It was dark and the only light that could be seen was from the moon and the stares. I look over at Gerard his jet-black hair falling over his eyes as he stared at the ground. I knew what he was thinking. I was to and I new frank was as well. How could something like this happen to three people like us? As I replayed what just took place in my head the tears just started to pour out. Gerard wrapped his arms around me and I started to cry more. "Its ok. Every thing will be fine." Gerard said looking over to frank then gripping me tighter. "How do u know that" frank said looking up at him. Fear swept over all of our faces. "Were never gonna talk about this to anyone ever. Do you understand? No one, not Mikey, not Ray not Bob Ariadel or Emony. No one." Gerard said the fear in his voice. I could tell he was on the verge of breaking down. I tried to stop crying so it didn't make him fell worse.

"Christy we should get you home." Gerard said when he let go of me. "No I don't wanna be alone tonight." I said about to cry again. "Well we can't go back to my house." Gerard said thinking about what just happened. "We can go to mine. My mom wont asks questions." Frank said looking at the grass covered in blood that looked black in the moonlight.

"If Mikey only knew you went that far to help him…" frank said starting to trail off. "What?" Gerard said not being able to hold the tears back any longer. "What would he say Frankie? Thanks now we wont have to worry about the having the shit beat out of us every fucking night! That basturd almost killed my little brother! What else were we supposed to do?" Gerard said now falling to the ground balling his eyes out. Frank and I both bent down next to him and tried to comfort him but it only made us join in on the tears. "We have to go before so one comes" I forced out. "Yeah lets go to my house and we can see what happens in the morning." Frank said as he stopped crying and helped Gerard off the ground. "Ok, but please if anyone we cant tell Mikey." Gerard said wiping his eyes and tucking his hair behind his ear.

We all got in the car and didn't say a word the whole way to franks house. When we got up to his room Gerard and me got on the floor and laid down to try to sleep frank got in his bed and that night was the first of the nightmares.

I knew I was asleep when we were back at the lake. Frank Gerard and I were running as fast as we could but he caught up to us. He stop in front of me grabbed me by the hair and through me to the ground. I felt his big boot slam into my gut. I heard Gerard screaming "Leave her the fuck alone you son of a bitch!"

I was struggling for air when I final caught my breath I looked up and saw him running over to Gerard. His big hands wrapped around Gerard's neck and lift him off the ground. Gerard through his hands up to his neck and tried to pry the hand off him but failed.

Frank ran over and started kicking and punching the man that was chocking his best friend. The man swung his arm and through frank to the ground. Frank hit his head and the impact knocked him out.

Even though he was to weak Gerard kept fighting against the hand that held his life in its palm. "Maybe if you and u damn brother would listen to me every once in a while I wouldn't have to discipline you like this anymore Gerard." Gerard was able to swing his legs and he kicks the man in the groin. The man let go of Gerard's neck and the both fell to the ground. The man was hunched over and Gerard was gasping for air. Once he caught his breath he got up and ran over to me. "Are u ok?" he ask as he pulled me into his arms. "Yeah I'm fine. Where's frank?" I said looking around for our friend.
He was laying on the ground out cold. We both got up and ran to him. Gerard started to shack him and scream out his name. Frank slowly started to open his eyes. He had a look of horror on his face. "Shit he's behind you and he's got a fucking gun!" frank screamed. Gerard turned around and was staring down a loaded gun. "Why don't u ever fucking listen to god damn it?" the man screamed at Gerard. His eyes were about to over flow with tears when the man cocked the gun.
Frank grabbed a rock and through it at the man's face. It hit him directly in the mouth and he dropped the gun. "You fucking faggot!" the man yelled in pain. Gerard grabbed the gun off the grounded and out the safety on. "AHHHH" he yelled again. The sound made Gerard jump and drop the gun. When the gun hit the ground the safety turned off.
I felt the man grab me from behind and put a knife to my throat. "Gerard!" I screamed as I started to cry. "Let her go u mother fucker!" Gerard screamed. Frank whispered to Gerard "get the gun." He looked over at frank the to the man again. "Let her the fuck go u cock sucker." He screamed again and grabbed the gun off the ground. "You don't have the guts." The man said glaring at him. "I don't?" Gerard asked with a smirk pulling the trigger try to scare him thinking it was still on safety.
When the gun shot every one but Gerard screamed. He just stood there in shock his eyes wide open and arms shacking. The bullet hit the man in the for head and the blood splattered all over me. The dead body dropped the knife and then collapsed on top of me. I started to scream and frank ran over and help me out from under the body. Frank took off his jacket and wiped my face off with it. We looked over and Gerard was still standing there the gun tight in his hand now his whole body shaking. I ran over to him and tried to shack him back into this world. He looked at me. His usual honey eyes dark in shock of what he just did. "Gerard let go of the gun." I said. He didn't even move. "Gerard give me the gun." I forced it out f his hands. "Oh my god what did I do?" he said with a dead look on his face.
"We gotta get rid of the body." Frank said looking at the dead man bleeding on the grass. "Push it in the lake" Gerard said looking over to Frank. We both just stared at him for a second. The three of us walked over to the body and started rolling it into the lake. The blood spread through out the water. Gerard took the gun and through it in as well.
We all just started at it for a while then looked up at each other. "Good bye Mr. Donald Way." Frank said looking into the watery grave of Gerard and Michel Way's father.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was woke up by Gerard shaking me and frank saying my name. "What? What's wrong?" asked them both confused of why they were waking me up at 3:30 in the morning. "You were crying and screaming things out in your sleep" frank said staring at me. It wasn't till after he said this that I noticed the tears rolling down my cheek. "Oh sorry did I wake you guys up?" I asked in a sympathetic voice. "No I was still awake" Gerard said the dead look still in his eyes. "It's ok I was have nightmares anyway" Frank said looking at me like he was happy that I woke him up. "How are we ever gonna get a good nights sleep again if we keep having dreams like this?" I asked both of them. "I don't know" Gerard said looking at the ground.

"Well I'm not gonna be able to get back to sleep now so I'm going to the bathroom to clean myself up." I said getting up and heading into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror. It was the first time I saw what I looked like since what happened. My long black hair was a mess in a ponytail that was about to fall out. There was blood splattered all over my iron maiden T-shirt and my make-up was smeared all around my hazel eyes. Just the look of my face made me burst into tears.
Gerard walked into the bathroom and saw me crying. He ran over and grabbed me before I fell to the floor in tears. "It's gonna be alright baby. No one has to know it was us. Its gonna be fine."