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Sumo - Vita /~\ Choosing - Life

Tonks darted forward to help Hermione up, and Remus pulled them both back, away from Harry.

"Does everyone know how to cast a simple body-shield?" Remus asked. He looked around, making eye contact with each person. Everyone had been woken.

Ginny shifted slightly. "I can't."

Remus nodded, and beckoned to her. "Stand in front of me, and let my shields cover the both of us."

Tonks watched in awe as Remus did something she had thought impossible. She hadn't realized you could use personal shields to cover more than one person. God, why couldn't she stop obsessing over someone so perfect?

"Watch." Remus tilted his chin to point at Harry. Every head in the room turned to watch.

The shields were completely visible, now, as a blue light. They bulged over Harry's body, fighting the white light forcing itself from Harry's body. Tonks flinched as the first of the shields gave way.

The shields rippled, stretching as high from Harry's body as they could. Three more shields exploded, followed by five more. There were now eleven shields on Harry's body. Remus was sweating, Tonks could see from where she was standing.

Four shields turned red, and exploded in all their pyrotechnic glory, a sight that Fred and George would have enjoyed, if not for the reason.

Seven shields.

Harry was shaking, his back arched. Tonks was barely conscious of the fact that Remus was physically holding Ginny back from Harry, or that Fred, George, and Luna were all pinning Hermione to the couch, to keep her from Harry.

Harry let out a hoarse yell, and his eyes flipped open, arching his back. Tonks swallowed hard. Harry looked mad. Insane. His eyes were green like the Killing Curse, and his right eye was filled with blood. His eyes rolled up in his head, and Harry collapsed against the bed again. White light flared, blazing through three shields, which turned green before blasting outwards.

Four shields.

Hermione was sobbing, Ginny was gasping, Fred and George were both hanging onto Hermione limply, Oliver looked stunned, Luna had tears streaming down her face, Neville was gripping the couch so tightly that his knuckles were white, Susan was paler than clean ice, and Remus was shaking. Tonks felt as if pain and fury were ripping her body apart. The shields bulged, stretched –

And broke.

Two shields.

There was a low whine, something nobody would have really noticed, if it hadn't been so silent. All that broke the silence was the sound of Hermione's sobs and the slow, steady breathing of ten people, Harry's breathing unheard.

The whine grew, becoming louder and louder, until it tore into their eardrums like a scream. The upper of the two remaining shields was stretched to a full five foot radius around Harry for five long seconds.

It broke.

The whine stopped, creating an agony of a different sort, as the silence became much, much too loud –

The final shield constricted, as if there was a vacuum of power inside of the shield. Tonks watched, trying to remember how to breathe, when suddenly, Harry levitated off of the bed, and screamed –

And screamed

And screamed


For an eternity of a moment, Harry SCREAMED

The world stopped.

The final shield slammed outwards, throwing all ten of the watchers into the walls and furniture, destroying their shields like they were made of paper, giving every person in the room a brief moment when they felt everything that Harry felt –

The world exploded with white light, burning away sight as easily as darkness did.

Elector - Vita /~\ Chosen - Life

Tonks opened her eyes to see a blurry face in front of her own. "Who?" She croaked, feeling as if a ton of bricks had fallen on her head.

"It's Remus." Somehow, those words reassured Tonks more than they should. "You alright, Nym?"

Tonks nodded, and sat up with Remus' help. Suddenly, a question came to her. "When did you start calling me 'Nym'?"

She still couldn't see well enough to tell whether or not he was really blushing. Probably not, Remus was too self-assured to do something like blush. "Sirius used to have a cousin I played with, a while back. He called her Nymphie, or Tonksie. I used to call her Nym."

Tonks felt more stunned than ever. "You were that friend of Sirius' that Mum said used to play with me?"


Tonks paused for a moment, both to let that revelation sink in, and to let her eyesight clear, and then shifted slightly into a more comfortable position.

"How is everyone?" she asked. No use in putting off the question. Most of her focus had returned, and if she could be of help…

Remus smiled a little. "Better than I had hoped. Luna collapsed, and spent a couple of hours talking to thin air, Hermione is hysterically depressed, and Neville has a mind-blowing headache."

Tonks resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "And you?"

Remus sighed. "I was knocked out for a couple of hours from the backlash of the wards fading, but you were out the longest."

Tonks stood up, swayed, and reluctantly accepted his help to the doorway. "Why?"

Remus let out a heavy sigh. "I believe it is because you made two-thirds of the wards, even though I was perfectly happy to make half. Backlash."

Tonks moaned as her head began to pound. "Right. Remind me never to be so stupid again, 'kay Remus?"

Remus laughed, Tonks found herself hating – hating that anybody's amusement could be so darn sexy. "Oh, I'll remember."

Recidivus – Returning

Harry's head hurt. It felt as if hippogriffs had been stomping through it. He'd had the most wonderful dreams, nightmares that brought people he cared about and had them make him happy. It would be wonderful if he could be with everyone, right now.

He opened his eyes, and saw nothing. Well, not quite nothing, he could see the vaguest of blurred colors, as if someone had turned real life into a watercolor-painting.

"Harry?" Somebody was there, near him, near enough to touch. Funny, Harry hadn't thought his sight was quite this bad, even without his glasses. He knew that voice, though…

"Professor Lupin?"

A sigh. "Call me Remus, Harry, I'm not your teacher anymore, and I am hopefully your friend."

Harry attempted to nod. "Um… what are you doing here? Assuming I actually know where here is? And why am I practically blind and my head hurts."

Another sigh. "We are at a place that goes by the curious name of Potter Manor. I don't think I could begin to imagine why that could be. Perhaps because it has been in the hands of the Potter family for at least the last five hundred years explains some of it. And perhaps we are here because this house and the surrounding lands not only belong to you, Harry, but are also better protected than even Hogwarts. That should explain a little of why we are invading a place that rightfully is your home."

Harry felt a wave of anger rush through his body. "I own a house? Please explain to me why nobody informed me of this."

Even without vision, Harry had the feeling that Remus was shifting slightly in his seat. "To be frank, Harry, I used to come here often. Something happened, when your parents died, I believe. Dumbledore did something to keep me from taking you from the Dursleys. I truthfully don't remember what it was he did, and believe I may have been Obliviated. At the same time, he apparently did something that made me forget about the fact that you own an insanely highly protected house, protected to the point that any 'blood wards' would be outweighed."

Harry frowned, but waves of anger were rushing through his body. Dumbledore did something to Remus, something that made him betray the son of his best friends? Dumbledore had betrayed him, betrayed him to the point of not informing him that he had a Hogwarts-style home?

The sound of a door slamming open interrupted his furious thoughts. "Harry!"

Controlling the urge to blink hard, as if it would help his vision, Harry thought for a moment, getting his anger under control. "Hermione? What –"

He barely saw the brown blur, but he certainly felt the rather ungainly thump as his friend hurled herself across the room onto his bed. "Um, Hermione?"

She was sobbing into his lap. "You're alright! I'm so glad; I was worried when you didn't wake up, and – oh! Everyone's here and I'm so angry at Dumbledore, when you hear what he's done –" She stopped cold.

Harry couldn't see, but he didn't need to, to know that Remus was frowning at Hermione. She had obviously said more than she was meant to.

"What has Dumbledore done? The truth, please."

Remus sighed. "I wasn't going to keep it from you, Harry, but I did want you a little more rested. I guess there is no time like the present, though.

"Dumbledore's been stealing money from your family vaults. He's been giving to people in the Order. For some reason, even though it has always made me angry and wish that I could go tell you, I never thought about it when you were around. I suspect that Dumbledore is behind that, as well. He is an experienced Occlumens and Legilimens, and I only began learning when Sirius began teaching me, at the end of your fourth year. Oddly enough, it is from around that time that my distrust of Dumbledore began to grow. Even then, however, it was as if whenever I was around you, someone had blocked my memories of my distrust.

"In order not to lose the reasons behind my distrust, I began taking down a journal of a sorts, whenever I felt uncertain or distrustful. When Sirius died, something broke. I do believe that Dumbledore stopped putting as much effort in controlling me, possibly because he thought that, with Sirius' influence gone, I wouldn't be as distrustful."

Harry couldn't see Remus' scowl, but it bled into his voice, along with a fierce anger. "He. Was. Wrong."

Harry was shaking with anger. He might not be able to see, but he could hear the pain and betrayal in Remus' voice, the hurt that the man who had seemingly done so much for the werewolf had actually done more harm than help.

I can't believe it, he thought furiously. Dumbledore has the trust of so many, and he betrays it all – Remus would do anything for the unprejudiced man who gave him schooling and a job, and Dumbledore betrayed that. Hermione practically worshiped the kindly Professor who gave a Muggle-born girl the chance to learn as much as she could, and Dumbledore betrayed that. My parents trusted their teacher and leader from the Order of the Phoenix to protect them and keep me safe, and Dumbledore betrayed that. I loved him, loved him like the grandfather I don't have, like the father that I so badly wanted, like the teacher and leader I thought he was, I would have done anything for him, and he betrayed that. I never want to let him get close to me EVER AGAIN!

Something that Harry had never felt before roared. It was like a hurricane, inside of his body. Vaguely, he recognized it as being of the same substance as his magic, but this was bigger. Waves roared and crashed inside of his head. Fury exploded from Harry like a palpable force. Something inside of Harry reached out and threw.

Colors moved in front of Harry's extremely blurred vision, and he heard shouts and yelps. From outside the room, there was a loud shout, and then a female voice that swore just as loudly. "Damn! That's not me, I swear!"

Is that Tonks? Harry wondered.

"Harry." Remus' voice sounded strained. "I know you are upset, but you are Levitating everything in the room, including myself and Hermione. It is possible, considering the uproar, that you are Levitating everything in the house. Would you mind?"

Breathing deeply, Harry thought hard for a moment. There was something, almost like a muscle, that was tight, lifting something. He relaxed the muscle.

Loud thumps and more shouts signaled his success. Sighing, Harry shut his eyes. "Pr-Re- Oh, it's too hard! I'm going to sleep, now, alright?"

Remus made a sound that resembled a laugh, and answered simply.

"Sleep well, Harry. We all love you."

Distraho – Dispersing

Remus left Harry's room to find everyone rushing around, attempting to set things right. Hundreds of vases and other breakables had been broken, and barely anything had escaped the trip into and out of the air unscathed.

Grabbing Tonks as she walked by, he asked if she could get Ginny, Fred, and George. Tilting her head in question, she nodded and ran to find them.

When they Weasleys in question had gathered, Remus stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at them for a moment before beginning to speak.

"You do know that it can't have escaped your mother's notice that Ginny has been missing for nearly a week, correct?"

Fred and George turned white, reading all of the implications in that statement. "And what Mum knows –" "– The Order knows."

Remus nodded. "Normally, that would be quite true." Rummaging in his pockets, he found the letter that had been sitting in the bedroom Fred and George had slept in. "Read this."

Ginny snatched the letter before Fred or George could, and began to read aloud.

"Remus –

"Today is July 11th, and I am writing to tell you that Mum suspects nothing. Thank you for the Time Turner, it is back on the bookcase, next to The Life of Emmerdine Valese. Thank you, and see you soon, I hope.

"Ginny Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley."

Finishing the letter, Ginny looked blankly at Remus. "What does it mean?" she asked. "We were here on July 11th."

Fred and George looked from Remus to Ginny before beginning to smile. "Dear sister," began Fred, "It says Time Turner."

George grinned. "I believe that we didn't lie to Mum after all. We are going to test some products –"

"– Blow things up –"

"– And return to the Burrow utterly –"

"Exhausted!" they chorused.

Remus nodded. "Right then. The Time Turner is where the letter says it is, there is another letter beside it that says how many times to turn it, but I believe two turns should do it. Rather than an Hour-Turner, I believe it is a Day-Turner. Here is a Portkey –" Remus pulled a small plastic ball from his pocket. "Use it once you have written and left the letter. Good luck."

Taking the letter from them, he left the loyal Weasleys to their return home.

Fides – Belief

Three days later, Harry was walking around again, albeit with the help of Hermione or Neville. He wore a new pair of glasses, but his vision was still fuzzy enough that he needed someone around to help with distances.

Although Susan, Luna, and Oliver had returned to their homes, Neville had elected to stay, claiming that his grandmother didn't care if he was with friends.

At dinner on the sixteenth, a thought struck Harry. He turned to Remus and Tonks, forcing back a smile at the way they were carefully not looking at each other. "Are you two going to go to the next Order meeting?" The air tightened subtly, just enough for the five around the table to notice.

"I think," began Tonks carefully, "that we should go, if only to know what the Order is up to, and feel out other possible people for our little 'rebellion.' After all, we don't know who else could possibly have been like Remus, suspicious but forgetting their suspicions due to Occlumency and Legilimency."

The tightness in the air vanished, and Harry nodded. "I have an… idea, if you will, and it might – conflict with the Order. If it works. Oh, and is it possible to get Susan Bones and Ginny back here, at some point? And someone to teach everyone Occlumency? I don't really want some of the things they know now to be within the public grasp."

Remus frowned in thought. "Susan, yes. Ginny, doubtful. Remember, if Ginny disappears too often, we alert the Order to our actions. How badly do you need to learn Occlumency, Harry?"

Harry reddened, and looked at the table. "I... kind of thought that maybe… the teacher could teach me, and I could teach everyone else?"

Tonks grinned. "Actually, Harry, that's a great idea. You know exactly how not to teach it, so you'll be a great teacher at the right way to do it. I'll look into someone at the Ministry, the Unspeakables do that type of thing all the time, and they won't even tell the Aurors, if we ask and they deem it proper."

Remus' eyes widened, and looked at Tonks with an odd expression on his face. She blinked, and turned to face him. "What?"

Remus stood, shaking. "C24-53," he whispered. "Also known as Chameleon."

Tonks stood quickly, knocking her chair over. "M33-04? Also known as Marauder?"

Harry looked from one to the other, and groaned aloud. Hermione and Neville both turned to stare at Harry. "What is it, Harry?" asked Hermione.

Harry shook his head, laughing helplessly at the startled adults. "They're both… Unspeakables! And they didn't… know! Even with such… obvious nicknames!" He continued to laughed, while everyone else slowly began to see the humor in the scene.

Remus bit his lip, his eyes sparkling with amusement. "I suppose it is funny. I thought I recognized your voice when you joined the Order, but I'd never seen your face, so…" He began to laugh.

That evening ended with laughter ringing through the ceilings of the Potter Manor.

Exordium – Beginning

A loud thump heralded the beginning of a new day, the morning of July 17th. That wasn't to say that Tonks didn't regularly herald the day with a thump, but this one was special – she fell down the stairs, and landed on a bewildered Harry.

Harry fumbled for his glasses, while Neville, Hermione, and Remus crowded into the hallway. "What happened?" Hermione helped Harry up, and handed him his glasses.

Harry shrugged. "I don't know, I was just walking down the hall and… Tonks!" He turned, and pointed at the blushing young Auror. "You fell on me."

Tonks tossed her hair, growing it to shoulder-length as she did. "I know. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to fall down the stairs. But the Order just called for a meeting, tonight at eight."

Remus nodded. "I got the message, too." A grin spread over his face, and Harry, still fixing his glasses, thought that Remus must have worn a similar grin when pulling off a prank at Hogwarts. "But I didn't fall down two flights of stairs and land on Harry Potter."

Tonks stuck out her tongue. "I didn't do it on purpose – wait, are you teasing me?"

Remus ran his hand through his hair and grinned wickedly. "And enjoying every minute. Now, we should hurry and get ready if we're going to go to the Department of Mysteries and request an Occlumency teacher before the meeting."

As Remus left to prepare himself for the Ministry, Tonks turned and glared at Harry, who was stifling laughter. "Alright, sir, what's so funny this time?"

Biting back gasps, Harry grinned hugely. "I was just thinking that it was no wonder the Marauders got away with so much. Pro-Remus seems so normal, and then he turns around and – and he's as bad as Sirius was!"

"I am not!" called Remus from his room, "I'm worse!"

Harry lost his fight with his laughter, and collapsed, sitting on the floor with a thump. Tonks rolled her eyes.

"Men. They're all idiots."

Neville frowned. "The two of them might be, but don't group me with Harry and Remus!"

Hermione and Tonks looked from the weakly laughing Harry to Neville, who was pretending to be offended. Huge grins broke over their faces, and both young women joined Harry with laughter.

Contego Mens – Occlumency

Remus and Tonks arrived at the Ministry dressed as Unspeakables. Swiftly, they moved as a pair, unconsciously matching stride for stride.

As always in the Ministry, people moved out of the path of the pair of Unspeakables. Tonks had always found it amusing how much people feared Unspeakables. It wasn't like they were that different from Aurors. Well, except for the fact that they answered to no one outside their department, not even the Minister. And that they were sworn in blood and by magic to never break their codes of secrecy, on pain of Obliviation.

Once inside the Department of Mysteries, they were stopped by the Two Guards.

Remus lifted his wand, and drew two curving marks in the air, branching them out like antlers. "I am M33-04. The Marauder."

Tonks followed only a second behind him with a spiral shape. "I am C24-53. The Chameleon."

The Two Guards nodded, and moved aside, allowing them to pass. Remus and Tonks moved straight for the Head's Office.

After about two hours of verification, persuasion, and conversation, the Head of the Department nodded for a moment, and wrote something on a paper bird; setting it free to find the person he or she was looking for.

After another hour of waiting and conversing on innocuous subjects, the door opened to reveal a tiny Unspeakable that Tonks had seen a few times. Raising their wand, the Unspeakable jabbed it downwards, causing a handful of crimson stars to explode from the tip, along with a puff of gold mist. "M00-01, Crimson Mist."

The Head nodded. "Right. Mist, these two are –"

"C24-53, The Chameleon, born Nymphadora Anne Tonks. M33-04, The Marauder, born Remus John Lupin."

The Head nodded. "Yes. Chameleon, Marauder, Mist is the Department's best kept secret."

The tiny Unspeakable shifted, and tossed their head. "I am also the Department's favorite guinea pig. To quote Ginevra Molly Weasley, a Ginny-Pig."

Tonks and Remus stared at the Unspeakable, who growled. "My nickname – a while ago – was Ginny."

The Head sighed. "Mist, these two need an Occlumency expert. You haven't shown your face in a long time…"

The Unspeakable shifted her head in a way that hinted at an eye roll. "Considering that Occlumency is one of the few things I can do, aside from exist, I suppose you want me to take the job."

The Head sighed again. "Please, Mist?"

Crimson Mist expelled an exasperated breath. "Fine. I'll call myself – Day, alright?"

The Head pulled down his obscuring hood, and smiled. "Thank you, Day. Hoods down. I'll leave the three of you to get to know each other."

Tonks and Remus pulled down their hoods, while Day waited until the Head had left before she pulled down her hood.

"I don't want him to realize that I'm me," she explained. "He doesn't know he's met me before."

Tonks held back a gasp. Day was a petite girl who didn't look a day over fourteen. She had a pale heart-shaped face, ice blue eyes, and shoulder-length white hair in soft waves. Day sat still for a moment, her eyes vague and distant, before she shook her head and glared at Tonks.

"I would appreciate you not staring. I know that most people over five hundred years old don't look like they could still go to school, but you don't need to gape."

Remus choked. He hadn't been staring, but her words rang a bell. "You're that Mist? I thought it was just a title, not a person! You've been around since before the Ministry!"

Day rolled her eyes. "Yes, I've been around since before the Ministry, yes, I knew Merlin. Yes, I've been around that long. I'm cursed."

Tonks shook her head to stop herself from staring at Day again, and suddenly realized what she had said. "You're cursed?"

Day rubbed her forehead. "Triply cursed. My mother was a faery spirit. When I was born, I was given the power to naturally see what others think unless they block it. You might say that I would be insane without Occlumency. I'm cursed to never grow older until I meet my "true love," damn if it doesn't sound stupid. I'm also cursed so that stupid sorcerers and kings are always falling in love with me, and am cursed that I can see the future enough to know that I often have to marry them, even if I don't like them.

"My magic is unruly and impossible, compared to most. Probably because I'm only half-human. Spells only work for me half the time, but my body is magical in its own right. Once, in all of the years of my tortured life, I had a huge crush on a person, but they were already married, so I ignored it. Men fight over me, and my presence occasionally hypnotizes women. I only have one story in my entire life that I truly like.

"I was traveling, when I met three brothers on a bridge. After seeing me, the two elder brothers began to fight over who would take me home to wed, even though they were already married. The youngest broke up the fight, and asked me for a gift for his wife before I went on my way. Awed, I gave my current wand to the eldest, because it had a certain amount of my attraction inside. It would attract death and deadly attention to the holder, which suited me fine. The middle brother received one of my teeth, see –" At those words, Day broke off to show a missing back tooth.

"The tooth would create wisps of the memory of dead people, driving the user insane. That suited me fine as well, the elder two brothers didn't care about what their wives felt, or how I felt, and merely wanted my body.

"Finally, I invited the youngest brother to bring his family to visit me in a week's time, for his gift. When he and his family arrived, I gave him a cloak woven from my hair. Surprisingly enough, it was simple magic. Once woven into a cloak, it detracted attention, rather than attraction attention. It was a better Invisibility Cloak than any I have seen since. Because there are no spells on it, it needs no spells renewed. I have often wondered what happened to that man, his wife…"

Day broke off. "Well. Enough about me. I know your backgrounds, general lives, and all of that, but I don't know why you need me. Aside from the obvious, that you both need training in Occlumency. So?"

Tonks grinned. "Remus and I need to learn, but the main student of yours is going to be Harry Potter, he's a really strong wizard."

Day stood, and nodded. "Alright then. I just hope he doesn't fall in love with me. Student-teacher relationships inevitably end in disaster. Let me get some modern clothes, I haven't left the Department since 1907, and I'll follow you to Potter Manor so that you can get to the Order of the Phoenix meeting."

Halfway out the door, Day stopped, and turned to look at them. "Harry is the one who broke in last month, right? I look forward to meeting him."

Placitum – Meeting

Harry looked up from his notebooks. Bored with the schoolwork that had been re-written and revised to death, even by Hermione's standards, Harry had started a project that promised to work. All he had to do was fix the shaping and stop the spells from consistently turning the metal charms green, and he would be done.

A sound like a bell rang through the room for a moment, and Harry dropped his notebooks onto the table, and ran to the door of his bedroom, stumbling over his own feet. Barely a breath behind him, Hermione growled and grabbed his hand.

"Let me help, Harry. I want to help, and you're never going to see if you keep smashing you glasses against things. You were prone for half a week, even a superhuman would be stumbling for days."

Harry shook Hermione's hand off. "Stop it! Someone's here, that teacher that Profe-Remus and Tonks were going to get, probably. Besides, it isn't my feet that I'm having trouble with. Even with my glasses, everything's foggy."

Harry walked slowly, and frowned. "This is taking too long. Hold my wrist, Hermione, I'm going to try something."

Before Hermione could inform Harry that he was not going to try anything, the world disappeared for a moment, and all of the air was sucked out of her lungs.

Seconds passed in the blackness, and Hermione's head began to hurt. One… Two… Three…

They were in the front hall. Hermione reeled. "What did you do?"

Harry shrugged. "One of the books you brought from the library mentioned something about the head of the household being able to move at will from one place in the house to another. I tried it, it worked."

Hermione squeaked, trying to come up with a good retort, when she got a good look at the person who had come with Tonks and Remus.

The girl was tiny, frail-looking, and pale. Her skin had a slight bluish tinge, her eyes were the same color as an iceberg, and her hair was shoulder-length, wavy, and whiter than ice. Light seemed to break over the girl's hair, making a fuzzy glow surrounding her head. When the girl smiled, Hermione felt something angry roil in her stomach. This girl was the type of person who made other girls jealous just by existing.

"Hello," the girl said softly. Damn, her voice was musical. "I'm going by the name Day, and I'm going to teach –" She stopped, gazing at Harry with as hungry look on her face. "Oh, Merlin," she breathed, tears beginning to fall down her face. "You are Harry?"

Harry shifted nervously beneath her gaze. "Yeah."

Day shivered. "You – you look like – you can't be. He died, he died, I saw him die."

Hermione relaxed. This girl wasn't going to bewitch Harry, but there was still something odd about her.

Harry swayed a bit, tightening his grip on Hermione's arm. "Who do I look like?"

Day put her face in her hands. "Giddy," she mumbled. "You look like Giddy."

Remus made a strangled sound, while Tonks looked at Day curiously. "Who was Giddy?"

Day looked back up, her eyes reddening. "Giddy was – the only husband I ever had that I loved – he was like a brother to me. He – was the great-grandson of the man who received my Cloak. I saw him die, I saw our son die, I saw it!"

Remus sounded like he was choking. "Was Giddy – his nickname?"

Day flushed. "He called me Jenny and I called him Giddy. His birth-name was Godric. Oh Merlin, but you look like Giddy, or maybe our son, David."

Hermione glared at Remus, who was stilled choking on something. "What is it, Pro-Remus?"

Remus shook his head. "You've read this in a history book, Hermione. Genevieve de Stella married Godric Gryffindor, and had one son, Daiffyd Gryffindor. Genevieve disappeared the day after Godric died, and Daiffyd took over Hogwarts."

Tonks gaped for a moment. She knew that Day was old, but that was – a little too much information.

Suddenly, Day brightened. "I can teach you! You're my son, of a sort, so I can teach you without you getting distracted!" She frowned. "Was I supposed to teach anyone else?"

There was barely a moment's pause. "I can't teach them, Neville is almost as powerful as Harry, and he isn't as closely related as Harry is. Fred and George might be a danger, too. I'll just teach Harry and have him teach them. That's what he wants, anyway."

Day smiled. "Tonks, Remus, if you meet me at the Ministry, I'll teach you two there. Harry, take me somewhere comfortable, and we'll see how much I have to do."

Hermione let out a huff of air. "Hello. My name is Hermione, and I want to know what I am supposed to do while you are teaching Harry."

Day turned to Hermione, and smiled. "I'm sorry; it just isn't every day that you meet a descendant who's now older than you are. I should only need two days with Harry, if the state of his mind that I can see is any proof. If you could gather up everyone so that I could meet them before I leave?"

Still smiling, the infuriating girl-who-was-a-walking-piece-of-history left the room, dragging Harry behind her. Hermione let out another huff, when a voice spoke inside her head.

"Harry's all yours, dear. I like girls better. You're more to my tastes than he is, and I don't like brunettes."

Hermione's eyes widened as she absorbed what the voice had said, and who it must have been.

Tonks suddenly swore. "Damn! The Order meeting is in two hours, and we're taking the Knight Bus! Come on, Remus!" Grabbing the werewolf's hand, the metamorphagus ran from the room, dragging him behind her.

Mumbling something about dinner to herself, Hermione scowled and went in search of a kitchen.

Abolesco Phoenix – Vanished Phoenix

Tonks shifted nervously in her seat as members of the Order gathered in Grimmauld Place. Upstairs, she could hear Ginny shouting at Ron about something, and found herself quietly hoping that Ginny would hit Ron with her Bat-Bogey Hex.

The last Order meeting had ended badly, with Remus storming out angrily. Snape had been baiting Remus again, and Remus had been purposely ignoring him, when Molly had taken the chance of the moment to ask Dumbledore for some money from Harry's vault.

That had broken it. Whatever walls that Remus had been holding up to keep from snapping at everyone had finally broken, and he had said something about stealing from Harry not being right.

Which it wasn't, Tonks thought angrily. There was something about Dumbledore that had always made it hard to argue about such things in reference to the Order members, though.

A door slammed upstairs, and Dumbledore entered the meeting room, effectively beginning the meeting.

It began with Dumbledore assigning people to search for Harry, and mentioning that Harry might not be quite sane.

At those words, Remus' head snapped up. "Of course," he said, somehow containing the fury that Tonks could feel vibrating through his frame. "His godfather only just died right in front of him less than a month ago. He's probably not quite straight, because of grief!"

Tonks put a hand on Remus' thigh, trying to will some tranquility into his body. Dumbledore just gave them both a twinkling smile.

"Calm down, Remus. We know that you are grieving." Remus shut his eyes, and Tonks shivered to feel the anger melt away.

Dumbledore turned to Molly and Arthur Weasley. "I have added one thousand galleons to your account; they should help your family for a while –"

"You what?" Remus was standing now, his fist clenched tightly. "Albus, that money belongs to Harry!"

"Sit down, Remus." Dumbledore was frowning, now. "Calm yourself; Harry won't miss the money, and the Weasleys need it. Harry would not grudge them the money, in any case. Sit down."

Remus remained standing, and Tonks shivered. She could feel something crumbling, similar to when the wards around Harry had fallen. She waited for the breaking point, she could feel it coming –

"Yes, Lupin, do sit down. You take up more space than that mutt of yours did. This place certainly smells better with him gone." Tonks wanted to tear Snape into bite-sized pieces, and feed him to Buckbeak. Was he insane? Why was he baiting Remus?

Tonks shifted to look up at Remus, and stared. A faint misty glow had come into being around his fists, but his wand was still in his pocket.

Dumbledore stood. "Remus, sit down. I know you are grieving, but I expected better of you. Severus, please do not bait a grieving man."

Remus' eyes grew wide with anger, and he pushed away from the table entirely. Tonks shivered. It felt like a weaker version of when Harry had gotten angry the other day.

"You are disappointed?" Remus was practically growling, his eyes were no longer chocolate-colored, but completely amber. "You are disappointed? In me? I have to ask, what happened to the Order of the Phoenix I used to know? What happened to the Order that James and Lily and Sirius and I joined? Has it gone the same way as another of its former members, Peter? James and Lily gave up their lives, their friends, their everything, just for the sake of what Albus Dumbledore said. I trusted everything you said, I trusted even when you told me to trust people that I would never have trusted in a hundred years. I was thankful, I would have done anything. But this! This is stealing of the first degree, in large amounts. Stealing Harry's family, Harry's money, Harry's life, and Harry's sanity. How long can a person be abused and ignored before they go the way of Voldemort, Albus? You tell me.

"I am not staying here anymore. I am not helping these people anymore. I cannot believe that any of you have a mite of compassion, if you are staying. But I shouldn't judge. If you wish to stay with someone who might kill you tomorrow, just for the sake of the 'greater good,' well, be my guest. I wish you good luck, and hope you're still alive next time I see you."

Just then, something like thunder crashed, and Fawkes appeared.

Dumbledore turned towards the phoenix in confusion, and reached out his hand. "Fawkes?"

Fawkes turned away from Dumbledore in a rather clear expression of scorn, even for an animal, and landed on Remus' shoulder for a moment. Remus started, a feeling of fire burning through his body and tearing at the fabric of the world for a moment.

When his vision cleared, Tonks was staring at him, pleading silently. Remus nodded, silently telling her that they needed a spy in the Order. Then, he Apparated, moments before the wards on Grimmauld Place exploded, and all of the members of the Order were evicted, and Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place vanished from sight.