A/n: This is the first crossover fan fiction I have done with TV shows, so please bear that in mind as you read. This story takes place after the most recent episode Rule 51.

Law and Order:SVU and NCIS


Chapter 1: A Violation and

One night in late July, Abby Sciuto was walking back to the hotel she was staying at while vacationing in New York. It was a rainy and humid night, and the young forensic investigator was tired after a long day of shopping at Gothic specialty and toy stores in the greater metropolitan area. As she drew closer to the safety of the Best Western Hospitality House, the young woman thought she heard someone following her and quickly turned around.

The 30-something man that had been following her quickly ducked into an alleyway to avoid being seen by her. His jaw-length strawberry blonde hair bounced as he moved quickly and his brown eyes watched what the young woman would do as she took in her surroundings. Hopefully, she hadn't caught sight of him.

Not having seen him, the raven-haired Goth sighed and shook her head, muttering to herself as she turned back around, "New York City always makes you so jumpy, Abby. Get a grip." Checking behind her once more before leaving the area, she resumed her course to the hotel.

The 37-year-old man, Colin Jones (random name I chose...any resemblance to a real name or person is purely coincidental and not the fault of the authoress. ;) ), who had been watching her for a while now, left the alleyway. He ran as quickly as he could to catch up to Abby, yet still tried to remain out of sight. It wouldn't do him any good if the object of his desire caught him. As he saw her unlocking the door to the room she was sleeping in, he quickly ran up behind her and tackled her, forcing the door open and knocking her to the floor of the room.

Giving a startled scream, Abby fell over, then quickly scrambled to her feet, panting. When she saw this strange man, she glared confusingly at him and asked, "Who are you? What do you want from me?" She guessed he had been watching for a while and just waiting for the right moment to confront her.

The former Marine (who had received a bad conduct discharge) pulled out a pistol and told the girl, "I came to you for one thing and one thing only sweet cheeks, and I'm gonna get it. You hear me?" He pulled the trigger on the weapon, shooting the NCIS worker in her left shoulder. His brown eyes shone with animal-like lust and he gave a playful smirk as he grabbed her wrist to hold her still.

Abby winced in pain and clutched her shoulder, inferring what he wanted by the way he was looking at her. Pulling herself free of his grasp, she replied, "No! I won't do that with you! Don't come near me!" She scooted back on the floor then stood, walking towards the phone to try and call for help.

Colin shot her again in the ankle once he realized what she was doing. He wasn't going to be stopped. He was full of need and she was the only woman around right now who could fulfill it. Roling his sleeve up and after a moment, he said, "No. I'll do what I want, and you won't stop me." He took a utility knife from his pocket, one that he had acquired from a former employer, and began to cut off her clothing.

Abby struggled against him, trying to keep some of her new clothing intact. She got a small cut on her upper arm for her struggle. She finally managed to pull away from him before he did anything to her, as he was removing his own clothing. She crawled over to the other side of the room, because of the gunshot wounds on her ankle, took the phone from the wall and dialed Tony DiNozzo's cell phone. He had come with her at the request of Lead Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. As it rang, she grew more anxious, noticing that the blonde man was moving toward her again.

Tony picked up his ringing cell phone and answered, "Yeah?"

Abby responded, "Tony, I need you back in the room. Now!" She tried to control the amount of panic in her voice, but she was in so much pain and afraid of what would happen next that it all came out at once.

Tony noticed the distress in his friend's voice and replied, "All right, on my way, Abby. What's happening there?"

She told the man, "There's this 30-something former Marine trying to rape me!" She screamed and dropped the phone as the man came over and picked her up. He carried her, kicking and struggling, back to the bed and closed and locked the doors so that no one would see what was happening.

Having heard her scream, Tony asked, "Abby?" After getting no response, the young agent ended the call quickly and got into his car. He sped quickly to the Best Western, going to help her.

In the meantime, the man had Abby pinned to the bed and most of his clothes off. He removed his final piece of clothing, his boxer briefs, then thrusted hard into the young woman. He groaned, loving the feel of her entrance around his member. He continued to rape Abby hard and fast until he came inside her. He then heard a gunshot outside, as well as a man's raised voice. Cursing under his breath, Colin quickly redressed and unlocked the door that led to the rest of the hotel. He fled as fast as he could from the scene, not wanting to get caught by whomever he had heard fire the gunshot.

Tony DiNozzo broke onto the scene a moment later, kicking open the door he had shot the lock off of. When he got into the room, he saw a crying, bloody, naked and hysterical Abby. After putting his coat around her to cover her and doing what he could to get the bleeding from her gunshot wounds under control, he called an ambulance, as well as the police, who contacted Special Victims once they heard that Abby Sciuto had been raped. He wished he had gotten there sooner, cursing his luck and apologizing profusely to his now-unconscious friend.

Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson arrived on the scene just before the ambulance, to gather what information they could on Abby's rapist before she was taken to the hospital. As they made their way into the hotel, they found Tony DiNozzo crouched and hugging a still-sobbing Ms. Sciuto, trying to comfort her as best he could.

When he noticed them, the young agent said a few soft words to his friend before rising to his feet, telling the two detectives, "Please be gentle when questioning her, okay? She's been through hell and she's incredibly sensitive."

Olivia, having read up on all of the NCIS agents that she could conceivably be working with on this investigation, responded, "Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, right? Don't worry, we know. We will be. I'm Detective Olivia Benson and this is my partner, Elliot Stabler. We'll head up the investigation of Abby's rape from here."

Tony replied, "Well, Olivia, we at NCIS would appreciate the help but we can take care of our own. You can just leave the investigation up to us. We will catch and put behind bars the guy that did this."

Elliot walked up and told the young agent, "Maybe you do look after your own, Agent DiNozzo, but your team member's rape occurred in our jurisdiction. That makes it our case, not yours."

Sighing and shaking her head over the "trivial" arguments that the men were presenting and very worried about the effects of delaying the investigation on Abby, Olivia walked past the arguing men and asked her, "Abby, can you tell me what happened and describe who did this to you?"

The half-conscious forensic investigator responded, "Yeah, I'll tell you everything. Just..." She shook her head to clear it, then continued, "promise me you'll catch the dirt bag."

Olivia placed her hand on Abby's good shoulder and told the young woman, nodding her head, "We'll catch him. There's no need to worry about that. What happened?"

Tearfully, Abby told Olivia, "I was...just walking back to my hotel after a long day of shopping, when I heard footsteps. I turned around, no one was there...I kept walking. As I was..." She bit her quivering lip to keep from crying as the scene of what happened to her flashed through her mind's eye again. Once she had composed herself again, the raven-haired woman continued, "As I was unlocking the door to the hotel room I was staying in, this guy ran up behind me and tackled me. I got really scared as I fell to the floor. After I got up, I asked him who he was and what he wanted from me. That's...that's when he pulled a gun on me. He called me sweet cheeks and said 'he only came for one thing and he's gonna get it.' That's when he shot me in the shoulder." She cried a little, tears leaking out of her eyes. Tony rubbed her back and allowed her to cry on his shoulder and Olivia softly encouraged her to keep talking about it, saying, "You're okay now, Abby. You're safe. What happened next?"

A few minutes later, Abby finished telling her what happened, leaving out no details of the rape. Tony stayed there with her, to provide a comforting presence if nothing else.

Olivia wrote everything down in a memo pad, then nodded and told Abby, "Thank you, Ms. Sciuto. We'll get him." She rubbed Abby's back gently, trying to make her feel a little better.

Abby blacked out from blood loss after a little bit, going slack in Tony's arms.

The ambulance crew walked in only seconds later with a stretcher, to take the young forensic investigator to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. Olivia asked them, "Will the hospital do a rape kit while she's there as well? I need it for an investigation."

The paramedic replied, "Yes, and they'll send the results down to your precinct once it's ready."

Olivia responded, "All right, thank you." She walked away, going to get in her car to get her and Elliot back to their precinct. Hopefully, the young woman would be okay.

Tony followed the paramedics back to the ambulance, to ride down to the hospital with Abby. As they made their way out of the building, the young man called Agent Gibbs, as he knew the older man would want to know about this incident.

As soon as his phone rang, Leroy Jethro Gibbs picked up his phone and said, "Gibbs."

Tony responded, "Hey boss. I was just calling to tell you that Abby's...been hurt and raped. We're getting in the ambulance now."

Gibbs rose to his feet at that moment, putting a hand to his forehead and rubbing his temples. Worried sick for the young woman he considered a daughter, he asked DiNozzo in an angry voice, "How the hell did that happen, DiNozzo? You were supposed to stay with her at all times."

Agents Timothy McGee and Ziva David looked to their overstressed boss, both noticing the slight hint of worry underlying the anger in his voice. They knew that something must have happened with Abby in order for their boss to be so irate.

Tony told Gibbs, in a quiet and timid voice and already feeling upset for not having gotten there in time, "I'm sorry, boss. It won't happen again. I wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty; she wanted to go shopping. We split up since we couldn't agree and it went from there. I didn't...I thought she would be okay on her own for a few hours." Guilt hit the young man like a ton of bricks and that was also betrayed in the way that he spoke to the man. Hopefully, he would pick up on it.

Thankfully, Gibbs noticed the guilt in the young man's voice and sighed, feeling bad for being so short with him. He told the man, "No...that's okay, DiNozzo. I'm sure you did what you could to get her to stay with you. How is she?"

Tony looked at Abby, who at this point almost blended in with the stretcher she was lying on. She also had an IV hooked up to her right arm and tourniquets on her ankle and shoulder. He replied warily, "She's stable for now, boss. Abby's...a tough cookie. I'm sure she'll pull through. She told one of the Special Victims detectives about what happened. She said that the man that attacked her was a man in his late 30s, strawberry-blonde hair, brown eyes and 6'1". She said that he had a tattoo also, a bowling ball with flames and the number 23."

Gibbs asked him, "She get his name?"

DiNozzo told him, "No, but that's a pretty good description to go on, boss. Will you have McGee or Ziva call me when one of them finds something on this guy?"

Gibbs answered, "Yeah, if you promise to keep me updated on Abby's condition."

DiNozzo told his elder, "I'll do what I can, boss, but visiting hours are not 24/7. Are you coming to see Abby at all while she's in the hospital?"

Gibbs told Tony, "Yeah, the director and I will be there in the morning to see her. Will you be all right until then?" He asked, in the back of his mind wondering if anyone connected to Abby's rapist or even the man himself would bug DiNozzo. He really hoped not.

DiNozzo answered, "Yeah, I'll be fine. Talk to you later, boss. We're at the hospital now." He hung up with his boss and followed the paramedics inside.

Once inside, two of the paramedics told Tony to wait in the lobby while they examined and treated her. The young agent reluctantly complied, remaining behind, more than a little worried for his friend.

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