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Chapter Five: Retrieval

He let himself slide down the wall, his shaggy hair veiling the emotions of pain across his face. His two comrades came along to him, hoping to pull him out of his depressed status.

"Hey, the hell you acting like that for?" The first one spat.

The other blue haired one followed, "Don't be such a little shit! Feeling sorry for yourself isn't gonna fix anything!"

The tall one was about to follow up on suit, until a soft hand held him on his shoulder. The hollow turned around to the green haired Espada. Who simply shook her head at the two of them, bringing them with her, allowing the orange haired man to console within himself.

He tried to swallow all the facts that appeared before him. He reviewed them over and over in his head. Las Noches was in a horrible condition. He can no longer see the love of his life, if he knows what's good for her. And his mother was dead. The hollow swallowed hard, repeating that last one in his head.

His mother was dead.

He cringed; emotions mixing and conflicting violently. He didn't know whether to be outraged and storm into Soul Society, or to be overwhelmed by the guilt since it was his fault. He cringed again.

It was his fault.

No! It was his damned father's fault. Everything that man did lead to more and more destruction, more and more pain that he had to deal with.

Clamping his teeth he threw his head back colliding with the wall. He wanted to blame him. But he couldn't. He knew there was only one person to blame.


The strong reatisu flowed over him; he didn't as much as flinch. As the footsteps came to a halt in front of him, he raised his head to the man he wanted to blame. The man he couldn't blame.

"Your mother is the reason she's alive." The high lord spoke.

Ichigo didn't catch on, "What do you mean?"

"You don't find it strange? Normally they would have an hour long hearing when choosing to sacrifice someone with great importance. However, this time they did not."

"And so? We already know those corrupt bastards."

"They already had the hearing beforehand, where they discussed her will. Her wishes were granted." Aizen informed, "One of them being, the forgiving of you and her."

Ichigo didn't need to ask who he meant by 'her', his father looked as if he wanted to puke whenever the subject changed in her direction.

"If she didn't plead for you two, both of you would be dead." The brown haired man finished.

"Interracial breeding right? That's what they would've charged us with." Ichigo inferred.

The high-lord didn't show any emotion, "There's a reason they haven't told you about the charge at the court, they want you to continue, so they can charge you. And hurt us further."

The vasto lorde asked himself if his father would really be hurt in any way by his own death, "I'm not going to lose you as well, within 24 hours that woman will be non-existent to us."

Turning away, he walked down the hallway, continuing, "End everything within that time, and after that, if I ever send you anywhere near her again, it'll be to kill her."

Ichigo let his head dip down again, rage boiling inside of him. This was for the better, he assured himself. This way, he wouldn't lose another person close to him. He clenched his fist; none of this would have happened if he was human. None of this would have happened if she didn't exist. He dipped lower. But he wanted her to exist. His life seemed to have purpose because of her. Does he love her even more then he loved his mother?

He clamped his fist so tight blood drew out of the palm.

He disgusted himself.

Chaos rampaged across Soul Society, squads preparing for the impending attacks. From what the reconnaissance squads discovered, there were only four individuals. But all with overwhelming reatisu, outdoing that of Captains. Although, they didn't seem to know what they were. They looked Shinigami, but wore strange white robes and had an awkward feeling in their reatisu.

"There is no doubt that this is a movement by Las Noches," The Captain Commander announced, "All Captains are to be at their posts, full war-time usage of Zanpakuto's are granted."

"But sir, the report on their appearance and their strange reatisu, is it possible that they really are…" Captain Ukitake inferred.

The Commander nodded, "They are deemed to be Arrancars."

"B-but sir, the Hōgyoku was stolen only a few days ago, is it possible that Aizen…?" The captain added.

The Captain Commander nodded again at him, "It seems so."

"R-Rukia!" Orihime stuttered.

"Don't worry, the Captains will take care of this." Rukia assured.

"It's not that!" Orihime pleaded, "That reatisu…it's…"

Rukia analyzed the worried expression on her friends face, "Don't worry, I'm sure they won't kill him."

"It's not that either! The Espada are strong…the Captains won't last against them," Orihime told, "Plus, there's something strange about their reatisu."

Rukia couldn't say anything, she wanted to tell her friend she was wrong but from the reatisu she was feeling…that would be a lie.

"Heh, I feel some nice reatisu's here…" Nnoitra sensed, "but nothing that'll be fun."

"Watch out Nnoitra, you might get killed if you're not careful." Grimmjow laughed.

Nnoitra grunted at him, "Don't get cocky cause' of yer new rank Grimmjow, I can still kill your ass."

"Like hell." Grimmjow countered.

A fight was about to break between the two, but Ichigo cut them both off.

"We are here to fight Shinigami, if you want to fight anyone, fight them."

Both the Hollow's let out a 'humph' and ended their conflict. Ichigo continued with orders, "Grimmjow, head into the northern district, Nnoitra, you go to the southern. Ulquiorra will stir up the guard. I'll carry on with the mission."

The newborn Arrancar's muttered an acceptance, and head off to their assigned district. Ichigo remained on top of the hill, feeling the reatisu of all the different individuals present here. But his attention was locked only on one.

She doesn't exist to me…

Nnoitra gleefully struck his scythe around, taking down anyone in sight.

"This is stupid; no one here has any fuckin' strength!" He roared.

"What's this?" A voice from behind him called, although it sounded like a statement much more than a question.

The mantas turned around to a spiky haired Shinigami. Bells at the end of his hair ringing from the soft wind. Nnoitra took a good look at him, and noticed his distinct uniform.

"Heh, you're a Captain eh?" Nnoitra asked.

"Kenpachi Zaraki, Captain of the 11th court guard squad." He announced.

"Nnoitra Jiruga," The hollow started, thrusting at his enemy, "Quinto Espada."

Crashing his blade down upon Zaraki's, the ground underneath his feet crumbling into dust. The mantis's blade continued to press down, as he stuck out his tongue and fired a Cero at the Captain.

Managing to dodge, Zaraki jumped back. Regaining his stance while staring at the hollow, the white clothed creature was wiping the dust off his shoulder.

"You better go all out," Nnoitra started, "I might kill ya' by accident."

"I told you I'd be back!" Grimmjow roared, sending a kick to the lieutenant.

The force threw Matsumoto back, she painfully returned to standing, blood leaking onto the floor. Grimmjow wasn't prepared to end it there; he sent another kick in her direction, making direct contact with her stomach. The woman chocked out blood, once again finding herself thrown onto the floor.

"I'm done screwing around…" The Arrancar announced, drawing his blade.

But he wasn't able to finish drawing it, as ice materialized on his sheath. He turned his head to the young captain, his Shikai released, and blade ready.

"Who's the little squirt?"

"Run! We got no chance!" An injured Shinigami yelled, sprinting frantically.

His companions watched him run away and followed in suit, creating distance between them and the pale skinned entity. But stopped when another appeared before them.

"C-captain Ukitake!" Several of them exclaimed, returning to their position.

"It's alright, retreat from here, this is too dangerous for you," He commanded, the Shinigami focusing on him which a strange expression, "Now!"

Deciding it was for the best, they ran. Leaving the two powerful individuals to each other. Both of their reatisu's was calmed, barely escaping the bodies of their owners. Yet, enough was released for them to get a firmly analyze the other.

"You're a Captain." Ulquiorra stated, remaining emotionless.

"And you're an Arrancar." Ukitake returned in suit, "As are the others who came with you."

The Hollow didn't respond, just used those green orbs to stare deeper unto the Captain, "I sense that the one I fought in Karakura town is here as well."

"He's probably raised in the ranks of Espada now that he's become an Arrancar, correct?" Ukitake asked.


Ukitake was taken off guard, "He hasn't? So he's still the Septima Espada then?"

"Incorrect." Ulquiorra repeated, "The Hollow you faced, Kurosaki Ichigo, is no longer part of the Espada, he was dispatched after his transformation into an Arrancar."

The Shinigami's eyes opened with shock, "How strong…are the new Espada?"

The black haired man drew his blade, his gaze affixed, "You are about to find out."

Ichigo walked his way deeper into Soul Society, the gray walls being the only structures in his sight. There weren't any Shinigami stationed here either, which made it the perfect place for this mission. Continuing towards his destination he realized he was drawing closer to her. Letting out a sharp blast of breath he repeated the statement inside his head.

She doesn't exist to me.

His train of thought was abruptly disturbed shortly after, as he raised his hand to stop the blade headed towards him in its path. Looking at the assaulter, he recognized him as a Captain immediately. His black hair wavering from the sudden block.

"Quite a stealthy strike," Ichigo praised, "But nothing I couldn't see through."

The man ignored him and fled to a safe distance, standing his blade vertically parallel to his spine, "Scatter, Senbonzakura."

The pink matter filled the skies, motioning their way to Ichigo. The Hollow simply grunted and released a wave of reatisu, which caused the blade to rematerialize.

"Impossible…" Byakuya whispered. This couldn't be, after he releases his blade the only possible way to avoid the attack was for each single petal to be struck down, which requires a massive amount of reatisu. By just letting out a simple wave, his reatisu should have to be extraordinary to cause his Shikai to fail.

"Another nice attempt, but again, nothing I couldn't see through." Ichigo claimed.

The Captain grunted, turning over his blade and dispatching the hilt, "Bankai."

"Only the sixth…and so strong…" Hitsugaya gasped, blood trickling out of his clothing.

"Friggin pathetic," Grimmjow spat, kicking the injured Shinigami, "not even worth killing."

Byakuya dropped to the ground, he couldn't believe it. Just in moments that thing shot right through his Bankai. How could he possibly be that powerful? He looked up and was taken in surprise, the Hollow was walking away from him, as if he was never there. The pain pulsed through his veins. He had lost the capability to move his body.

"Sōten Kisshun, I reject!" A chant came from behind him. Soon, a soothing feeling covered him, and the pain was steadily reduced. Turning his head the orange haired helper came into sight, beats of sweat were rolling down her forehead from concentration.

Right at that very moment, Ichigo's footsteps came to a halt. He pivoted backwards and started towards the two. His eyes locked on something.

Orihime froze with terror, was he really going to kill Byakuya? Or…would be try to kill her? She swallowed deeply, returning the action Ichigo was sending her. A dead stare into her eyes. Would killing her make him feel better? Would it relieve him somewhat? If it would even lighten Ichigo's heart in the slightest, she would die happily. She caused so much pain to him, it was the price she had to pay. The Hollow was mere feet away from her now, continuing at his pace without any signs of stopping. Orihime closed her eyes waiting for some sort of pain to strike through her, but the footsteps coming from in front of her, passed right by her.

The woman turned her gaze to him, and managed to make out two additional figures past him. She recognized them after a moment. They were both Captains.

"Ahh! Long time no see Kurosaki-san!" Gin greeted, who was standing beside Tosen.

Ichigo nodded, "We have no time to waste, and I rather not risk losing you two, you are rather important in my father's…plan." The Arrancar stated, opening a portal beside the group.

They sunk into the essence of the portal, the gate shutting behind them.

Orihime took a while to absorb what had just happened before her eyes.


Nnoitra laughed at the bloody mess in front of him, "You're a good fight!"

The other crazed fighter, who was covered in scars and blood, was returning the gesture, "You're not so bad yourself."

"I'd love to continue, but I gotta ditch," Nnoitra smiled, stepping into the darkness, "till next time."

Grimmjow tightened his grip around the lieutenant's neck, saliva dripping out of her mouth. Halfway to killing her, he released her, causing her to collide with the ground, "Not even worth killing."

He gave the two on the ground a last look, before following his friends 'home.

Aizen sat at the table observing different reconnaissance papers, scrolling through them speedily.

"You did it didn't you?" His son asked, leaning on the wall.

Aizen shifted his gaze to him, and gave him a small affectionate smile. Which remained unrequited, the only thing being sent back was a cold stare.

"You got rid of an existence."


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