Harry was sitting in his hospital bed alone and depressed, Cedric was dead, the young man had been very helpful to Harry after the second task claiming that if they had been able to help each other with spells and anything that they had needed they would be in a better position for the third task and if it wasn't in direct competition with each other they would help each other as much as they could, that was why Harry had made Cedric take the cup with him because Cedric had looked out for him and now it was Harry's fault that he was dead.

Harry, Viktor and Fleur had been invited to Cedric's funeral which was going to be the next day on Hogwarts grounds with his parents and his girlfriend Cho, Harry was really not looking forward to the funeral simply because he felt terrible for the Diggory's and he didn't feel like he belonged at their son's funeral however Albus had told him it was best for him to attend and show respect for his fellow champion as it would look worse if he didn't turn out for the occasion.

Then the door to the infirmary opened and Harry was surprised to see Fleur Delacour walk in, the young French champion had been very dismissive of Harry at the start of the tournament but after the first task and everyone realised that Harry wasn't a joke she had warmed up to the young wizard slightly as they had spent some time talking to each other at the Yule ball and had gotten closer after Harry had saved Gabrielle from the water and the grindylows as with Gabrielle being part veela the water drained her fire magic and she was weaker and could of died as could Fleur.

"Hello Harry," she said with a French accent to her words "you look how the English say ... crap."

Harry couldn't help chuckle at the comment, he knew that the French beauty had been trying to make him laugh and for the life of him could not deny her a smile when she tried. He knew that he wasn't under her allure as she had told him that he wasn't affected by it and therefore he had to have been charmed by her personality.

"Thanks Fleur," he said "you do wonders for my self esteem,"

"It is no problem Harry," she said and then sat down at the edge of Harry's bed "are you coming to the funeral with Mr and Mrs Diggory tomorrow?"

"Yes," Harry said "professor Dumbledore said it would send the wrong type of message if I didn't go as he was a fellow champion."

Fleur secretly thought that was blackmail with the fact the headmaster would surely have known Harry wouldn't have wanted to go to the funeral like she didn't want to but if she was going out of respect for the brave wizard where as it sounded like Harry had been forced into going.

"I will be there also Harry," she said "but that is not why I came to speak to you, I came to speak to you about the third task and you saying that Lord Voldemort had returned."

Harry was impressed that the young witch had said the dark lord' name but however that turned into anger as she made it sound like he had made it up like many people had done.

"So you have come to look at the freak show is that it Fleur?" he spat "I thought you were different because you told me that as you where a veela you were treated differently you would know how I felt when things like this happen and the media turns on me as do Hogwarts but I guess I was wrong."

Fleur knew that the young man was hurt as if it was someone that hadn't just seen someone they knew die she would have been angry at being spoken to in such a way however she knew that if she could be helpful to Harry by letting him rant at her then she would let him do it.

"Are you done?" she asked him when he had gone quiet to which he nodded "good, I am not saying I don't believe you Harry just the opposite I do believe you when you said that Lord Voldemort it back, I was coming to tell you that I was standing with you in the war and that I wasn't going to let the fact that I live in France and you live in England stand in the way of that."

"How are you going to do that?" Harry asked her

"Professor Dumbledore has offered me and Viktor the chance to be joint defence against the dark arts professors," Fleur said "and he is giving you a choice of you can either have Viktor stay at your home during the summer or me stay at your home during the summer to go over spells and such."

Harry's mind drifted to privet drive and really he didn't want Fleur or Viktor there but he knew that Hermione had been talking about visiting Viktor in the summer.

"Well Hermione is visiting Viktor," Harry said "but you don't have to stay with me if you don't want to Fleur don't feel like you have to."

"I don't Harry," Fleur said "not only would it give me more time to spend with my friend but also I can help you fight Voldemort because if I am with you it is possible for you to use magic cause I can remove the tracking charm from your wand."

"Really?" Harry said

"Yes," Fleur said "but we will have to wait until we go to your home for me to do it,"

Then Harry yawned loudly and Fleur looked at her watch

"It is 3am Harry," she said "you best go to sleep,"

"Yeah night Fleur," he said

Then she leant across and kissed him on the forehead and said

"Dormir le prince bien doux" and then turned and left the hospital wing.

The next morning Harry woke up with Albus waiting on him

"Good morning, Harry," he said "I feared you would miss the funeral,"

After Madam Pomfrey ran tests on Harry, Dumbledore took Harry from the hospital wing and down into the grounds of the school where the rest of the congregation stood and Harry quickly stood by Fleur and Viktor, when Fleur saw him she kissed him on the cheek and Viktor clapped him on the back in an assuring way, since the third task the bond between the champions had grown they were now in a war together against Voldemort and they were all together in it.

The funeral was a good service and soon it was time for everyone to get the train home.

"Me and Viktor are getting the train with you," Fleur said "Albus had one of the house-elves get your clothes for you,"

"I will have to thank him for that" Harry said as they walked down to the train together.

Harry walked into a compartment and sat down and Fleur closed the door and locked the door as she could see that Harry was very tired and was falling asleep. Fleur then sat down next to Harry and fell asleep as well.