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Chapter 9

August 8, 1:00 Am

The time has come that we would go to Soul Society to save Rukia. At first my parents didn't want me to go, but I managed to talk them out of it. I was about the strongest of those who would go. Of course my mom is stronger than me, but she hasn't fought in a long time, something my dad tried to point out nicely.

Ichigo had potential, but I had a little bit more experience. And the rest, they were just rookies. I know this mission would be dangerous and that I was risking my life, but seriously this was my choice. It wasn't something I was forced to do.

My parents understood, but that didn't take their worries away.

Chad was the first one to arrive, closely followed by the twins. When Ichigo arrived he was surprised to see his friend there.

"Chad? Why're you here?" Ichigo asked.

"Kuchiki Rukia… saved me once. I'm going too." Chad answered.

"Huh? Wait… what?" Ichigo said surprised.

"What? They didn't tell you?" came the voice of the Quincy, Ishida.

"Ishida?" said Ichigo surprised.

"I can't let it end with me losing to those Shinigami. I'll so too." Ishida said.

"Now we're all here." Came the cheery voice of Inoue.

"Inoue?" again Ichigo was surprised.

"Pleased to be working with you." Inoue said.

"Huh? Wai… hold on, wha-wha-what? What is all this?" Ichigo stammered.

"He's pretty slow, isn't he?" my mom said, walking forward in her cat form.

"Yoruichi-san!" Orihime said.

"Boy! You can't say you haven't noticed the bubbling of power within these individuals. While you were training to regain your Shinigami powers they were each training on their own, as well. Stop with the questions and bow your head to thank them." My mother said.

"A. A CAT TALKED!" Ichigo screamed.

"It's not a cat, it's Yoruichi-san." Orihime said.

"I It's a cat!" Ichigo went on.

"I guess it is surprising." Ishida said.

"A cat! A ca…" Ichigo still went on.

"This was their first meeting." Chad said.

I sweat dropped at his antics. Seriously is it so shocking to see a talking cat? Come on he can see ghost, can't he and he doesn't even believe there is more to the world that meets the eye?

"Okay, okay, enough of that!" My dad spoke.

The twins were silently grinning next to me, finding it funny how Ichigo reacted to my mom talking in cat form.

"Oh, I seriously want to see how he reacts when she transforms back to human form." Fred whispered to me.

I smiled. Yes that would indeed be funny.

"It's not good to stand around talking outside so let's just go inside first." My dad said.

It was then Ichigo noticed the twins. He seemed surprised. Probably because they had the same hair color as himself. This was also the first time they met.

"Who are you?" Ichigo asked the twins.

"Gred and Feorge." They called out in unison.

"They are my friends Fred and George Weasley. They moved from England to come live here." I explained.

"Ah, I see. Kurosaki Ichigo, nice to meet you." Ichigo said, holding out his hand.

"The pleasure is all ours." The twins chorused again, shaking Ichigo's hand vigorously.

I shake my head at their antics, smiling while watching my friends as we walked inside and down to the basement.

It was there my dad called for our attention again. With the snap of his fingers a stone gate appeared.

"Alright, this is the gate that leads to Soul Society. It's called the Senkai Gate, and it means 'realm penetrating'. Ready? Please listen very closely. But first…" my dad said.

Right after that he pushed Ichigo's soul out with the end of Benihime. Ichigo's friends were all surprised when that happened.

"Dammit, tell me when you're gonna do that!" Ichigo exclaimed.

After some babbling from Ichigo's friends my dad continued. I could tell the twins were amused by my dad. Luckily I had decided to go out of my body before the others would go, so my dad wouldn't have the chance to shove me out of my body.

"This gate is made by piling spirit exchangers atop the normal Senkai Gate." My dad explained.

"Spirit exchangers?" Ichigo asked.

"That's right. As you know, Soul Society is a world of souls. Entering it is impossible unless you're in soul form. However, the only ones of you who can move around in soul form is Shinigami Kurosaki-san and my son, Hibiki. So we use an exchanger to turn you into spirits and send you there." My dad continued.

"Basically even without pulling out our souls, if we go through this gate…" Ishida started.

"Yes. You can enter Soul Society in your current state." My dad said.

"Alright, we got it. Now let's get sta-" Ichigo started, but was poked to the side by my dad.

I heard the twins snicker. I think they really like my dad, with his humorous attitude and all.

"However the amount of time we can open this gate and stay connected to Soul Society is at most four minutes." My dad told us.

Almost everyone gasped except me and the twins. We already had heard about this news earlier, so we weren't surprised.

"Can we even make it in that time?" Ichigo asked.

"Normally it's impossible." My dad answered.

"Huuuh?" Ichigo exclaimed.

"This is an unreasonable endeavor to begin with the most we can stretch it is four minutes. If you can't reach the other side in that time you kids will be permanently imprisoned in the space between Soul Society and the Living World." My dad said.

"What should we do?" Orihime asked.

"Go forward. I told you your heart and your soul are connected. The important thing is the state of your heart. The will to move forward. I will be your guide. Move forward, that and that alone. Only those who can do that will come with us." My mom told us.

"Quit yer sleeptalkin'. That's the reason why we're gathered here." Ichigo said.

"You understand, don't you, boy? If you lose, you'll never be able to return here." My mom replied.

"All I have to do is win, right?" Ichigo asked.

"Exactly." My mom answered.

My dad and Tessai then activated the gate.

"Everyone ready? Please jump in simultaneously as it opens." my dad said.

"Yeah!" Ichigo replied.

"Here it goes!" my dad then said.

A flash of light filled our vision as the gateway opened. Immediately, right after we had jumped in, we had to start running for our lives. The walls behind us were caving in, trying to catch us and devour us. That was the meaning of their existence. They were the protector between the worlds, along with some wormlike thing that would probably be coming after them as well.

He didn't dare to look back, knowing what was about to come. He just kept running, his vision being focused in front of him. As thus he realized to late when Orihime released her powers, something we were told not to do. Immediately after we were launched out of the gate and crashed to the ground.

I cursed inside of my head. That landing kind of hurt. As I looked around to see how everyone else was doing I almost burst out laughing as I saw the sight before me. Some of their landings could have been better.

Standing up I took a look at our surroundings. He couldn't see any people around. Suddenly his eyes fell on some buildings that looked quite different than the rest of the houses. Ichigo noticed it too and started running to that direction.

Before he could reach it though a wall fell down from the sky, blocking our way to where supposedly the Shinigami lived. Dust blew up because of the impact, blinding us temporarily. When the dust lifted a giant of a man could be seen standing before the gate.

Ichigo fought him and won. As price of defeating him the giant, whose name was Jidanbou, opened the gate for them. Just when the gate was opened Jidanbou stiffened. Just behind the gate a captain was waiting for them. Jindanbou told them it was the third division captain Ichimaru Gin.

I nudged Fred and George as a plan was forming in my head. I whispered the plan in their ears and they nodded. We only had little time to perform it as I had the suspicion he won't stand there doing nothing for too long. I just hope my mom can forgive me for taking matters in my own hands and that the others won't get hurt.

Suddenly a horde of butterflies appeared out of nowhere and attached themselves to Ichimaru. This was the opportunity to take a run for it.

"No is our chance." I yelled to my mom and the rest.

Stunned as they were they luckily did respond to my yell.

"I guess you got spammed." The twins yelled as retort as they quickly followed me.

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