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The Wedding Of Davis Bernard and Anny (Annabelle) Mason

The ceremony was something small. Held in the Cuttings ballroom with only a handful of guests, mostly servants and little of high society. The bride wore a gown fit for a queen and the groom looked devilishly handsome in his tux. There were white roses everywhere and candles that flickered the most romantic light. The maid of honor and best man stared at each other in a way that only love can make one do. They would be having their own ceremony, just like this one, soon only their ceremony would be in France.

The I do's were exchanged and the happy couple sealed it with a kiss. They would stay in New York for a few more days to bury Anny's father and then they would be off to Ireland where Davis's family owned a rather large house. He would continue as a newspaper journalist there while his bride would be one of the first undercover police agents in the world. Her looking so helpless and having fighting skills would come in handy after all.

The best man and the maid of honor would stay in New York until Diana got her share of the Holland inheritance her mother had left. Then with the proper funds they would have their own ceremony, family and friend included, right in the middle of one of the most beautiful gardens France had to offer. She would continue writing, some day reaching the status of a world known novelist. Her husbands art would liberate hearts and start revolutions in the souls of all who saw it in museums.

One wedding guest, who slipped in at the last minute, would learn to love again. There would be may trials to taking on father hood alone but with the help of friends and family he would somehow make it through. Samuel would grow to become one of the worlds most powerful leaders in business. Taking after his father and grandfather in looks making all the girls around him swoon but he would only have his sights set on one particular young lady. He would also ask and think about his mother every day.

The gracious hosts of the wedding ceremony would find themselves parents once again to a little girl by the name of Diana Edith Cutting. It only seemed fit to name their daughter after the most independent and loving young lady they knew. She and her brother would grow up happy and sound. Making friends with the likes of Samuel Schoonmaker who Diana may or may not be of any particular interest to. There would be more children to follow and Teddy would end up working for Henry who would take over Mr. Mason's company.

The one and only person opposed to the wedding would wake up in her cabin and discover that she had no recollection of who she was. She would be the first case of amnesia for Italian doctors. However, eventually she would be well enough to find a local man to fall in love with and marry. She would have a few kids, that her parents knew nothing about because they were under the impression she was dead or somehow lost at sea along with her brother.

They would all live happy lives and they would live them to the fullest. Making the most of everyday with those people who they loved most in the world.

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