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Author's Note: To those who ask, no the pokemon do not talk and the humans do not understand them, I, the author, am only translating what they are saying.

"So awesome!" I said, looking at my final badge. "I'm amazing!"

"That battle was cool!" Jackson and his Charmander awed.

"Yes, that was entertaining, but it was rather close" Green commented.

We were returning to Pallet Town, so that I could rest. Being that the pokemon league tournament was a couple of months away, I had to prepare, but I wasn't sure how.

"So what if it was close, I won and that means I'm even stronger than before, I might even be able to take on the Elite Four… no, I can take them" I grinned.

"You know there are trainers out there stronger than the Elite" Green pointed.

"Oh well, I'll beat them somehow, I could probably beat that Red guy"

"That'll never happen…." Green mumbled.

"She sounded kinda angry, wonder what's up with her"

Sometime later…

"What else is around?" I wondered out loud as I sat in my room, looking at a couple in the park through my binoculars. I searched around the area some more until I spotted a something interesting behind a bush. "Score!" I shouted excitedly. "Heheh"

"What exactly did you score?" a voice from behind asked.

"Ah!" I screamed and fell. I looked up to see Salem looking at me, the source of the voice. "Yo… how'd you get in?"

"Konata let me in" he explained. "I can by because Professor Oak wants to see you"


"I'm not sure, he just asked me to get you"

"Right now?" I asked, getting up off the ground.

"Preferably" he picked up my binoculars and looked out the window. "What were you looking…" he blushed and looked at me somewhat disgusted. "Do you really have to watch?"

I looked away, embarrassed. "I'm lonely" I replied sadly.

We made our way through the lab and to Professor Oak's lounging area. There he was, enjoying some tea.

"Hi Professor" I greeted.

"Hello Eddy. Thank you for bringing him Salem"

"Your welcome"

"So why did you need me?" I asked as Salem and I sat down on the couch opposite of Oak's.

"Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on obtaining the final gym badge, but I would like to know why I was not informed right away?"

"I thought I would relax after a tough battle"

"It's been two weeks. I was just told by my grandson the other day"


"The gym leader of Viridian City, Blue Oak" Salem explained.

"The gym leader's your grandson… awesome!"

"That's beside the point. I would like to know what your plans for the future are, now that you've traveled across the region"

"I was thinking of entering the Pokemon League tournament"

"Well, that's usually what most trainers do" Oak stated. "But what about afterwards? What do you plan to do after the tournament?"

"…" I didn't know, I never considered the thought. What would I do in the future? "Oh well, lets live in the present rather than the future" I said without a care.

"Eddy, this is serious" Salem said. "You really should think about-"

"I expected that kind of answer" Oak said with a sigh. "Well, your free to go, just stop by every once in a while to let me know how you are progressing"

"Um… sure"

"Now go start training"

"Training… I've won all the badges and my pokemon are stronger than ever, I don't need to train" I said smugly.

"We'll see" Oak replied.

"You know, you should actually train for the league. There are some really powerful trainers" Salem advised while we walked through town.

I batted my hand. "Nah, I've got this"

He stared, unconvinced. "Fine…" he sighed. "I doubt I'll be able to convince you"

"Okay, Everyone Be Quiet!" we heard a voice yelled. Looking towards the direction of the voice, we saw a group of children and Emily standing within the middle.

"It's not my fault" a familiar looking boy claimed.

"Where have I seen that blonde kid before?"

"I don't care whose fault it is! Don't pick on those weaker than you" Emily scolded.

"I'm w-weak…" a boy with glasses softly cried.

"No no no no!" Emily waved her hands. "That's not what I meant"

"Man your terrible with kids" I spoke up.

Emily glared at me, clearly not happy with my presence. "Oh shut up, I'm doing just fine"

"Not if the kids are crying"

"Hey!" the blonde kid yelled. "You're that guy that beat me!"

"Hmm…" I stared at the boy. "Nope, don't remember you"

Emily smirked. "So now you're fighting newbie trainers"

"No… he was defending me" the boy with the glasses stated.

"Oh, hi Jack, how've you been?"

"Fine… and its Jackson"

"Oh" Emily looked a little surprised. "Well… thanks for helping Jackson. And here I thought it was because your losing streak was so bad"

"As if" I scoffed. "I just beat the eighth gym"

"What!" she yelled in shock. "How could you have? That gym leader is really powerful, I still haven't beaten him"

"That's because you suck"

"You just got lucky!"

"Nope, I easily beat him" I gloated. "Your skills are just that bad"

"No they are not!" she yelled. "And I'll prove it to you right now!"

"Now now" Salem jumped in between us. "Let's not fight in front of the children, so let's just calm ourselves"

"Fine" Emily agreed angrily.

"So, what are you doing with these kids anyways" he asked her.

"I was asked to teach new trainers. Show them what it means to be an actual trainer" she answered.

"Interesting… well good luck with that" he replied.

"Thanks, I'll need it" she glanced at her watch. "Oh, times up" she turned to the children. "Alright, we'll resume where we left off tomorrow. Be at the park at the same time as usual"

"Okay!" the group said before running off. Emily quickly left as well.

"Well, what do you want to do?" I asked Salem.

"I don't know"

"But you were the one that wanted to come to town"

"Because you needed to get out"

"Um… excuse me" a voice came from behind us. We turned to see Jackson.

"Hey Jack, you wanna hang out with us?" I offered.

"Actually… I wanted you to… help me train. Would you?"

"Sure" Salem replied without a thought.

"I thought we were going to do something here?"

"We had no actual plan; you just needed to get out of your house"

"But…" "Damn… well I wasn't going to be doing anything today anyways" "Fine, what's first?"

"What pokemon do you have?" Salem asked Jackson.

The boy pulled out his pokeball and released his Charmander. It looked a bit timid at first, but quickly stood firm. "I want to be able to beat Andrew's Squirtle"

"Well, with just your Charmander it'll be a problem, as you know, fire is weak against water"

"That's why I'd like you to train me, so that she'll be able to win"

"That will take a while" Salem said. He thought for a second. "Might I suggest you catch a grass pokemon, so that you will have a type advantage. At least until your Charmander becomes strong enough to take on water types"

"Um… alright, but where can we find grass pokemon?"

"Actually" I piped in. "I think I know where to find a grass pokemon around here"

Salem looked at me. "Really, that's good, but what pokemon is it?"

"I forget its name"

"Then how do you know it's a grass type?"

"Because that grass gym leader used one. It's that weird one that's like tangled in vines and you can only see its eyes and feet. Damn, what was its name its name again?"

"You mean a Tangela?"

"Yeah, that thing"

"… let's just go"

"Use Scratch" Jackson commanded. His Charmander clawed at the vine pokemon. It jumped back and retaliated by whipping the lizard with its vines.

"That was Vine Whip" Salem stated. "It must have trained hard for it to know that move. It's strong"

"Use Scratch again!"

"Doesn't it know anything else?" I asked.

"Their new, so it probably hasn't learned anything new. He didn't set off right away like we did, so they most likely don't have much battle experience"

"Great... well, that's why we're training him… I guess" I was impatient.

"Oh no!" Jackson yelled. His Charmander had been entangled by the Tangela and it was squeezing it.

"Char!" it cried as it was being crushed. It opened its mouth and let loose a barrage of embers. The Tangela squealed in pain from being burnt.

"Well finally" I said.

"Must have gained enough experience"

"Use Ember again" Jackson ordered. His Charmander let out another barrage, the fire burning the vine pokemon eyes and causing it to faint from the pain. "It's unconscious" Jackson stated.

"Then throw a ball at it"

"R-Right…" he pulled out a pokeball. "Okay here goes!" he cheered as he tossed the ball, but it only flew about 2 feet before dropping to the ground, landing nowhere near the Tangela. Jackson's stared at the fallen ball, his face red with embarrassment.

"That was one of the worst throws ever…" I said.

"Of all time" Salem finished.

We went back to the laboratory to heal the boy's pokemon.

"Now let's say hi to your new pokemon"

Jackson released the Tangela, as well as his Charmander. The two stared at the new comer, it returning the stare.

'So he's what they call a 'trainer', well I guess now I'll be able to battle new pokemon'

"H-Hi there Tangela… I-I'm your new trainer, let's get along" the boy held at his hand.

The grass pokemon slightly tilted. 'He's quite timid'

'But he's very kind' Charmander said. Tangela mused for a second, before nodding and stretched out one vine, shaking the boy's hand. Jackson smiled.

"Isn't that sweet" a male voice from behind said. We turned to see Blue, the Viridian city gym leader. "Boy"


Blue smiled. "You're going to be a great trainer someday"

"Um… thank you"

Blue turned to me. "Hello there again, I hear from gramps that your entering the pokemon league"


"How's your training been going?"

"It's bee-"

"He hasn't been training at all" Salem interrupted.

"And why is that?"

I shrugged. "Because I don't really need it, I mean, I beat you"

"That may be so, but there are many powerful trainers out there"

"Meh, I should be fine"

Blue placed his hands in his pockets. "Whatever"

"I might even be able to beat that Red guy"

Blue stopped and quickly spun around, glaring at me. "Let's go to the back" he said angrily.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I'll show you real power"

"This will be a one on one battle" Oak explained. "Let's begin"

"Go Firaga/Charizard!" we both called. Blue's Charizard was the regular orange colored.

"Flamethrower!" the attacks collided, having a small power struggle before his Charizard's attack overpowered mine's. Although he had a resistance to it, the attack still damage Firaga quite a bit.

"Wow, can't believe how strong that was"

"Wing Attack" I ordered.

"Rock Slide" Blue countered. His Charizard stomped the ground, before ripping a few boulders from the ground and smashing them against Firaga, canceling out his attack. "Now Flare Blitz" Blue's Charizard roared before its body became covered in flames. It flew into Firaga, knocking the dragon like pokemon onto the ground. After the attack, Blue's pokemon panted slightly, looking a little damage. My Charizard on the other hand slowly pushed itself up, breathing heavily and a red aura surrounded him.

"What the hell? Blaze already… How strong is his Charizard?"

"Blast Burn!" Firaga shot out a large ball of fire, but it disintegrated without getting too far.

"It still has yet to master that technique" Blue said. "You're nowhere near as powerful as you thought you were. Charizard, Blast Burn!" His Charizard fired the same attack. The small ball of fire exploded on contact, creating a pillar of fire. When the smoke cleared, Firaga laid in a small crater, the ground around him scorched from the flames. Firaga struggled to stand.

"That's enough" I said, returning my pokemon back to his ball.

Blue also returned his pokemon. "Beating my gym is an achievement, but it doesn't mean your all powerful. The gym leaders don't use their actual team in a gym battle; they have a separate team for their gym. If they did, then no new trainer would be able to win" he walked past me. "Don't get cocky, you still have a long way to go"

"I lost…"

I sat on route one, thinking about my lose. "If Blue was really that strong, then do I really stand a chance in the league… could I even get past the first round"

"Hey!" a voice from behind surprised me, causing me to jump. I turned to see Green. She didn't look to happy. "I've been calling you for a while now"

"Oh… sorry, I was just thinking"

"You were thinking? That's not like you, but then again, I'm not surprised, your ego must've dropped pretty badly. I heard what happened."

"Yeah… I got destroyed"

"Of course you did if he used his Charizard. You know Blue was the champion once"


"Yeah, but that lasted like thirty minutes before Red took his title"

"He must've been pissed"

"He was, but he was even angrier when Red gave up the title of champion"

"He gave up his title? Why?"

"Because he felt he wasn't getting any stronger. Some officials told him there was a way for him to get the challenges he wanted, so now he's up on that damn mountain. Anyways, whenever Blue hears someone think their good enough to beat Red, he gets angry because it reminds him of how he used to be"

"You've known them for a while"

She smiled. "Yup"

"So you must be pretty strong yourself"

"I guess, well, I'm at least strong enough to provide a bit of a challenge to Blue"

"Then train me"

She looked confused. "Pardon?"

"I want you to train me. Please! I need to get stronger. I barely beat Blue's gym team; I need someone strong to help me"

She pondered for a bit and then grinned. "Alright, I'll train you for the league, but on one condition"


"'Anything' eh? Then there's no regretting" her grin became more of a mischievous smile.

"Oh crap… this may have been a bad idea"

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