"So," Daemon said "perhaps it would be best for us to go to see Vernon and Petunia and get your things?" Harry froze at this, he knew that Daemon and Petunia would have probably have to have met in their life times and it was not something that Harry was looking forward to when his uncle would see how he had been treated. Fleur on the other hand could not wait for this to happen, the fact that harry had other family that he could stay with meant that the Dursleys could be punished for what they had done to Harry over the years.

After all the fact that Daemon and Rebecca had been able to look after Harry but the fact that they didn't know where they were. Also Fleur knew that as soon as they saw the way in which Harry had been treated and lived at the Dursley house would not be something that would be received well by Daemon and Rebecca. However Harry was happy with the fact that he had cousins and that he had family that cared for him and that he could care for rather than the Dursleys that he didn't really care for at all.

They agreed that Harry, Fleur and Daemon would go and get Harry's things as opposed to Rebecca coming as well as it would not do well if Rebecca had killed Petunia which she had said that she would do repeatedly as Harry had gone over what had happened in his childhood.

Fleur apparated on her own and Daemon apparated with Harry as Damon could remember the street but not the house number with the charms that they had put on Harry's room so with Harry apparating with him he would be able to find the house easier.

"Are you ready for this?" Daemon asked his nephew

"Yeah just try and keep your cool." Harry said "I only just got you back I don't want to lose you again."

They walked over as Fleur followed them and Harry knocked on the door.

"How did you get out boy?" Vernon said when he opened the door and saw Harry standing there even though he was ignoring the large form of Daemon and grabbed at Harry only to come face to face with Daemon Potter.

"I wouldn't even think about it you fat piece of shit." Daemon said in a deadly slow tone.

"Who are you?" Vernon said decidedly taking a step back from the tall man.

"Daemon Potter," he said with a look of contempt at Vernon "we are here to get Harry's things and he is leaving here."

"Oh no he isn't," Vernon said "one of those freaks turned up last year and said that Harry had to stay here and that no one could take him away from us we are his blood relatives."

"You are a fat shit excuse of a guardian," Daemon said "and I am James Potter's brother you a muggle married to Lily's sister I have much more rights than you in our world."

Then there was a pop behind them and minister Fudge appeared behind them.

"Ah Harry, you are home." The minister said and then he didn't have enough reaction time for what happened next. Daemon who had been told everything that Fudge had done, the blocking of Lily and James' will , now it seemed like he had been doing more than that and had been working with the Dursleys to keep harry abused for some reason. He then turned and swung his right hand and caught the minister in the side of the head knocking him back onto his back.

"Wow," Harry remarked and then pointed his wand at his uncle "let me in to get my things or I am coming in anyway regardless."

Vernon seemed to be considering what Harry was saying and then he realised that the man Harry was with just punched the minister of magic or whatever the freak had called himself and decided that it would be better for himself if he did what Harry said so he stepped aside.

"How dare you," Fudge said "I will have you sent to Azkaban for this,"

"When I tell everyone what you have done you will be in Azkaban before me," Daemon said "blocking the Potter will, sending Harry here."

"How do you know this?" Fudge said worried that his secrets had been revealed,

"I am Daemon Potter," he growled out and Fudge knew that he was screwed, he had started plans to destroy the image of the Potter family, hell members of the ministry were working on it now, the fact that a Potter which was known for not being pushed around would not help Fudge. How could he call the boy crazy when a wizard as powerful as Dumbledore and Daemon backing him, Daemon was Dumbledore's apprentice for god's sake even though the old man had no intention of taking the minister job from Fudge Daemon would have no problem in doing so and he would probably be voted in as well.

Fudge had been able to stay in office because he had been able to work with the right or wrong people depending on your specific preference, he had been able to dirty the names of the people who stood up to him or tried to depose him from his office, it was a little known secret that he had turned the Potter house in Godric's hollow into a tourist attraction for foreigners and that he had supporters of him put up wards so that the Potter's wouldn't find out.

Now Daemon had turned up it wasn't good for the Fudge administration because he had someone that would protect Harry and would be able to depose him and there was nothing he could use as a weapon against Dumbledore's apprentice.

Harry came down stairs 5 minutes later and looked down at fudge with a slight smirk on his face as knew that Daemon would have ended up hitting the minister if he turned up and Harry was glad to see that his uncle hadn't disappointed him with the reaction.

"We know that you have the will," Harry said glaring down at the minister who looked up in fear at the two Potter men.

"I ... well," Fudge stammered

"Don't worry," Harry said "we won't deal with you now, there are too many witnesses minister, no we will deal with you on our own terms and time but it will be embarrassing first and then deadly but we will deal with you." Then the two Potter men and Fleur apparated away and missed the minister's reaction to their threat as he pissed himself with fear before apparated himself away from the household. As soon as Fudge was gone Daemon and Harry appeared back on the front garden, Daemon had correctly predicted that whoever wanted Harry weakened would have placed wards on the house when it was time for him to leave completely.

"Now," Harry said once Daemon had blasted the door of the house off of it's hinges. "let's try this again."