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Vulgivagus – Wandering


Harry jerked from the floor with a start, sending two books flying across the rom. Rubbing a crick in his neck, he looked around blearily. He had never taken off his glasses last night, had he? Because… the memory escaped him. He stood, raking his hand through his unruly black hair. Striding from the corner next to his bed, he picked up the books scattered throughout the room.

Memory struck, erasing the remnants of sleep. He had been looking something up, something about reading minds because – he remembered!

Harry rubbed his scar. He had been trying to find a way to shield his mind from whatever it was that Voldemort had done to him. From Legilimency. On his own. And ignore the hunger like a stone in his stomach from no dinner, lunch, breakfast, dinner, or lunch. He had finished off his remaining candy from the train two days ago, and –


Harry shoved his books under his bed, and stumbled downstairs. He had discovered a few things in the books to apply to controlling his magic, and was going to apply them till it killed him. There would be no magic this summer. He was going to have a clean, slave-like existence, and not get attacked in any way by the Ministry or Lord Voldemort. He was not going to do any magic, not one bit, and he was going to avoid seeing a single Auror, if he could help it. Come autumn, he'd deal with everything –

The kitchen twisted dizzily in front of Harry's eyes, and he pushed himself away from thinking anything. If he cooked breakfast fast enough, he might get some.

He didn't.

The days shifted by, slowly or quickly, Harry couldn't tell. He got an owl from Ron asking when he was coming to the Burrow, and an owl from Hermione with a long letter. While Harry read Ron's letter swiftly, he stuffed Hermione's letter into his pocket, unread. He would read it later, when he was lonely and tired.

After another full day without food, Harry opened his letter, leaning his head against his bed while he sat on the floor.

Dear Harry,

How have you been? I've been tapping my toes, I know that I have to stay with my parents for at least a little while this break, but I can't wait to go to the Burrow and see you. And then go to Grimmauld Place, I expect. I miss you so much, have you done your homework? Don't you dare roll your eyes! (Harry didn't dare.) I haven't heard much from Dumbledore, or anyone else from the Order, but I got a letter from Professor Lupin informing me that I would go first to Grimmauld Place, then the Burrow, then Grimmauld Place again. It made me wonder, I was under the impression that, with Sirius' death, you would have inherited, taking it from the possession of the Order until further notice, right? Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought Sirius had written a will bequeathing you everything?

Other news – Ron is driving me mad. Lately he has been making me wonder a few very important things, like whether Ginny can teach me her new and improved Bat-Bogey Hex. The tone of his letters is enough to make me gag.

Ginny says hello, and wishes for me to send along "Love and Dungbombs from Gred and Forge." The wonderful idiots!

Something is bothering Professor Lupin, I think, but I haven't really seen him since school ended, so that is not much, considering I don't know the whys and wherefores.

How are you, Harry? I'll be sending your birthday present tomorrow, along with another letter and a card. Much as I'd like you to work on your homework, though, don't work too hard on it. Stay alive till I can see you next, and don't go baiting the Ministry or You-Know-Who Voldemort.

Missing my very best friend,

Hermione Jeanne Elisabette Granger

Harry fell asleep holding the letter, tears glinting on his cheeks.

Days slid by in hazy detail. No food, although water from the bathroom tap tasted sweeter than sweet, at this point. Harry, while printing copies of letters for Uncle Vernon, shot off what little steam he had typing a letter to Ron and a letter to Hermione. He passed out as soon as he had given Hermione's letter to Hedwig.

The beating was worth it.

A day – or an hour – or a week later – Harry was losing track, with no food to help him focus – he received another letter from Hermione, taken from a dead owl.

Without a drop of energy to leave his room, he pulled out a quill, ink, and some paper…

The world was spinning, the words on the page dancing –

Had he written to Hermione yet? He pulled out paper, a quill, and some ink –

The page faded before his eyes, he felt Hedwig land beside him, his sight faded to black.

It was an Order of the Phoenix meeting, but the only face Harry could see clearly was Dumbledore. The voices were alternately clear and clamorous, but some things he understood –

"– We need more, Albus, he won't notice the loss –"

"– It isn't right, Molly, I think –"

"– Yes, well, we are all quite aware of what you think, Remus!"

Remus's face, blank in that way that it only ever was when he was pretending to acquiesce when he was actually thoroughly upset –

"– He's right, though! If you would look past –"

"Nymphadora Tonks!"

"I'm older than Sirius, Remus, Lily, and James were when they joined! Not to mention you and Arthur! I have a right to my own opinion! Harry –"

"– That is enough."

All of the faces blurred together, until only Remus and Tonks were left, watching each other warily. Tonks leaned her head on Remus's shoulder and Remus spoke tiredly –

"Harry, are you alright?"

Their faces blurred together, and for a moment, Harry thought he saw tears on their faces. The dream turned into grey mist, stabbed with red knives…

Memor – Recording

Remus was pacing.

It wasn't as if he didn't do that often. Sirius had always laughed, and said that Remus in a mood would wear holes into stone floors. Then James would look up from his punishment essays, which were months overdue, and ask him grouchily to stop pacing before Sirius tackled him. Then Sirius would tackle him, effectively ending the pacing.

But there was no one to end his pacing now. He could wear a circle right through the floor of Grimmauld Place and –

That wasn't fair. Tonks would care, and so would Harry, when he came, and a good deal of the younger generation. Frowning, he cast a swift locking spell on the door of his room, and three strong silencing and anti-scrying spells.

Remus walked over to a carefully hidden closet, and pulled the secret catch, freeing a free-floating quill and pile of bound notes. He began to think aloud, starting with the date, July ninth…

"… and I haven't heard from Harry for a while now, and I was certain I sent him two letters, one soon after we all arrived, the other two days later. He hasn't responded, and I am worried.

"He is so much like James and Lily; it breaks my heart, sometimes. Then he jumps up and surprises me by doing something the way Sirius would have, or the way I would. I love him like a son, but cannot adopt him, all because of the restricting Lycanthropy laws at the Ministry. How much pain can one group of laws cause?

"Something has been bothering me, something about Dumbledore. He has always said he was looking out for Harry, but paying Molly and Arthur out of James and Lily's money? For certain, it does not belong to Harry yet, but no more does it belong to Dumbledore.

"And the attack at the Ministry this year – Dumbledore knew. He knew, and only worried about his flawed plans. Sirius died!"

Remus stopped his pacing, and dropped into a chair, his head in his hands. "Oh god…" he mumbled to himself. "Sirius…"

To his extreme surprise, two slim arms came down around him to hug him gently. He sat up straight and whirled, to find himself face-to-face with the most recent and favorite face of Nymphadora Tonks.


"…Did I get in? You've been keying your wards to me lately for some reason, and your Silencing Spell leaves a bit to be desired." Tonks drew Remus to his feet, careful to keep her hands on his and nowhere else. Her today-green eyes began to drown in Remus' deep chocolate eyes.

Remus shook his head, a bit of terror in those fascinating eyes. "How much did you hear?"

Tonks wiped a tear away with her shoulder. "Since you mentioned loving Harry like a son. By the by, what is going on? The entire truth, I've been worried about you." The moment those words left her mouth, Tonks mentally whacked herself. Do I have to be clumsy vocally as well as physically? She attacked herself.

Remus had pulled away, and was now standing his annoyingly proper three feet from her. "If I tell you," he whispered, "you will either have to prove you will leave the Order behind, or I will Obliviate you, so I need not harm you." Tears stood in his eyes. Those fascinating, chocolate-with-flecks-of-amber eyes. No, don't think about that!

Tonk moved swiftly across the room, for once not tripping over anything. She caught up Remus' hands in hers – tried not to pay attention to how beautiful his hands were – and pleaded.

"What do I have to say?" she asked, "What do I have to swear? Anything, I'll leave the Order, I –"

A muffled sound from the doorway interrupted Tonks and Remus, sending them both whirling to face the door.

Standing in the doorway, wand gripped so tightly in her hand that her knuckles were white, her hair practically crackling with anger, was Hermione Jeanne Elisabette Granger.

Crines – Locks

Tonks returned her wand to the holster in her sleeve, and Remus had to practically chew on his lips to keep himself from gaping. Neither of them had ever seen Hermione like this. She looked as if she had been forced to watch someone kill, and then let the murderer free.

"Hermione?" Tonks took Hermione's elbow and tugged her into the room, while Remus shut and locked the door.


The word exploded from Hermione's mouth, leaving Tonks gaping at her for a moment. Hermione Granger – cursed! Had Hermione Granger actually let a curse fly from her mouth? Never

"There is something wrong," Hermione began to rant, unconsciously following Remus' pacing path through the room. "I didn't want to believe it, but there is something badly wrong and it has something to do with Harry."

She began to talk the way that she once had, when she was smaller, so swiftly that the listener needs help to follow her words.

"Ever since Dumbledore took so long to come, I mean Dumbledore, he had to have known where we were going, what we were doing, but he didn't do anything until it was too late, and if someone had just stopped Sirius, all Dumbledore would have had to do was stop him, Dumbledore is powerful, he could have kept Sirius here until Harry and the rest of us were safe! And then, when I was looking up registrars, I saw that the Evans may not have any blood relations that are alive besides the Dursleys, but you don't need that for a blood protection ward, the Potters are related to the Blacks in four ways since the last Goblin War, and once since 1943. That's close enough, Harry taught us about wards in the DA, you just need a third cousin three times removed, at closest, so why was Harry stuck someplace so horrible? And what is with his school life, I mean, it reads like a storybook, each year the protagonist and antagonist getting stronger, seemingly unconnected coincidences causing endless amounts of pain, and the only things connecting them being Harry, Dumbledore, and – and V-V-Voldemort.

"And all this time Dumbledore knew! He knew where the Philosopher's Stone was, but the protections were so weak, any of the students could have gotten through! Not to mention that any teacher should be able to notice someone cursing a broom right next to them. But he did nothing! And when Dumbledore knew that it was a basilisk attacking people, he did nothing! Again! Didn't warn people, just let Harry and me and Ron and Professor McGonagall take care of it all! Third year, he had to have known that Sirius was innocent, otherwise why was he so quick to let us all off? But then it was all left to get muddled up, when it could have been salvaged! Fourth year, Dumbledore could and should have called a draw for the TriWizard Tournament, there only being allowed three wizards in the tournament, hence the name! But no, all the mess and losing his "best friend" over something so petty and then Cedric Diggory died and Dumbledore again did nothing until Harry was almost killed by Barty Crouch Jr.!

"And then this year, it was as if Dumbledore was deliberately twisting Harry's mind, I mean, giving Snape the chance to dig in Harry's mind? His mind was opened all the wider for V-Voldemort, because of that! The press attacks him, and Dumbledore does less than nothing. I know the dirt that could have been dug up about those who were accusing Harry, but no one did anything! And any person with half a brain who – who – who knew Sirius would know that he hates being stuck in one place, and that any chance he gets to fight, he'll fight, as well as the fact that if Harry is attacked, Sirius would forever and always come charging after him! And now these letters, I sent him a couple over the summer and he sounds less there with each one! Why am I the only one who sees it?"

Remus and Tonks both gaped at the shaking, furious girl. Remus swallowed fear. What had happened?

Verum – Truths

Trembling, Hermione allowed Tonks to lead her to a chair, and dropped into it with just as much force as Remus had a few moments before.

"It doesn't make sense!" Hermione yanked a bundle of parchment and paper from her pocket, and jabbed the pile into Tonks' face. "Read these! Some are copies of my own letters, but the rest are Harry's replies, and frankly I just don't know –"

Remus took the letters, and began to read swiftly. The first letters seemed rather ordinary, but the last few were less and less like the type of thing Harry would write, and more and more the type of thing that an automaton would write. The last two letters Harry wrote worried him the most. The first read –

Dear Hermione,

I am fine, and will see you when I come to Grimmauld Place.


The second letter was more alarming, containing barely two sentences.

Dear Hermione,

I swear I won't use magic

I miss y

Remus stared at the letters for a long moment, and then looked up at Hermione and Tonks.

"Hermione," he began, "Have you ever heard of a Wall of Pain?"

Hermione jerked out of her seat, knocking Tonks aside.

"It's real?" she gasped, staggering. "But… never mind, if Harry is trapped by a Wall of Pain…"

Remus shook his head. "That wasn't exactly where I was going, Hermione, but good deduction. N-Tonks, do you know where the Welsh Potter Manor is?"

Tonks gaped at him. "Yes, but what –"

Remus shook his head. "Take the Knight bus. I'll be there in a couple of hours. You tell anyone, and it could cause Harry's death. Understood?"

Hermione nodded briskly, and ran out of the room, presumably to fetch her trunks. Tonks grabbed Remus' hand before he could move away, and held it, briefly.

"I swear." She whispered, but Remus heard. Stumbling over her feet, Tonks cracked her head on the wall, and left the bedroom.

After placing everything into his trunk and grasping the battered old handle, Remus Lupin took a swift look around the room before Apparating to the backyard of Number Thirteen, Privet Drive. He looked at the mailbox. In faded paint on the metal, he sadly read the name Black. Number Thirteen, Privet Drive, was currently under the ownership of a Mr. Potter, him being the heir to a Mr. Sirius O. Black.

Pallor – Fading

Harry opened his eyes to hear Uncle Vernon shouting something. Blinking, he attempted to sit up, and found himself unable to push himself off of the floor. Uncle Vernon's voice grew closer, and Harry forced himself to comprehend the ranting for a moment.

" – Damn you boy, knew it would cause trouble but you are causing NO MORE TROUBLE! Get off of your lazy ass this minute or I'll –"

Harry let his mind loose itself again. The words didn't matter. None of it mattered. What did matter? Right – "I swear I won't use magic," when had he written that? Did it matter? No, it didn't, because nobody had come to pick him up. Or was that next week? Or next month? Not that it mattered.

When he began to feel something hitting him, Harry's mind slipped further away, drifting. His mind, out of self preservation, attempted to reach for his magic, to fight off the beating that only his body felt. The tearing, searing pain, ripping his body like the Cruciatus Curse. His mind didn't feel it anymore, so what did it matter? He would go see Sirius, wouldn't he?

"Doesn't… matter –"

The words slipped from bruised and bleeding lips, but the coherency frightened Vernon Dursley more than anything ever had in his measly existence. Especially when Harry looked up at Vernon and smiled crazily, despite being held in a strangle-hold against the wall.

Harry's eyes were not sane, the green akin to something that wizards called "the Killing Curse." His right eye poured blood instead of tears, where his glasses were smashed into his face. Even around the blood, or perhaps because of it, Harry's eyes looked like the eyes of a man who has seen Death.

"Doesn't… matter… won't… use – magic…" Harry's head slumped to the side, and no amounts of beating woke him. Disgusted, Vernon Dursley tossed the frightfully thin teenager into his bedroom, and the door was slammed shut and locked. Harry's eyes slid open and shut over the next few hours, but he saw nothing.

Effrego – Breaking

Remus Lupin had not used certain skills in years. For instance, the last time he had climbed the wall of a house had been to give an eleven-year-old Nymphadora Tonks a present from her favorite uncle, Sirius.

It had, in fact, been Sirius who taught Remus how to climb walls, although it was James who had taught him the Muggle ways of breaking into a house unnoticed. He was surprised at how easy it was to climb the walls of the Dursley house, but spent nearly two hours breaking open the window to Harry's room.

During those tense two hours, Remus heard shouts and slams, as well as a distinct noise that he recognized all too well – that of a door being locked.

When the window finally opened inward, Remus let out a silent breath of relief. If Arabella Figgs had seen him, the Order would have been there in a flash.

Remus peeked inside. He expected he would have to explain himself to Harry before anything else happened –

Halfway through the window, Remus almost fell out again. He was not going to be speaking with Harry tonight, it seemed.

The teen was sprawled across the floor, his glasses reduced into mangled wires and glass in deep bloody grooves on his face. Remus swallowed hard. Harry was mangled. Biting back tears – Harry looked too much like James for comfort, and Remus was growing to love Harry in his own right as well – he flicked his wand, lifting Harry into the air. A second flick collected Harry's books and school supplies from previous years into the suitcase still half-packed on the floor. Swearing to himself that Harry would never have to return to this place, Remus grasped Harry's left wrist and Apparated.

Recro – Reviving

When Remus and Harry appeared in the center of large front hallway, Tonks and Hermione both jumped approximately ten feet. The major difference was that Hermione regained her balance, while Tonks hit two vases and a pedestal before landing on her behind with a spectacular crash.

Hermione took one look at Harry, and let out a scream that quite drowned out the sound of Tonks' fall.

It took a little while to end the pandemonium, and then there were a few tense hours while Tonks and Remus fought to keep Harry alive. Directing Hermione like a pair of drill sergeants, Tonks and Remus finally managed to get Harry physically stable in the early hours of July tenth.

Hermione collapsed, her legs simply giving out beneath her. Lying down on the cool stone floor, she moaned.

"God," she gasped, "I feel worse than I did after the Ministry incident. Kill me, before I die."

Tonks frowned. "Hermione, you're overtired. Delirious. Let me take you to a bedroom and –"


Tonks started when Remus placed his hand over hers, and looked up at him in confusion. "She's exhausted," Tonks protested, rubbing her eyes, "She needs sleep. We all do."

Remus shook his head. "We don't dare. Tonks, go straight up the stairs and through the first crimson door. In a grey cabinet labeled "Keep Out" in gold letters, there is a brown bottle full of a green potion that smells like mint, even with the bottle closed. Please get it."

Tonks stood and fetched the potion, grumbling in her head the entire time. She returned to the bedroom-turned-sickroom to find Remus Transfiguring one of his shoelaces into a cup. Two other cups sat beside the third. Grimacing, Tonks tried not to think about what the other cups had begun their existence as. She tossed the potion bottle to Remus –

Who, unfairly enough, caught it. Why was everyone physically coordinated but her? She gaped as he dumped the entire contents into the air, and split the entire potion equally between the cups. While expecting Remus to pour the potion into the three cups, she was not expecting him to empty it. "What…"

Remus handed one cup to Hermione, and one to her. "It's a strengthening potion. About a fifth of that cup you're holding would keep you awake for another twenty-four hours. The amounts I have separated out will keep us awake and completely alert for approximately seventy-two more hours, after which we could function, with unpleasant side-effects. After it completely wears off, unless we have slept before that point, it will knock us out past waking for a long time. Longer for however long you have gone without sleep." Without pausing for a breath, Remus downed the potion.

Tonks glanced at Hermione and Remus, and then drank as well. Her eyes widened, feeling as if her body was being frozen at the bottom of an ocean for a moment. Then, she found she could stand and move without crying from exhaustion.

Hermione, having finished her potion while Tonks was contemplating the frozen feeling, Summoned a sofa from the downstairs with little effort, before falling into it.

"Well then," she said. "You never did explain, Professor. What exactly is a Wall of Pain?"

Certus – Definition

Remus sighed. "You aren't going to like all, or even most, of what you hear," he warned. "I will tell you right now, it may be that, though we might know the cause, we can still do absolutely nothing. Are you going to hear me out, now?"

Hermione and Tonks both nodded, mutely. Remus twisted his hands in his lap for a moment, and suddenly expelled a huge breath, standing up. "Don't interrupt," he said, frowning.

"The Wall of Pain is not as rare as you think. Almost every living being in the world has a Wall of Pain. I believe that muggle psychologists often chalk it up to trauma. That much, is actually rather accurate.

"A Wall of Pain does not usually cause a great deal of damage. For most people, it is merely the deep seat of our insecurities, and facing it in a normal, vocal, and physical way, as well as in a loving environment, is often all that is needed. There have been, however, times in history where wizards have found themselves in trouble like this. The one who is afflicted is so bound; outer help from the inside is needed.

"To define a Wall of Pain for someone like Harry, I would imagine it as exactly that, a wall, a wall of memories and beliefs about him that have been etched into his brain. For most witches and wizards, a Wall of Pain merely weakens them a tiny bit. As it seems to always be, unfortunately, we have a special case in Harry.

"Each year, if I am not mistaken, a greater and greater amount of Harry's magic is getting locked away behind a part of his mind. Therefore, if I am correct in my calculations, the amount of magical power Harry used in the Department of Mysteries is the same amount of power that Harry could consciously access at age five, had he known about magic.

"I'm certain you realize what this means, correct? Harry is insanely powerful. We can't determine how powerful, though, because of the Wall. I'd like you to think, though. If Harry could fight Death Eaters and Voldemort himself nearly to a stalemate with the magical power he could physically access at age five, imagine, exponentially, how much stronger he could be if we brought down his Wall of Pain.

"As it is, he has somehow forced all of his magic behind his Wall of Pain, probably because he was associating it with bad memories and no longer wanted to use it.

"This is the part where you can back out. To wake Harry, and begin bringing down his Wall of Pain, several things are needed. The first is rather simple – twenty, powerful, fitted-to-body shields, all around Harry. Secondly, we need to contact key people who love and are loved by Harry. Thirdly, those key people, who Harry will unconsciously call, will actually enter his mind, and help erode the Wall of Pain. Any questions?"

Tonks, who had been attempting to stand up, fell back onto the floor with a thump. Hermione stood, and helped Tonks to her feet, frowning.

"I don't think so," began Hermione, "But who do we need? You make it sound as if Harry needs more than simply three people who care about him. Where are we going to get these hypothetical people?"

Remus handed Hermione a paper and Muggle ballpoint pen. "Who are the friends that Harry trusts the most, and can afford to trust the most?"

"Longbottom." Tonks spoke up, earning blank looks from both Remus and Hermione. "Seriously, isn't Neville Harry's friend? And I swear, the Longbottoms will always have hearts of pure love."

Hermione nodded. "Neville, definitely. He is one of Harry's best friends. And Ginny, if we can get a hold of her. Ron… his letters seemed to indicate that he is completely following Dumbledore now – too dangerous. Luna, absolutely, that girl does what she thinks is right, and nothing else. Fred and George, if we can contact them, they follow themselves and nobody else, except maybe Harry. Maybe Susan Bones, she was attacked recently, I heard. She saved herself and her aunt using the stuff from the DA, her connection to Harry as a student is probably pretty strong." She snapped the pen shut. "I can't think of anyone else, but seriously, why did you think of Neville, Tonks?"

Tonks turned red. "I was Professor Binns' favorite student. In the Wizarding War of 1033, Jameth Potter, Daiffyd Gryffindor, Adrianna Potter, and one Neville Longbow fought and saved the Wizarding World from someone the equal of V-Voldemort.

"They swore in blood to remain bound as friends forever. Daiffyd and Adrianna were married the year after the war, and Daiffyd took on his wife's name, Potter. Jameth's daughter Niamh married Neville Longbow. Jameth being the older brother to Adrianna, the Potter and Longbow lines were bound in that way.

"Sometime in the 1500s, the Longbow family changed their name to Longbottom, to escape murderers after the Gryffindor line. Neville is the direct heir to the Potter-Gryffindor-Longbow line, after Harry, who is now, if I am not mistaken, Lord Harry James Potter-Gryffindor-Black, Duke of The Gryffin, Earl of Pothertry, Count of Everinne.

"Plus, anyone who has talked to that kid, no matter how old he was at the time, knows that Neville has a heart of gold and a soul for magic."

"Wow." Remus grinned. "I guess we know where to look before we hit the history books." Tonks turned red, and her hair went from purple to green to blue in rapid succession.

Adventum – Arrival

Fred and George arrived first, dragging Ginny between them, laughing and crying simultaneously. One day later, Neville and Susan arrived, grim and readied for anything. It was late the night of July twelfth when a resounding crack outside the front door heralded the arrival of Luna Lovegood. Everyone gathered into the front hall as Hermione opened the door, and were shocked to see Luna gripping the wrist of a tall young man in Quidditch robes.

Hermione blinked. "Oliver… Oliver Wood, isn't it? Luna, why did you bring Oliver Wood?"

Luna looked surprisingly determined, rather than vague. "We need him," she said. Oliver looked absolutely befuddled, but Luna kept a firm grip on his wrist. "He is as important as the rest of us."

Hermione nodded slowly. "Right then. Everyone, follow me, Prof-Remus is going to tell us what we need to do."

Swiftly, everyone followed Hermione to the bedroom-turned-sickroom where Tonks and Remus were casting the strongest body-shields they dared. Once they finished, they looked up.

It had taken moments for the small bedroom-turned-sickroom to be filled with the group of friends. Remus looked around the room from beside Harry's bed, and clapped for everyone's attention. Nine heads turned to face him. He coughed, and began to explain exactly what a Wall of Pain was.

"… In short, what we are going to do is simple. Everyone, pull up a chair so that we are in a circle around the bed –" Chairs and stools scraped against the floor in reply.

"We are all going to clasp hands, and hold our wands at the same time. I want you to do something similar to when casting a Patronus, but not quite the same. Rather than thinking of a happy memory, I want each and every person to call up a memory that, to them, uniquely reminds them of and defines Harry Potter.

"We will almost definitely not wake all at the same time, so I want to remind everyone that a circle is important. Whoever wakes first should leave the circle, and close the gap where they sat. Those who woke first will also help those who wake later.

"We will be seeing things that are not quite memories. In short, we will be seeing combinations of memories that build the Wall. From there, we will have to see. This has not been attempted in nearly three hundred years.

"Is everyone ready?" At this, Remus clasped hands with Tonks on his right and Hermione on his left. Heads nodded; faces solemn.

"Very good. Now shut your eyes… and think… Harry James Potter."

White light flared, and the world seemed to vanish away. In the physical world, however, bugs, birds, and rats fled at the sight of the circle of love, steadily growing brighter.

And so ends Chapter 1!