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Chapter One: Too different.

The rain fell heavily onto the orange haired man, dripping down his hair and unto his shirt. But he wasn't concerned, his attention has affixed on the orange haired women crying into his chest.

It was for the best, he was one of them, and she was one of them. They were too distinct. Any fatal attempts at keeping this relationship together would only end in more pain for her. He had to do this.

"I love you…Orihime," Ichigo soothed, "but I can't I'm sorry."

The girl didn't respond and continued crying. He stared unto her head, slowly letting go of her, gently pushed her away, and opened a portal to his home. The further away she was from him, the better.

The orange haired man sighed as he lay deeper into the sands of Hueco Mundo.

"God damn…why do I have to come this far for those idiots to leave me alone." The Vasto Lorde moaned.

Ichigo was one of the few to reach such a level of power; his appearance itself shivered the bones of other hollow. His long horns extended frontward, attach hazily to his skull, his long orange hair dipped down to his waist, and two lines of black shot down his forehead, through his eyes and to his jaw line. A strange marking was in scripted around his hollow hole, and red fur covered his wrists. He held a blade in a beaten down golden sheath, out of all the Vasto Lorde, he was the only one with a sword.

Ichigo froze when he heard two noises coming from behind him.

"Shi-!" Ichigo cursed.

"Ahh, Kurosaki, ran when you caught sight of me eh?" The long haired man started.

"You bastard! Don't think it's over!" The blue haired added.

"What is wrong with you two…" Ichigo started, "Grimmjow, Nnoitra."

He stared at his two fellow Vasto Lorde, Grimmjow was plated fully in hollow armour, including his tail, his mask covering all this head, hair emerging from the top, the mask rounded and narrowed when going down his face, with its teeth coming from the very sides of his head to the front, meeting with each other. Ichigo always knew Grimmjow resembled a Jaguar, but he had no idea what Nnoitra was supposed to be. A mantas grim reaper devil of doom? His horns shot straight up, his head was long and his body skinny, his teeth formed a smile, and his hair covered the base of the horns. His arms had long scythe like blades shooting out of the back of them, each being long enough to reach just above his neck. His legs were skinny and light, and had ferocious claws at their end.

"What is wrong with us? The hell is up with you, you're a hollow, a beast, and a beast that doesn't fight has no reason to live." Nnoitra spat.

"You say I don't fight, when I just kicked your ass an hour ago." Ichigo countered.

Nnoitra roared and pointed at Ichigo, "That was a fluke! You got a head start anyway!"

"It doesn't matter remember? Were beasts." Ichigo smirked.

"Whatever! Draw your blade Ichigo!" Grimmjow ordered.

"Hell no Grimmjow, you're pathetic! Weak! You don't deserve to even fight with a Gillian!" Nnoitra announced.

"What did you say you horned Mantas?" Grimmjow said.

"You wanna fight? Is that it?" Nnoitra yelled.

Grimmjow spat at the ground, "You bastard! I'll show you what being a Vasto Lorde is all about!"

Ichigo saw the chance and dashed away, far away. And calmly hid his reatisu, thank god that was over.

"Ityyyyyyyyyyyyyyygo!" A voice called.

"No….way." Ichigo denied, his face being smashed.

He stared at the child drooling on his face. A wide smile plastered on her face.

"Damit Nel! Can't you just greet me normally for once?" Ichigo asked.

Tears emerged from her eyes, "Itsygo you'r so mean! Nel sway hi tu you and you yell ats Nel!"

Ichigo hushed her while rapidly glancing around, "Okay Okay, I'm sorry just stop crying! It was nice of you to say hi, really!"


"Really really."

A smile spread on Nel's face as she let out a laugh, "Thwen lets me ride your back!"

Ichigo walked around Las Noches, constantly hearing snickers and laughs directed at him. He can't believe he was actually carrying this kid around.

"Fwaster!" Nel commanded.

"Yeah yeah…." Ichigo sighed; all he wanted was some sleep. People saw he was exactly like his trainer, strong, and incredibly lazy.

Then he felt it, that reatisu, the one belonging to that damned man. The man who crushed all his dreams and hopes before he was born. He groaned and turned around. To a brown haired man in white smiling at him. He hated it, the way he smiled; it told you that you were only alive because he was allowing it.

"Good to see you, Ichigo." Aizen greeted.

"What do you want?" Ichigo asked, "Father?"

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