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Twelve months.

She could not remember why she walked in this shit hole of a place.

Fifty-three weeks.

She could not remember why she took a seat at the bar.

Three hundred sixty five days.

She could not remember ordering the strongest shot on the menu and swallowing it without even hesitating. Enjoying the burning sensation she felt as the warm, dark liquid smoothly ran down her throat.

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.

She could not remember her, her eyes, her hands, her lips, she took another drink… and that is the way she wanted it.

One year.

"Give me another." She motioned for the bar tender, while doing a decent job on not slurring her words too awfully bad. The bartender looked suspiciously at the woman who was about to fall right off of her seat. He hesitantly reached under the bar, grabbed another shot glass, that looked relatively clean, and poured her another drink. The woman did not bother with a thank you, as she snatched the glass and quickly downed her drink.

"What are you looking at?" The drunk woman asked the over weight bar tender who could only stare. He opted to remain silent, as he turned and helped another costumer on the other end o the long bar.

"Ass hole." She muttered as she cradled her now empty glass. Her eyes roamed the rather empty bar. There was nothing too note worthy of the bar, a typical long bar table stood just adjacent from the front door, and there were small round tables scattered throughout the small establishment. And there was only about a hand full of people sitting around them; two loud robust men at one, a couple who were not shy about P.D.A., and what she assumed was a man, with a dark hood pulled up over his face.

People are just plain creepy sometimes.

She looked back towards the bar, and was about to request yet another drink to the bar tender when a small glass was placed in front of her by a small, smooth manicured hand. She looked up at the stranger with dark brown eyes, and thick blonde hair. "You looked like you could use another one of those." The stranger said in a smooth voice. The woman's green eyes traveled up and down the blond woman and could not help but like what she saw. The woman was tall and lean, she wore a very short skirt and a tight low cut dark, red top.

The green eyed woman grinned at the stranger, " What makes you think that?" The stranger remained silent, and sat down on the stool.

"So, what is a person like you sitting in a bar…all alone?" The blond woman asked, completely ignoring the question that was directed to her.

"A person like me…just what kind of person am I?" The green eyed woman asked.

The stranger once again did not answer, but scooted closer to the woman, and slowly placed her hand on her leg, and began to gently rub circles with her thumb. "What do you think?"

The green eyed woman looked down at the invading hand, and the bubbling feeling of arousal was washing over her. "Want to get out of here?" The blond smiled and nodded. The green eyed woman reached blindly for her drink and quickly downed it. She was just reaching for her coat when a strong hand grabbed her shoulder roughly and spun her around.

"What the hell do you think you are doing talking to my girl?" A brute of a man demanded. He was tall, and very large. His arms were caked with large muscles, and his skin tight shirt showed off the impressive built the man possessed.

"Your girl?" The green eyed woman asked dumbfounded.

"Brad back off I'm not your girl." The blond said coming up behind the pair.

"You are until I say you aint." He said, and the smell of booze could be detected on his breath.

"Looks like your girl wants nothing to do with you, I guess she just got sick of your horrible vocabulary." The green eyed women spat. "Or could it be that you just aren't living up to her standards."

"That's what you think." And without warning the brute of man thrust his fist forward and made contact with the woman's jaw sending her crashing into a vacant bar stool. With a wicked grin she wiped her bloody lip with the back of her hand.

"Is that the best you got?" And with that she threw a punch of her own, throwing the large man into another drunk seated just behind him., which in turn forced him to spill his drink all over a couple next to him. Before anyone knew what happened a full on bar fight was underway. Punches were being thrown, tables and chairs were being broken and thrown across the room.

With all the commotion going on the green eyed woman did not see the brute of a man once again come at her. "Now, I'll show you what happens when you mess with me." The rough voice spat as he grabbed the woman by the shirt and pushed her up on the bar.

"Hey jack-off!" A voice interrupted from just behind the man, and when the man turned to see who had stopped him, he was met with a violent punch that knocked him to the ground and he did not move. The green eyed woman looked up at the man who she had seen with the black hood covering his face and that had just saved her from a very nasty headache.

"Why am I not surprised to see you here?" She spat with venom dripping from her voice. But before anything else could be said, the green eyed woman emptied her liquid dinner all over the mans shoes, and passed out.


The first thing that was clear to the young woman was that her head hurt…really bad. "Ugh!" She groaned as she forced her eyes open only to have them land on an all too familiar face. "Zeke, what the hell are you smiling at?"

"Just at the thought of how shitty you must be feeling right about now." He said from the end of her bed.

"Ugh, thanks for your sympathy." She said as she attempted to sit up when a wave of nausea overcame her. She settled for just trying to open her eyes, and noticed she was laying in her own bed, surrounded by her things.

"Trust me when I say you have my sympathy when your mom's get a hold of you, but you get none for the way you are feeling at the moment." He explained as he handed her a large glass of water. "What the hell were you thinking Sidney Thropp?" Over the course of the year Zeke and Sidney had become close. In a way he understood what she was going through, and knew some of the demons she was currently facing. In a way, she become like a little sister to him and very protective.

"I was thinking that I could have so taken that guy if you had not of shown up." Sidney answered after taking a generous gulp of her water. "Come to think of it, why were you there in the first place?" Before Zeke could answer a loud BANG was heard coming from below them.

"Careful with that, this is supposed to be a surprise!" A high pitched female voice could be heard coming from downstairs. Without another word both Sidney, carefully got out of bed and with Zeke behind her, they made their way down the long staircase. Even after a year of living in Oz at the palace Sidney still could not believe how big it was. She quickly made her way down the long hallway, and then down the winding staircase. With Zeke right behind her Sidney turned towards the kitchen where all the commotion was coming from.

"No, no, no, the color is all wrong on the far wall, and the cupboards need to be bigger." Sidney heard her mother say as she pushed opened the swinging door.

"Mom, what is all of this?" Sidney asked a little bewildered. What was once a small simple kitchen was now being transformed into something totally different. The farthest wall was knocked out making the room twice as big as it once was, beautiful oak wood cabinets were lining the walls, smooth counter tops were shinning brightly with the brightly lit room and the walls were painted a beautiful, bright, green color.

Glinda Upland turned towards her daughter and gave her a stern look. "Sidney Ann Thropp!" She scolded as she put down the clipboard she was holding and came to stand in front of her daughter. Sidney braced herself for the lecture she was sure was about to come. But what happened next took her by surprise, Glinda threw her arms around her neck and hugged her tightly.

"Um, hi mom." Sidney said.

She could feel her mother let out a slow breath and then pull back from the hug. Without warning Glinda smacked her daughter in the arm.

"Ow!" Sidney exclaimed as she rubbed her arm. "What was that for?"

"Oh don't you dare play dumb with me Sidney!" Glinda bellowed. "Starting a bar fight…do you know how worried I was when Zeke brought you home…unconscious?" Sidney dropped her gaze from her mothers', she could handle her mom being upset or angry with her, but when she heard disappointment in her voice it became almost too much.

Glinda saw Sidney drop her gaze and immediately soften her voice. "I am just glad you are ok." Sidney grinned.

"So, what is with the demolishing of the kitchen?" Sidney asked completely changing the subject, which did not go unnoticed by Glinda.

"Oh well, it is supposed to be a surprise for your mother, our anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something special." Glinda said with a smile. "I mean she is always complaining about how the kitchen needs to be updated, so I am updating."

"Oh yeah she is supposed to be coming home in a few days isn't she, from that conference right?" Zeke asked as he moved out of the way of the busy workers.

"That's the plan." Glinda answered with a smile on her face.

Yeah, I totally lucked out with ma being out of town, lord only knows what she would have done to me if she was here to witness my little rampage. Sidney thought as she slumped down in a near by chair cradling her pounding head. Damn it, why did I think booze was a smart idea? "Ugh." Sidney groaned.

"You look like shit my friend." Zeke said with a small chuckle.

"Yeah well I feel like shit." She replied dryly.

"Hey, hey, hey, watch your mouth. You know I don't like cuss words." Glinda snapped at her daughter.

"Oh please, like every other word out of ma's mouth isn't a cuss word." Sidney said as she laid her head in her hands.

"Now that's not fair, she has been getting better." Glinda defended. All of a sudden a loud CRASH, was heard just down the hall way from the kitchen near the main dinning room.

"Ouch! Son of a bitch! Who is the ass hole that left those god damn boxes in the middle of the fucking hallway?" A clear voice that sounded a lot like Sidney's mother rang out.

Sidney gave her mother a knowing look. "Oh yeah, I can totally tell she has been working on it."

Ignoring her daughter completely Glinda began to panic. "What the hell is she doing here, she isn't supposed to be back until late tomorrow night?"

"Well apparently she is home early." Zeke replied nonchalantly.

"Shut up! Come on, everyone out, she can't know what I'm doing!" The panicky blonde ordered as she literally forced her slow moving daughter up from her sitting position and pushed her out the door.

With Glinda leading the way they quickly made their way into the main dinning room, and when the blue eyed blond set her gaze on a black figure who was bent over picking up the contents of the knocked over boxes that were scattered on the floor, she could not help the full blown smile that came across her face. "Elphie!"

The figure quickly stood up and turned towards the voice that called her name. There, dressed in all black, a pointy black hat, and green skin to match, stood the current ruler of Oz, Elphaba Thropp.

Piercing brown eyes briefly made contact with the blondes but quickly looked away and the brown eyes became darker. Taking the few strides towards her wife, she surprised everyone by walking right passed her and stood in front of her daughter. Sidney looked up towards her mother, and braced herself.

"Ma I'm…" Sidney attempted to apologize after a few seconds of awkward silence.

Elphaba held up her hand to silences her daughter. Sidney stopped mid sentence. The green women opened her mouth as if to say something but nothing came out.

"Please say something, anything!" Because I don't think I can handle the silence anymore. Sidney thought to herself.

A few more seconds went by, "WHAT IN GODS NAME WERE YOU THINKING?"

And here it comes.

"Sidney do you have any idea how disappointed in you I am right now?"

I can imagine.

"Just imagine what a shock I had when I was getting ready to finish up my conference when Izzy, " she screamed, referring to her personal assistant. "Surprised me by showing me my daughters face plastered on the front page of the paper accusing her of starting a bar fight!" Elphaba screamed and shoved a paper into Sidney's hands. "As soon as I saw that I rushed right home."

On the front of the paper was indeed a picture of non-other than Sidney herself throwing some poor drunk on the ground, and the headline read in big bold letters, Young Thropp Packs Quite A Punch.

"Well, at least it is a decent picture." Sidney said after a few agonizing seconds.

"You think this is funny?" Elphaba asked.


"Sidney, you could have gotten seriously hurt, or worse. Do you have any idea how this makes me look? The ruler of Oz can't even keep her own daughter in line let alone all of Oz."

Sidney snapped her head up, "Excuse me? How it makes you look? Are you serious?" Sidney was becoming extremely upset. "That had nothing to do with you. I know it must be a shock but I do not stop and think how every choice I make would affect you."

"Sidney…." Glinda said in a pleaded voice, but was unsuccessful in getting her attention.

"That is not what I am saying and you know it!" Elphaba was not going to back down. "You have been doing one stupid thing after another, what do you think would have happened if Zeke had not been there to help you out?"

"I could have handled…wait how did you know Zeke was there?" Sidney asked, "You haven't been home to talk to mom and it didn't mention anything in the paper." Elphaba remained silent and avoided her daughters eyes. "You had me followed didn't you?" Sidney asked once she realized what all this meant, she hoped with everything she had that her mother would prove her wrong, but when Elphaba did not give an answer Sidney knew that was not the case. "I can't believe this."

"Now Sidney let me explain." The green women asked.

"Oh, I would love to hear how you explain this one ma?" Sidney sarcastically replied.

"You have been out of control, you dropped out of college, you are picking fights, sneaking out of the house at all hours of the night, putting yourself in danger! I was just trying to keep you safe so I asked Zeke to keep an eye on you." Elphaba explained.

Sidney's voice became very low, "I can take care of myself."

"Well apparently you can't." Sidney remained silent, and looked down. Elphaba soften her tone when she saw her daughter struggling to keep it together. "Look, I know you are still upset over Emily, but that is no reason to put your own life in danger." Sidney locked eyes with her mother, she became deathly quiet.

"Welcome home ma." And with that the youngest Thropp turned and headed out the palace. Zeke looked towards Sidney and then back to Elphaba, who cocked her head towards her daughter and Zeke immediately followed.

"Stubborn child…" Elphaba shook her head and caught her wife's eye. "What?" the green woman asked when Glinda crossed her arms and gave her a knowing look.

"Was that really necessary?" The blond asked.

"Your kidding right, she is completely out of control. Sneaking out of the house at all hours of the night, disappearing for days at a time, and now starting fights, she is just…"



The blond unfolded her arms and soften her gaze, "Elphie, do you have any idea what yesterday was?"

"Um, Saturday?"

"Yesterday was one year, you know since Emily." Glinda could literally see the realization cross over her wife's face.

"Damn it." Elphaba ran her long fingers through her thick brown hair, which now possessed streaks of grey. Glinda wrapped her arms around Elphaba.

"You and I both know what she is going through better than anyone."

The green women's eyes glossed over with complete sadness, she did know what her daughter was going through, both the anger and the pain…so why do I keep pushing her? "I guess I was maybe a little too insensitive." Elphaba finally admitted.

The blond smiled, "You love her, you were worried about her, I would not expect anything else."

Elphaba grinned at her wife, she was absolutely breathtaking, even with her thick blond hair pulled up into a messy bun, and wearing old faded jeans with a rip near her upper thigh, and loosely fitting green shirt. Her "play" clothes as Glinda liked to call them, because she only wore them when she was doing one of her projects, and because Elphaba cannot seem to keep her hands off of her when she wears them.

"I do not think I have properly said hello to you since I have been home have I?" Elphaba joked, as she brought her strong arms around Glinda's slim waist.

A sweet smile came over the blond, "Mmm, I don't believe so." With that, Elphaba slowly leaned in and touched her lips to Glinda's. At first the kiss was soft and gentle, but that soon was not enough when the blond let out a low moan. Soon both tongues were battling for entrance, green hands made their way down to slim hips, and just when Glinda thought she couldn't stand any longer Elphaba pulled away.

"Hi." Elphaba said sweetly, with her wife's eyes still closed.

"Hi back." Glinda managed to croak out, and her blue eyes managed to open after a few seconds and a big smile was plastered on her face.

A few seconds went by before Elphaba broke the silence. "So, what is with all the boxes in the middle of the hall with all the kitchen stuff?"

A hot flash suddenly made its way up to Glinda's face, crap! "Um, well you see the kitchen had…um, bugs! And I hired people to get rid of them, and they just packed everything up into boxes."

Elphaba squinted her eyes slightly and gave her wife a small grin, "Bugs huh?"

"Yup…big bugs." Glinda explained. Glinda was rather impressed how believable the fib actually was, because even if her wife did not believe her, she knew Elphaba was deathly afraid of bugs and would not run the risk of stumbling on them.

The green witch smiled and slowly began to close the space between them once again. "Well in that case, I think we should head upstairs so you can protect me." The green witch seductively said, she could feel the goose bumps begin to form on the blonds arms as she ran her long, smooth hands up and down the perfect skin. "Because you know how much I hate bugs." Elphaba gently took her wife's earlobe into her mouth, sending a shock wave right to Glinda's center. A deep, throaty moan escaped the blonds mouth, and just when she was about to literally, drag her wife to their bedroom, a loud cough interrupted her plans.

The two, out of breath women separated quickly, each a little irritated at the interruption "Excuse me Miss, but Mr. and Mrs. Upland are here." Said a rather embarrassed guard, with bright red cheeks. Damn it! Glinda thought, while Elphaba , who felt a little humiliated, grinned. "What's so funny?" Glinda asked, she was pissed that she had not seen her wife in over a week and now they can't even get a little peace and quiet.

"Nothing…I just thought it a little ironic that at that exact moment your parents would show up." With that Elphaba linked arms with Glinda and began walking out of the room, thanking the still flushed guard.

"You know, if I knew attempting to rebuild my relationship with my parents would mean all the interruptions I might have reconsidered." Glinda said only partly joking. Truth be told the only reason Glinda agreed to let her parents back into her life was at the request of Elphaba, and her constant nagging on how Sidney should get to know her grandparents. But Glinda always knew it was Elphaba's guilt talking, she still feels guilty for being the cause of the separation between Glinda and her parents.


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