The Doctor played around with the TARDIS controls as it flew through the time vortex, Amy watching in amazement. She never ceased to be amazed at his ability to dart about the control room and still avoid crashing the TARDIS. Then again, she recalled him telling her of times he had crashed the ship. As he pulled one final lever, the engines stopped roaring and the central column slowed to a halt.

"Right, let's see where we are." He said as he walked out of the door.

Amy sighed then followed him out of the TARDIS. She looked for him for a moment before spotting him slightly further up the hill they'd landed on. She walked up as he finished licking his finger a second time as he tended to when trying to tell where they were.

"Ooh, you're going to like this one." He said to her "Fifteenth century, 1452 by my guess. Architecture and air currents suggest Transylvania, probably May, not too bad, weather gets a bit wet midway through the month though."

"Transylvania?" She said "As in Count Dracula?"

"Yeah, fantastic movie, got to love Christopher Lee." He replied "Don't worry though, we won't run into anything here, or shouldn't, anyway."

"Don't jinx it." She said "We just had zombies, I don't want anything other monsters."

"Those people just had a peculiar disease." He said, facing her with a solemn expression "It wasn't their fault, it was that President Johnson's fault."

Before she could say anything, he put his finger to his lips and made a shushing sound. He looked at her before running off down the hill. As she followed him, she realised why a moment later; there was a scream coming from below them. She flowed him until they reached a young blonde woman lying on the floor. She had what appeared to be two bite marks, as if left by something with fangs. Her breathing was shallow and she was exceedingly pale.

"Whatever did this, it did a real number on her." The Doctor said, pulling a stethoscope from inside his jacket and putting the metal piece on her chest while listening to it from the ear buds "Her heart rate's slow and the blood pressure's low. Very low."

"Doctor, those look like bite marks." Amy said.

"Breathing's shallow. That plus the blood pressure plus the heart rate. Let's see her reaction to outside stimulus." He said, pulling out the sonic screwdriver with one hand as he opened her eyes with the other, shining the light from the end of the screwdriver in her eyes "Pupils don't dilate. Oh, that's not good. That's very not good."

"Doctor!" Amy said "What did this?"

"It's not possible." He said "It can't bee possible."

"What did it?" Amy asked again, this time virtually shouting.

"Amy, I'm sorry." He said "This wasn't an animal attack, as will be shown by the press if my assumptions are right. This was done by a vampire."

"Vampires?" She said "I thought I asked for no monsters."

He got up and began walking off down the hill into the town. He'd said there was at least one vampire and he was heading down the hill. She had to jog to catch up to him. The look in his eyes showed exactly what he was thinking.

"You want to find it, don't you?" She said.

"Yes." He replied "That woman was virtually killed because something decided to drain every ounce of blood from her body."

"And you left her." Amy said, causing him to stop and face her.

"Amy, I can't save everyone, I thought you knew that by now." He said, before starting to walk back down into town "I should never have brought you here."

"Well, you did." She said "So, what's the plan?"

"The plan is we find out what's going on." He said "And what did that to that woman."

"I thought you said it was a vampire." She said.

"Oh, sorry, did I?" He said "I meant something like a vampire. I mean, I won't rule it out but I won't call it a certainty."

"So not a vampire?" She said, slightly confused "Doctor, will you make up your mind?"

"Yes, eventually." He replied "Now shush, we can't talk about this in the town. It might prove fatal if we do."

"Fineā€¦" Amy said as they walked into the town to try and investigate.