This is my first fanfic so don't be too harsh.

I do not own pokemon or any reference I may make, they belong to their respective owners.

Characters are based of me and my friends with a few twists.

Author's Note: To those who ask, no the pokemon do not talk and the humans do not understand them, I, the author, am only translating what they are saying.

11:00 am

A fine morning, the birds were chirping, the sun was bright and because of sun light pouring through my curtains into my face I had to wake up, not a good start of the day. "Damn sun" I said as I woke from my sleep, I got up and went to my closet and got my cloths. A pair of darkish/lightish blue somewhat baggy jeans, a plain white shirt, a pair of white with some black strips going through the middle sneakers, and put on my black hoodie with a red and white strip going down the arms. I looked in the mirror with my blue eyes and short little messy brown hair.

"Alright everything looks fine"

I grabbed my backpack and almost went out before I remembered something. I went back and grabbed my black goggles and put them around my neck.

"Ok now I'm ready" I said and checked the time. 11: 07 "Oh Crap I'm late!" I screamed before running out, locking my door and then booking it to the lab. Oh yeah, my names Edward, Eddy for short, I am 17 and this is the start of my adventure, pretty bad eh. A little about me, I'm a gamer and an otaku and am known for my stupidity, but I'm not stupid.

Now at the lab Professor Oak is in the back feeding the pokemon.

"Slow down, there's enough for everyone" he said before he heard the noise of his door bell being constantly hit.

Now back to me, there I am hitting the door bell and finally the door is opened.

"Hey Oak, sorry I'm late, but I'm here for my pokemon"

I got an irritated look from him and this was his response. "I'm sorry, but all three starters are gone, I said first come, first serve and to come here at 8, its 11:25, so ill call you when more come in"

"There has to be another left, please" "I'm sorry but you must wait" Of course I'm not gonna wait, so I did what any sensible person would do. I annoyed him till he caved "Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please"

This went on for a bit until "Alright already, I have one, but its kinda hard to control and probably wont like you much" "Its fine ill take it" "Follow me"

We went into another room, filled with pokeballs, we keep going until he took this one ball and released it. What I saw was a small lizard with a flame on its tale, I knew what it was but it was different.

"Ah, professor, why is it gold, shouldn't it be orange" Looking at the charmander

"Yes they should, but this one is a shiny, although it has an attitude"

"Ill take it" I said with enthusiasm "Alright, here you go and here is a pokedex, I'm sure you know what its for" He handed me the pokedex and charmanders pokeball. I bent down to eye level with it, clearly it was not pleased. "Hey there Charmander, I'm your new trainer, names Edward, but call me Eddy, so lets be friends" I held out my hand and it bite me. "OW, little pricked" and Oak just watched me waving my hand around, like seriously help, but it finally let go.

'Fine, but we better be a good team' Charmander said, but all I heard was 'Char Charmander' and stuff like that.

I looked at the pokedex and saw it was a he. "Right then lets go" and with that we left the lab, but not before I tripped down the stairs and then headed out to route 1. "He's going to need all the luck he can get" the professor said shaking his head.

Like I said this is my first fanfic, so don't be too hard, but friendly advice would be nice.