The Doctor led Dracula out onto the roof of the castle. He was sure now that if he killed Dracula, the organism inside him would die. He also knew that if the organism died, Dracula wouldn't. He held his sword in front of him and grinned at Dracula.

"Sorry count." He said "But time's up. Didn't you wonder what I gave Amy and what I told her?"

"No…" Dracula said "It's of no consequence, soon you shall both be dead."

"Well, let me tell you what it is first." The Doctor said as Dracula lunged at him, parrying the attack "Now, now, just a moment. I gave her the key to my TARDIS. See, it has certain functions most people don't realise. One of them is weather control. Now, tell me, if the Solarisian inside you dies, does it kill the others? Don't answer, I know it's yes. And I'm sorry, but you've made this happen. You've made me into this."

As he said that, the TARDIS materialised by the Doctor, the door opening as it did. He darted inside the box, closing the door behind him. He reached up above the door and fondled about, finding a switch and pressing it. He opened the door and stepped outside, seeing Dracula writhing in pain on the floor. He sighed before going back inside. There was nothing else to do.

"Okay, so, where to now?" He said, moving over to the console "I could take you to the heart of the medusa cascade, with all the colours of the rainbow and such beauty. Or, we could go to 19th century London, maybe we could meet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, bet he's great."

"Doctor, don't you want to talk about what just happened?" She asked, moving over to him and putting a hand on his shoulder, causing him to spin to face her.

"There is nothing to talk about, I just killed all those creatures!" He said, a little more forcefully than he intended, saying a bit more calmly "I'm sorry Amy, it's just I don't like when that's my only way out. So, where do you want to go?"

"I want to go home…" She said.

He went silent for a moment, then looked back to the console, playing with controls and watching the central column move up and down.

"Okay, there we go." He said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Doctor…" She said "I just mean I want to go home for a visit. 2 months is a long time not to see family for."

"Yes, I suppose it is." The Doctor said "I'm bringing us back half an hour after we left; I've done the bringing people back after a while. Ended up bringing her back a year late. I got slapped. By her mother!"

"You got slapped?" Amy said, laughing "Oh, I'll bet that was brilliant to see."

"Well, it wasn't me." The Doctor said "That was a long time ago, entire life times. I was, quite literally, a different person back then."

"Still wish I'd seen it." Amy said, watching him play with the controls.

After a moment, the TARDIS' engines stopped roaring as the central column stopped moving. The Doctor moved round to the monitor and looked at it. Then he looked round to Amy.

"We're round the corner from where you work. Hope that's not too much of a bad thing." He said before moving to the TARDIS door and stepping outside.

"Don't worry, its fine." Amy said, looking at him "Doctor, can I ask a question?"

"Yes." He said "Of course you can."

"What was your friend's name?" She asked.

"Rose." He said after a moment's pause "Her name was Rose."

Before she could say anything, he began walking off, making her jog to catch up with him. Some how, she got the idea that Rose wasn't someone he thought about by choice very often. She hoped she might get to find out why some day…


Okay, I know it felt a bit rushed at the start, but that is for two reasons. The first is it's wrapping up the last chapter, and the second is the Doctor doesn't want to think about what he's doing. Just thought I'd explain that for those who don't clock on before I start getting people comment on the rushed feeling. BB.