The morning found Quinn in her new room looking around with a new attitude. Rachel and her fathers had given her the hope that she seemed to have lost when she found out she was pregnant. Her plans were to get out of Lima and she could still accomplish that. If Rachel had faith in her then she needed to have faith in herself. After all, Rachel Berry was rarely wrong. As she made her way downstairs, she found Rachel cooking in complete silence which was the first sign that all was not right in Berryland.

Rachel was standing staring at the frying pan with a lost look. It was not an expression that Quinn ever thought she would see on Rachel Berry's face of all people.

"Hey Rachel, where are your dads?" Quinn saw that Rachel hadn't yet noticed that she was in the same room. She stood there looking at Rachel as she appeared to pull herself together. It was not any one thing, but she suddenly stood up straighter and her eyes got brighter as she turned in Quinn's direction before answering, "Oh! Good morning. It would seem that my daddies decided to get an early start. I woke up this morning and found a note." She reached for a sheet of paper, handing it to Quinn. Quinn looked down at the sheet of paper that had an envelope attached.

Good morning Sleeping Beauty,

Allen and I have discussed things and we believe that you need certain things that are much too personal for us to buy without you. So if you could do us a favor and take the time to go with Rachel to the store and get yourself anything that you might need for yourself or the baby. We don't know if you are currently taking you prenatal vitamins. But if you could take the time to go to the doctor's office and just in case enclosed is some money to ensure that you get everything that you may need. We know that you may not want to accept the money, but think of it as an early allowance. If I remember correctly report cards are coming out soon enough. If you are wondering what it is that I mean by that just ask Rachel. She will explain it to you. See you soon, Honey

Quinn opened the envelope labeled with her name and inside was a note 'If you can do us a favor and find out what is wrong with Rachel. She may not look it, but something is up with that girl. She always wakes up earlier than us. We'll see you later hon.'

It was incredible how she can go from despising Rachel Berry one day to being practically family the next. One thing that was certain her daddies were right. There was something amiss today and she was going to find out. She now understood something about how the Berry's operated. Happiness, confidence and honesty were three main ingredients to everyday life. Although she had very little of those qualities in the last couple of months, but she had definitely learned that anything was possible. So with a determined look she made her way to the counter seeing Rachel putting a full plate of food in front of her and just as she was about to get herself a plate her, phone started vibrating non stop. Rachel didn't even glance at it. She just served herself and made her way to the seat next to hers.

Quinn couldn't believe what was happening. This was not the same Rachel Berry who bailed them out at Sectionals and practically saved her life just yesterday. Someone replaced her with an alien that didn't brush her hair and had puffy eyes.

"Rachel I know that I just moved in and all but I feel that if we really are friends I should be honest with you. What do you think?" Rachel looked at her plate and pushed it aside before turning to look at her.

"If you are wondering about my appearance I feel that I must share with you that I have ended my relationship with Jesse. If you think that I am acting strangely it is because of what he said to me when I broke it off." She couldn't help the sniffle that accompanied the fresh wound he inflicted with his callousness.

Quinn was already formulating her own plan and it was titled 'Destroy St. James'.

Putting her hand on her shaking shoulder the words poured right out of her. "Hey now don't worry about anything that jerk said. He's the idiot that lost the best thing he's ever had."

Rachel lost it. She couldn't hold it all in. It was too much. First Finn then Puck and now Jesse, she couldn't handle it. She jumped from her seat and the rampage began…

She was pacing like a lunatic in a padded cell. "You don't understand I called him to let him know that I had things that needed to be dealt with and that I was not in the right state of mind to juggle everything at once. I said to him, 'Jesse I hope you don't resent me for it but I have to end this. It is the logical thing to do.'" She looked up then and her eyes were bright.

"He laughed. He actually had the gall to laugh while he said, 'I hope you don't really think this was anything other than me hooking you, reeling you in and then letting you rot right before Regional's. Although it seems to me that you are making my life easier by releasing me from the torture of putting up with you everyday.' Quinn he then kept a monologue going until I just hung up because I could not keep listening to the filth that was spewing from his despicable mouth. I cannot believe I actually dated that imbecile to think that I felt bad for breaking up with him. I cannot believe how naïve I was actually thinking that he liked me when everyone else in glee knew he was the devil's spawn. I just wish I had the courage to do something other than hang up on him."

"I can't say that I know how you work things out in your head, but I can tell you what I know from seeing you in school. You take the bad things and the good things in stride. You don't let anything affect you. I thought that I was level-headed about things but you surpass me in every way. When I found no alternative to my situation, I knew that if you saw me in need you would find a way to help me. I may not like asking for help but I know when I need it. You are unique and I am sure that this will just be a minor hiccup on your way to Broadway."

Rachel was impressed. She was ready to feel sorry for herself, but she could see the admiration on Quinn's face. She would not disappoint her that was a Rachel Berry promise.

"You're right I am going to saddle up; don't misunderstand my cowboy reference for I have no interest in the rodeo. I am only using it as a metaphor for-…"Quinn put up her hands in mock surrender.

"I understand the metaphor, just do me a favor and let me give you an idea. I think that we should have a girls' night. I think that we should get our shopping out of the way and invite all the glee girls and have a sleepover. It will be fun and it'll help take your mind off certain things and people."

"I am not sure about that idea. I do not think that they like me very much. I would also add that among those girls is Santana and she seems to have particularly nasty feelings against me."

"Rachel, believe me when I say that all those girls need is reassurance."

"What do you mean reassurance?"

"I mean that you come off as a snob sometimes and if they had a chance to see you as carefree as I have in these past two days they will enjoy tonight and welcome the change in your big Berry personality."

"It is not that big a change as you say. I just feel that in order to be successful one must concentrate on their goal. They must dedicate all of their time and energy if they wish to properly achieve it." She was already heading for the door.

Quinn sighed as they made their way to the car.

"Rachel, that is all good and great, but we won't be in school. We will be in the house relaxing. What I am trying to get across is that you make a drastic change. You may not notice it, but I sure did. You are two completely different people in school and out of school. You still have an impressive vocabulary, but you are less condescending and more carefree. The girls will see that and they won't have a problem with the way you are in school anymore. The only reason you get treated the way you do now is because they think you are that brash and controlling all the time."

As they were getting into the car Rachel turned towards Quinn with a pensive look. "So what you are basically stating is that if people see me and interact with me outside of school, they will be more open to what they conceive as my crazy. So if I participate in this sleepover they will no longer treat me like a social pariah?"

"Yes, that is exactly what I am saying."

"Alright then, I agree."

Quinn began sending a massive text to all of the girls explaining the break-up situation and telling them the gist of her plan for revenge and promising a night of fun and games. Everyone agreed only if Rachel promised not to talk about glee.

"Everyone has agreed to come only if you promise not to mention glee."

"I do not know how that will be possible. That is the only thing that we really have in common. I mean I have a couple of them for classes, but besides glee, we will have nothing to talk about."

"You have obviously never had a girls' night. You'll know what I mean soon enough."

With that last comment, Quinn relaxed as Rachel found a parking spot at Wal-Mart.

Rachel made her way to Quinn's side of the car and gave her a cheerful look.

"What's wrong?" Quinn was starting to think there was something on her face.

Rachel shook her head dismissively before continuing. "Never mind. So I decided to make a general list of all the things that you could possibly need. I know that you will need to add things, but most of those are items that I know you will need for yourself. And I can already see your face, but before you say anything else, you need to remember that you are not a guest anymore. You are a resident of our household and if you think that you are going to say 'no' then I will not help you hide from Finn who is walking around aimlessly. However seeing as he is so tall he will probably look this way and then he will come over here to talk to us and you are going to have to watch him stare at his shoes while I have to carry a conversation by myself, which I have no problem doing as you can obviously tell. So what do you say we forget the whole thing and just lose ourselves in some very necessary shopping? Though I may have phrased that like a question I don't require an answer." She had finished talking as she maneuvered Quinn toward the pet supplies effectively evading Finn and his confused face.

Quinn was caught up in Rachel's long winded speech which was the only reason it took her so long to notice that their previously empty cart was fast becoming filled by items. She snapped to attention quickly when she heard Rachel's next question.

"These are the items I noticed you were running low on. The rest that you don't have, you will have to pick yourself because daddy was right, some things are personal to you."

"Rachel, I know that you run at a ten speed, but I can't just let you and your dads pay for all of this. What is in it for you all?"

Rachel reached out placing her hand on Quinn's shoulder. "Quinn, this isn't charity if that's what you're leaning toward. I have told you that it is no trouble. We love having you stay with us and my daddy's have this setup where they reward good deeds and good grades. They know report cards are handed out this week and they have their own ways of knowing our grades before we do. They reward us 100 dollars for every A, 75 dollars for every B and 25 dollars for every C. They don't believe in rewarding failure so D's and F's are worthless. Oh and if any of the classes are honors or AP you double up. This is why I can afford to have so many clothes to replace my ruined ones."

Quinn saw Rachel use her smile to cover up her sadness at her last line. "So what you are telling me is that if I get the straight A's that I expect, four of them being honors I'm looking at one thousand dollars. No way am I accepting that kind of money."

"Then I will have to let Finn find us." Rachel turned away from her and called Finn who was wandering around the children's toys.

Quinn saw Rachel walk up to Finn and ushered him toward her while she stood there like a statue, watching him as he tried to avoid looking at her. She could see the desperation on his face as he tried to get away from Rachel.

"… we gave everyone cookies, but we couldn't find Noah. I know that you two aren't on speaking terms, but is there any chance you might have seen him around." Rachel looked up at Finn only to see him staring at Quinn who was busy staring at her shoes not noticing the longing look on his face. The light bulbs in her head were exploding from the many ideas she was having.

"Well Finn, if you could accompany Quinn. I have to get a couple of things." Shoving him toward her, she made her way to the other side of the store quickly knowing Quinn would not be able to catch up.

Rachel was a genius. They were so in love with each other how could she be such a space cadet. Rachel knew that Quinn missed Finn, but she had been blind not to notice how much Finn missed her. She had been so caught up with playing the Jesse card to notice anything but Noah. Wait what? Rachel's thoughts vanished immediately when she noticed Noah was walking down the aisle wearing a suit. Before she had a chance to turn around she knew he had spotted her. Resigning to the impending doom, she stood up straight and prepared herself for the impending disaster.

He stopped a few feet in front of her not sure what he should say after yesterday's blow out. As they stared at each other both reluctant to speak first, Noah noticed that her eyes were not as bright and her posture was forced. His concern must have been palpable because he saw her face register it before she turned on her heels and ran the other way.

Still standing in the aisle he mumbled, "What the fuck?"

Quinn was surprised to say the least and she was not the only one. She thought looking up to see the look of confusion on Finn's face. Knowing that she was the rift between the two friends, she decided to help them by finding a common enemy.

"Just in case you're referring to Rachel's appearance, I can help you with that one," Quinn said.

Puck turned around and found his best friend and Quinn standing behind him.

"If you know what's wrong with her then spit it out Fabray."

"If you must know, Puck, after Rachel decided to help me settle in, she broke things of with that St. James. He then proceeded to tell her that she was just a pawn to destroy our chance at Regionals all the while telling her how horrible it was to have to hear her crap all day long."

Puck stared at Quinn knowing her words were true. "That fucker is dead. He just doesn't know it yet"

Before Puck had a chance to leave, Finn's question surprised them all including himself, "You are so pissed right now. It's hard to know if my eyes are playing tricks, but I could have sworn I… do you and Rachel… are you guys together?"

There were a lot of looks being shared and they were shared by a certain blonde and a rebel with a mohawk.

"Did you think I was with Quinn because she was staying at my house?"

Finn was scratching his head not understanding the conversation. "Well yeah, I thought you two were a couple. You're having a baby."

"Dude, we got drunk and made a mistake. I wanted her to tell you it was me, but not because I wanted to be with her no offense, Quinn." Sparing her a glance, he continued, "We were just pissed that you joined glee club."

Finn's dull look suddenly brightened, "Shit dude, you weren't pissed that I joined glee, you were pissed that I was spending time with Rachel."

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said defensively, not liking where this conversation was going.

Quinn was so not letting him get away so easily. "Oh no, you don't," she said, blocking his exit strategy and knowing he wouldn't push past her.

Puck looked down at her knowing what needed to be said. "Rachel and I go way back. It's complicated."

"Rachel and I. Wow, I never noticed, but your grammar has always been good now I know why." Quinn couldn't help the giggle that escaped.

"Shut up Fabray! At least I'm 'fessing up. What about you and Finn? Are you going to fix that or what?"

Quinn spared a glance at said boy who seemed to be working things out in his head. "That's different. You didn't cheat on Rachel, I did," she said.

Puck pulled her into a quick hug and patted her shoulder reminding her of Rachel's way of comforting her bringing a smile to her face.

"Now that I'm paying attention, I can tell that you guys have a lot of the same mannerisms. It's the little things, but they are starting to add up."

"Yea well, Rachel was my only friend for a very long time. I just encountered a hiccup along the way, but I have been trying to make up for it."

"How have you been trying? By climbing into her bedroom at night and leaving her to cry herself to sleep because I don't think that is an approach that is going to work on her. It doesn't matter that she herself is abrasive and in your face about things. She is still a person with feelings and I have a feeling that you tried it her way for once, but it didn't work out."

"For your information, it's my way. She got that from me and I didn't scare her away. She was there for the beginning and middle of the ride; it was the landing where she got stuck, but it wasn't my fault. My guess is that fruitcake called back when I left. I mean she wasn't happy with me, but I didn't make her cry, at least… not intentionally."

"Well I guess that's your M.O. isn't it Puck?" Finn finally caught up and he didn't like the conversation much. "You do things by accident. I'm sorry, that's not right. You don't do things intentionally." He spared a glance at Quinn and her belly before he turned and walked away.

Quinn started tearing up and she quickly tried to wipe away the offending tears. She looked up to see Rachel walking toward them and stood up straight and whispered to Puck, "I'm going to do my best to cheer Rachel up tonight, but I need help working on a physical retaliation against St. James. I need help making it clear that Rachel is off limits. I never thought I would say it, but I'm in her corner now and I defend my friends."

Puck nodded understanding her demand behind her eyes. "I was wondering where you were hiding your backbone."

"It was lost, Puck, not hiding, but Rachel helped me find it and now I need to help her even if it means that I have to physically assault him."

Rachel was almost to them when he added, "Leave the physical assaults to me. I have been dying to use my fight club skills."

As Rachel stopped before them she noticed Quinn's teary eyes and decided that enough was enough. "Noah you are not making good choices. If you are mad at the turn of events then you need to take it up with me or keep them to yourself because if you think that I am going to allow you to cause Quinn to feel bad for something that I helped her choose then you and I are going to need to discuss your need for a lobotomy. Because it is becoming apparent to me, that your brain is in need of some intense rewiring. She stood between Quinn and Noah and tried to push him away to no avail.

Noah grabbed her hands and lowered them to her sides all the while smiling at her which made all the angrier. Just as she was about to place a kick to a beloved member of his person Quinn spoke up, "he didn't upset me Rachel I just can't control my hormones. He was actually trying to lift my spirits."

Rachel eyed them both especially Noah before asking "how was he trying to do that? He has the emotional capabilities of a dung beetle."

"Hey now that's just not true." He said defending his honor. His feelings were hurt that she thought so little of him. He would have to teach her differently. Taking Quinn's advice he went on to say, "Rach if you give me a chance I think you'll change your mind about me and my emotional capabilities."

Before she had the time to react let alone give a response he had walked away leaving her behind with a very inquisitive blonde.

"So Rachel, is there something going on between you two that I should know about?"

Rachel looked at her and before she had the chance to decide on what to say Quinn continued, "Because I saw him climb down your trellis last night. What was that about?"

"There is no need to worry about those details now; we have a lot of shopping to do."

Quinn shook her head, deciding to take some pointers from Rachel she said, "If you want me to shop then you need to share your sordid details. I mean we are glee mates after all and we need to help each other in times of need. I believe the fact that when asked; Puck said that your relationship was complicated. Imagine my surprise when I found out that you two are even in a relationship that doesn't involve hating each other."

Not feeling like dragging this conversation on, she gave Quinn a quick version while they continued their shopping.

"Noah and I have gone to the same synagogue since we were young children. We were best friends growing up. The first day of high school was the beginning of my slushy facials. Don't ask me what happen because to be truthful I am not sure what I did to make him so angry. But we used to have a sort of routine, where he would stay in my room when he had a bad day or he just didn't want to stay home. He hadn't done it since are falling out but he started coming to my room the day that Finn found out the baby was Noah's." She spared a glance at Quinn who was openly staring at her with a surprised expression.

"You can close your mouth now."

Quinn collected herself before saying, "Rachel I had a feeling it was something along those lines but I didn't know that Puck confided in you now. I thought you guys were secretly seeing each other or something like that."

With a sigh Rachel decided to be completely honest. "There is a little more to this story. The first night he came through my window he was so hurt that I reverted to when we were younger and I would hug him and make it all better. The problem was that we are no longer children being friends. Now we are teenagers that have kissed before, one thing led to another and we made out and he spent the night. I can see your face and before you jump to conclusions, we did not have sex. We just kissed but it continued for weeks. Until I started dating Jesse after Christmas break. I now see the errors of that decision."

"Rachel I understand what you're feeling but ne honest do you love Puck?"

"I can't answer that, I will take Noah's answer and say that it is complicated."

Quinn let that stand and decided to concentrate on shopping and finding another way of getting Rachel and Noah to uncomplicate the thing they have going on.

"Well then moving on I think we should get some whipped cream to eat with some spiral cheetos." Quinn said reaching for the can before Rachel pulled her away.

"Have you lost your senses, whipped cream is not a topping for chips. I understand that you are pregnant and you have strange cravings from time to time but I think we both agree that this one is a little too much. Don't you agree?"

Quinn could not believe she was trying to deny her the simple pleasures in life. "Rachel I love and appreciate everything you have done for me in these to short days but are you seriously going to say no to a pregnant person. You are a smart person; tell me, do you think that is the right move."

Rachel instantly saw her mistake a quickly corrected it by saying, "Quinn you misunderstood me. What I meant is that one of each is not enough. We should stock up on it." She grabbed three cans and made her way over to the chips and grabbed three bags.

"Thanks Rachel, you are so thoughtful" Quinn opened up a bag and began eating them as they made their way over to the register.

Once the shopping was out of the way Rachel was not sure whether to be on guard with all of the girls or to relax like Quinn suggested. Tina was awesome and Mercedes was talented and not overly rude. Brittany was sweet just a tad dense, it was Santana that had her worried.

While Quinn put her things away, Rachel was busy setting up the food table and creating different centers for everyone to enjoy themselves. She set up a stage with her karaoke machine and she set up the media center with a bunch of musicals and chick flicks like Quinn siggested and as she was pulling out the drinks the doorbell rang.