to no end as he couldn't pin Yamamoto on the bed properly.

And as if the other swordsman had read his thoughts, he managed to say between two kisses:

"Squalo... let me... take care... of you..."

"Say what?" Squalo snapped sharply, staring at Yamamoto with his piercing eyes.

"I told you I'd make up for my absence, didn't I? So how about you rest and let me take care of the rest?" the other suggested happily.

"What the hell do you mean by rest? I certainly don't..."

"Squalo." Yamamoto interrupted him, and this time, his tone was serious. "You're missing an arm and it'll strain your other arm if I let you do as you wish."

"Vooii! I'm not some kind of china doll, you trash! Who do you think..."

But before Squalo finished his sentence, Yamamoto slipped an arm behind his back and rolled skilfully on the side then placed himself over Squalo so the older male was now lying beneath him again.

"Voi! What the f..."

Once again, he was interrupted as Yamamoto shut him with a quick kiss.

"Trust me." he merely said as he pulled back. Squalo frowned, staring at Yamamoto who was now looking at him with a faint smile on his lips. So Takeshi wanted to handle things by himself, huh? After all, why not?

"Tch, you'd better make it worth my time."

Yamamoto's only answer was to straddle Squalo and open the Varia's shirt wide enough to give him free access to the exposed chest. He leant forward and kissed Squalo's collarbone a first time, then he started trailing his mouth down his chest, enjoying the contact of the warm skin against his lips. He knew exactly which spots were the most sensitive and didn't hesitate to take his time to stimulate those spots; Squalo's irregular breathing was the proof that it was a success.

Yamamoto's hands started wandering around Squalo's belt which he unbuckled before he unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped it slowly. His fingers came directly in contact with Squalo's member – he never wore anything under his trousers – and started stroking it teasingly. His lips travelled a bit more down Squalo's chest to his abdominal muscles and even more down until he brushed against the obvious sign of Squalo's arousal.

"Hurry up, damn it!" the Varia of Rain cursed, making Yamamoto chuckle.

His experience had taught him that an angry shark was the last thing he wanted to face, therefore he complied quickly and took Squalo in his mouth. He heard his tutor hiss at the touch with satisfaction and proceeded with servicing him with a talent that equalled his swordsmanship skills.

Squalo grabbed Yamamoto's head firmly, looking with delectation as the younger male was swallowing him whole and pulling back. At each movement, the hotness building up in him was raised by several folds, driving slowly but surely to his limits. He cursed mentally; Takeshi was the only one who managed to break him loose, no man could achieve such a result but Takeshi, and the times when Squalo wondered how it could be possible were numerous.

As he was wondering about it once again, his mind soon stopped thinking, for the stimulations he was receiving directed all his attention to the Guardian of Rain drinking on him and sending him steadily to the pit of his pleasure. But Squalo didn't want to finish like that. That's why he yanked Yamamoto's head back and ordered between two pants:

"Get serious already. Your mouth isn't enough." he said as he sat up and leant his back against the bed.

"As impatient as ever, Squalo." Yamamoto replied with a chuckle. "But fine. I did say I'd make up for not coming there earlier."

As he was speaking, he sat up with both his knees on either side of Squalo's hips and started undoing his trousers, unaware of the carnivorous and burning gaze on him. Squalo was having a hard time to resist his urge to grab him by the neck and pin him down on the bed to ravish his body like he did countless times before that. Yet, this time he was curious to see how the younger swordsman was going to manage; after so many years, Takeshi knew damn well that Squalo wasn't the kind to enjoy softness and delicacy.

His eyes followed the movements of Yamamoto's hands closely as they pulled down the black trousers to mid-thigh, and his gaze lingered on all the exposed parts of his body. Hunger flashed in Squalo's eyes.


It was the first word that came to his mind at the sight he was offered. Open jacket and shirt loose enough to underline that tanned and well-built torso which was the sign of a daily and balanced training, partly-revealed legs which reflected both strength and agility, and the desire for Squalo emanating from his entire being and enveloping both men in an embrace where restraint found no meaning anymore. Everything in Takeshi embodied perfection. Even that gentle smile that never left his lips, the particular curve of his eyebrows and that kind gaze which meant 'I'll devote myself to you' contributed to the completion of the one human being to have ever succeeded in taming Squalo's fierce temper.

"What are you thinking about, Squalo?" Takeshi asked suddenly.

Not even surprised by the question, Squalo replied with no hesitation:

"You." A predatory smile appeared on his lips, sending a wave of shivers down Yamamoto's spine.

"I'm flattered." the latter replied as he moved his hips forward to position himself correctly. Then, with one hand, he grabbed Squalo's erected member and slowly pushed himself down, wincing a bit at the progressive intrusion. Squalo gritted his teeth as the warmth wrapping around him grew hotter and hotter; how long had it been since the last time he had been inside Takeshi?

Shit. It seems your hibernation didn't make you rusty.

Squalo slipped his one arm around Yamamoto's waist and pulled him against him; through their chests pressed together he could feel the ragged breathing of the Guardian of Rain and the hot breath next to his ear. Yamamoto clutched tightly at Squalo and started moving his hips, slowly at first, then at a quicker pace, filling himself with Squalo at each movement. For the Varia, it was pure ecstasy to feel Yamamoto's inner walls rub against his length, and both of them were soon taken over by successive waves of intense pleasure as one kept impaling himself on the other, joining their bodies in a single being that only followed the flows of their shared desire and longing for each other.

However, Yamamoto knew that this wasn't enough to satisfy Squalo entirely; therefore he increased his pace, making sure to take Squalo in as deeply as he could inside of him at each thrust, and soon the air was filled with erratic breathings, jerky gasps and soft pleas. A bead of sweat fell on Squalo, and as the latter slightly loosened his grip around Yamamoto, he was granted with his favourite sight: a flushed Takeshi with shut eyes, panting heavily and sweat beading at his forehead. And the sounds coming from his mouth only increased Squalo's want for him:

"Squalo...ahh...ahh...Squalo...Squalo..." The words seemed to flow out unconsciously, mere reflection of Yamamoto's sole focus at that moment.

And Squalo was rewarding him for his faithfulness by pouring in him all the frustration accumulated through the weeks when Takeshi was replaced by that idiotic Yamamoto. And Takeshi knew him too well to guess that it was what was happening, for he allowed Squalo to unleash all his lust for him by surrendering completely to the other man's embrace. Seeing the blazing gaze in Squalo's eyes, he understood that what he was giving him was nowhere near enough.

"Squa...lo..." he called once more in a husky voice. "You want to... be on top...ahh...don't you?"

At those words, something snapped inside of Squalo and he grabbed the younger man by the arm to pull him down.

"Damn right." was his only answer. Who cared if he only had one arm left? Such a detail wasn't going to prevent him from ravaging Takeshi's body as he used to do it before. He pinned him down with his hand and in one swift movement, entered him again. The Vongola exhaled in delight at the thrust, but Squalo didn't give him time to take his breath back as he started pounding into him like a voracious beast, eliciting new gasps that he quickly silenced with hungry kisses.

At that moment, he remembered the words he had told the Yamamoto brat. Takeshi's body was very delectable, indeed. It was no longer a teen's body, but that of a full-grown man, and there lay all the difference. Squalo claimed Takeshi restlessly, entering him again and again, completely enthralled by the Guardian of Rain's presence and ignoring the strain on his right arm.

The only thing that mattered was that Takeshi was finally back, and Squalo wasn't going to miss the opportunity. His breathing got louder, matching with the pace of his thrusts, and his eyes couldn't detach themselves from Takeshi; the sharp traits of his face contrasted with the fevered expression he was displaying and though he didn't want to admit it loudly, he couldn't help but find Takeshi more than attractive.

It was on that last thought that he came inside the younger swordsman who followed him right after and he'd later regret the next word he pronounced as he collapsed on him:


The latter slightly turned his head to the side to see a cascade of snowy hair and smiled.

"It's the first time I hear you say my name. I thought you didn't even know it."

"Shut up." Squalo muttered, his face buried in the crook of Yamamoto's neck.

During a few minutes, the only sounds that could be heard were their breathings. Then:

"I actually missed you, Squalo."

"You trash. You were sleeping all the time."

"But when I woke up, my first thought went to you."

"Of course it did. You're mine."

Laughter filled the room.

"I guess you're right." Yamamoto replied casually. "Anyway, did I make up to you?"

"Tch, don't flatter yourself. You didn't make up for even half of it." Squalo snapped back.

"Then shall we continue until you deem my debt paid?"

As Squalo sat up and stared at him, an eerie grin appeared on his face.

"It'll never be paid." he replied as he sealed Yamamoto's mouth with his mouth.

Because I'll never get enough of you.

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