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This war was going on too long for his liking. He found it an useless fight and too many people fell victim. If he didn't find a way to get a stop to this war he didn't know what else he could do. He knew someone who might be able to stop Voldemort, but he also knew that he would not help them just for their cause. But he could always ask, couldn't he?

That is why he, Albus Dumbledore, was here in this humble town in Japan. The town of Karakura, it was a place full of energy. Not quite magical, but he could feel the power radiating from this place. The man he wanted to ask for help lived in this town and owned a candy shop. He had quite some good candy too.

It wouldn't have been the first time that he just traveled all this way to just buy some candy. Entering Urahara's Shop he was greated by a friend of Kisuke.

"Dumbledore-san, long time no see. How are you?" Tessai asked.

"I'm feeling great, Tessai-kun. Is Kisuke-kun home?" Dumbledore asked.

"He is, but he isn't quite available. You see his son has just been born." Tessai answered.

"Really? He must be very happy. I'm sorry, but I must ask you to get him for me. What I have to talk to him about is of great importance." Dumbledore told Tessai.

"Very well, but I hope for you it truly is important. Otherwise I'm sure the boss wouldn't be happy." Tessai replied, before walking to the back.

A few minutes later a grumpy looking Kisuke appeared.

"Ah, Kisuke-kun. It's good to see you, my friend and congratulations." Dumbledore said.

"Thank you. Now what did you want to discuss with me?" Kisuke asked.

"I know I have asked you before, but the war is getting worse. I must ask you again. Will you help us fight Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked.

"It's futile to ask a question you already know the answer of. The answer hasn't changed and it won't especially now. I have nothing to do with your war." Kisuke answered.

"I was hoping you would have changed your mind by now, but it seems I was wrong. Very well then, I should make my leave. But before I do, do you still have some Lemon Drops? I can't seem to have enough of them." Dumbledore asked.

"I think I still have some left, let me see." Kisuke replied, searching for the Lemon Drop.

"Ah, here they are." Kisuke said, putting the box on the counter.

Dumbledore paid for his sweets and then left the shop. He didn't leave Japan though. When he heard Kisuke had gotten a son he had a brilliant idea. If times had been different he wouldn't have lowered himself in doing this, but he had no other choice.

If Kisuke wasn't prepared to help them he would take someone he could melt to his will. The young boy would be perfect and he was sure that the boy would become as strong as his father, maybe even stronger. All he had to do was replace some memories and take the boy with him. He would then place the boy with the Potters.

He knew that a few days back the Potters child had been a still born and that they were devastated. He would place this boy with them, after his appearance had been changed to fit theirs. And then he would let them think the boy was their own son.

He would have to make something up to make the boy the hero of the magical world. So after he did some memory modification to Kisuke and his friends and taking the boy with him he returned back to England.

Kisuke, who had never expected that Dumbledore would go so far to win his war, had quickly forgotten he had become a father that day. The only that Dumbledore's meddling left behind was this crazy idea to design a gadget that would modify memories.

If a Shinigami ever had a mission in the world of the living and they gotten themselves in a situation whereby they needed to let people forget then this device was perfect.

So Dumbledore took one Hibiki Urahara away from his parents without them suspecting a thing. From that day on Hibiki grew up as one Harry James Potter. The prophecy that concerned him and Voldemort was made up by Dumbledore himself. Sybillis Trewlawny had never made one prophecy in her life.

After making sure Voldemort would go after the Potters he let them go into hiding. They wanted Sirius Black to be their secret keeper, but he talked Sirius out of it to make Peter Pettigrew their secret keeper. He knew Peter was easier to manipulate and so he took control of Peter and made sure he would sell out the Potters.

After a year had gone by he was certain that Kisuke's son would be able to survive the killing curse. That was the reason he wanted Kisuke to fight in the first place. His ability to be able to deflect all of their spells was amazing. The killing curse wouldn't even have been able to touch his skin, let alone kill him.

Now that his son seems to be able to do the same it was time to get his plan into action. Voldemort took the bait so easily, but he hadn't anticipated that Voldemort himself would survive his attack. Ironically it seemed that the prophecy that he had made up seemed to be accurate. So he played along with it and made sure the boy would follow his every order.

He placed the boy with the Dursley's, Petunia being Lily's sister. His excuse was that they were the boy's only living relatives and that there would be a blood ward, because Lily had sacrificed herself to protect her son.

He was certain they wouldn't threat the boy well, as he knew they hated everything that had to do with magic. So when the boy turned eleven and he would be accepted at Hogwarts the boy would see him as his savior and trust him entirely for taking him away from his relatives abuse.

No one suspected a thing of what Dumbledore had done and no one ever knew that Harry wasn't Harry, but Hibiki. No one knew, but the truth wasn't going to stay secret for any longer. As events were changing the truth would soon come to the surface.

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