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Break My Fall

Chapter twelve

Enjoy the silence

MailJeevas just entered the conversation.

MailJeevas said: Good morning mina-san…

IchigoNyanNyan said: Hello, Mail-san~

NoahKaiba13 said: Good morning!

PinkKumagoro said: Ah, Mail-san. Sashiburi.

OzInWonderland said: Ja~ Ohayoooooo Mail-san.

NoahKaiba13 said: What's with the dots? Something the matter?

MailJeevas said: Ugh… Not much more than what I have already told you…

IchigoNyanNyan said: Your friend? Did something happen?

MailJeevas said: I had told you that we returned yesterday, after going away to attend something, right? We all went to our houses.

OzInWonderland said: Ja, I remember that.

NoahKaiba13 said: What about it?

MailJeevas said: Well, my friend didn't come to school today… I am sort of worried…

PinkKumagoro said: Neeee? Why don't you call him?

MailJeevas said: I am at school right now and don't have a cell-phone, Kumagoro-san…

IchigoNyanNyan said: I suppose he doesn't have e-mail either?

WinryGenious just entered the conversation.

MailJeevas said: I don't think it's appropriate in the certain condition… Hello, Winry-san.

PinkKumagoro said: Winry-saaaaaaaaaaaan! My heart is filled with joy to see you here.

OzInWonderland said: Hahaha!

IchigoNyanNyan said: Get serious Kumagoro; we are supposed to be supporting Mail.

WinryGenious said: Hello everyone. What's up? Oh, Ichigo! It's been such a long time since I last saw you online.

IchigoNyanNyan said: Yes I know. I don't have a PC at home. I happened to visit an internet café again. Glad that you made it.

NoahKaiba13 said: It's pretty weird for you to be here also, Winry. You rarely ever come.

WinryGenious said: I have work to catch up guys. But my boss left yesterday so I have more free time.

PinkKumagoro said: Ow, lucky you. Where did they go?

WinryGenious said: That's nothing to do with you. So what's up here?

NoahKaiba13 said: Mail returned from his trip with his friends. And the one who had been having troubles didn't appear to school today.

OzInWonderland said: Yes and we are trying to calm him down.

MailJeevas said: It's alright guys. I will go visit him after school probably.

PinkKumagoro said: Oh yes, you should do that. Friends are important. Besides, I am dying to learn what happened…

IchigoNyanNyan said: This is not funny, Kumagoro…

PinkKumagoro said: I can't help my curiosity, dear flower. Besides someone arrived at my own house yesterday as well and they were in really bad condition both emotionally and physically. It makes me wonder if yesterday was Friday 13 or something.

WinryGenious said: Don't be ridiculous.

OzInWonderland said: My my! People keep coming and going on? What an interesting coincidence!

PinkKumagoro said: Haha! That's why I love you Oz. You always can see things from my point of view.

OzInWonderland said: You can always count on me dear.

IchigoNyanNyan said: You are so careless, both of you.

OzInWonderland said: Well, it's not like we can do anything either way, Ichigo.

NoahKaiba13 said: That's true. Mail knows we are here if he needs to talk, but we can't do much more than that…

NoahKaiba13 started a private conversation with you.

NoahKaiba13 said: Chief… Is there anything I can do? What is going on with Max, why aren't you telling me?

MailJeevas said: It's sort of complicated, Zeo… I am sort of confused myself… I will tell you if anything gets better… Or worse…

NoahKaiba13 said: Is there such possibility? What's going on? The last two weeks you have been worrying us all…

MailJeevas said: Heh, I know… I shouldn't have troubled you all, but I honestly wasn't sure on whom should I talk with…

NoahKaiba13 said: Don't be stupid… You can talk with me anytime. If you want to meet outside we can do that also!

MailJeevas said: Thank you… Really, it means a lot… I need to log out now. Break is over.

NoahKaiba13 said: Ok… I am online most of the time if you need anything.

MailJeevas said: Hai. Arigato…

The private conversation is closed.

MailJeevas said: I am off guys. See you soon! I am glad I talked with all of you even for a little. And thank you for your support.

PinkKumagoro said: Aaaah, it was nothing!

WinryGenious said: You did nothing.

PinkKumagoro: Neither did you! Why are girls so mean to me? Oz!

OzInWonderland: jajajaja! Don't worry dear. I am here to hold your hand.

PinkKumagoro: Thanks love.

MailJeevas: Haha! Bye bye!

IchigoNyanNyan: Take care dear.

WinryGenious said: See you, Mail.

MailJeevas left the conversation.

Kenny's POV

I sighed lowly and closed Dizzy's lid softly not really in the mood to hear her commentaries, even if she could speak with her lid closed as well. I leaned back on my seat taking off my glasses and rubbed my eyes. Max hadn't come to school today. When the lesson had started I had traded worried glanced with Tyson, even if we had both expected for him not to be present this day.

When the bell rung for break, Tyson left like always to go eat, or hang out with Hilary if I had to guess, since this seemed to be his new hobby. He completely neglected me anymore and generally I felt left out. With what was going on with Max as well. Even if to be honest I wasn't one hundred percent sure that the bluenette knew exactly what was going on with our friend.

Personally I was like… Ninety nine percent sure, since I had seen him and with some of Dizzy's help we figured out what was actually going on. But I still couldn't believe it. I couldn't put my hand on it, I didn't dare to phrase it, not even in my head, but I couldn't lie to myself either…

I placed my glasses back on and leaned front over my desk while I waited for my classmates to return to class. Without the champion I would rather not walk around, and since he left without bothering to check if I was coming, I chose to stay behind and check my forum.

The Bey-Spirit was a website or actually the forum I had come up with last summer, when I was extremely bored and lonely. It was mainly used from people who were above the amateur's level, or were interested to interact with beyblading seriously. Of course everyone was accepted, but most people chose to just visit and check my blog where I uploaded advices and tutorials on beyblade constructions. There were actually times that my blog had hit extremely big hit numbers, although no one knew who the creator actually was. I hadn't bothered to inform any member of the team about it, because I doubted they would care, and honestly except of Kai, I highly doubted it there was anyone else who seriously spent some time on a computer.

My alias was the name of a gamer anime character, and it sort of became a habit for people to name themselves after anime and manga characters also. The chat room was open for everyone, but most of the visitors chose to check the forum threads instead of logging in and chatting. There were only a few members that would repeatedly come inside and chat, and those were also the standard ones. They had all become my friends up until now. There were days we had spent more than five hours chatting. Naturally after so long time, beyblading which was the purpose of the forum, wasn't much of a subject in our conversations. We had reached the personal matter, and we talked about things that bothered us. Honestly, I had passed more time talking with them about Max than I had done with the rest of the team. We remained anonymous, for this was the fun side of the whole thing. People came and go in the chat-room, but the basic team was us.

First person I had interacted with was WinryGenious. She was a workaholic girl that most of the time had to sneak overnight to chat, because during the day she was busy. Generally even if she seemed to be sort of snob, and think that she knows everything (since when we were first talking, it was about beyblading and she always found something to correct him on, although she obviously had wide knowledge on the subject) she had started to behave more kindly.

Secondly, it was Zeo with the name NoahKaiba13. He was the only one I was sure of who was he in real life. I was the one who had told him he could get some help on beyblading from my forum and then he sticked in with the chat as well, with me and Winry. He was pretty enthusiastic since I and her would keep talking about beyblading and new ideas. He had told me that he was learning a lot from us and thanked us.

One day when we logged in, there was OzInWonderland. Oz was pretty eccentric from what I could see and he didn't really mind beyblade much. He said that he was bored and thought he would hang out with us a little bit because we seemed like amusing people. He didn't talk way too much, he would mostly watch the rest of us talk, and speak random comments at times. Although at some point Zeo started talking about tea kinds and Oz lived up and they had a long cultural conversation, which I and Winry joined. It was enjoyable even if I had no idea that so many kind of teas excised.

IchigoNyanNyan and PinkKumagoro joined us the same day. Ichigo told us that she couldn't visit the site a lot, and also didn't have wide knowledge on computers. This was the first chat-room she had ever entered, and she typed very very slow… But she was also interested in beyblading, and I could bet that she was also a great player. For the very reason she didn't have a computer in her house, she logged in very rarely, but when she did she was always being amusing. She fought with Winry a lot, but I didn't see it as a catfight. It was mostly out of fun. When Kumagoro entered the team, they teamed up on teasing him because he was 'flirting' with both of them.

Kumagoro entered the chat some hours after Ichigo and he said that he hated beyblading. In the beginning we though he was just a random hater, but soon he filled his phrase and said that he was still interested to learn why so many people like it. He stayed around and watched us talk about it. He read multiply threads and asked me many things. At some point he admitted that the whole thing was interesting but he still hated. It was then that I figured he must have had personal reasons for that. Either way, he didn't leave the chat. He stayed and kept coming (actually there were times I wondered if he ever logged out because every time I would come, even if there was no one else online, Kumagoro would be). He was getting along with Oz a lot, and as I already said he enjoyed flirting with the girls. Like everyone else he was supportive and open minded when there was something wrong with any of us, but still at some points I wondered how his mind worked.

I looked up finally once the chair beside me was dragged back and Tyson claimed his seat letting out a long sigh.

"Is everything alright?" I asked.

"Not any more than you know" he replied and untied his ponytail. He had stopped wearing his hat in the class, Hilary used to complain for that, and now that they were… Well… Closer, he chose to stop it completely "I will go over to Max's house once the lesson is over, will you come?" he asked while he was brushing through his own hair with his fingers, fixing it well before tying it again neatly.

"Of course I will come" I replied half mumbling "Who else is going to come?" honestly I was asking about Hilary. I had got used to her coming around, she was part of the team anymore, but I was starting to feel like she gained place while I was being shoved out slowly. Frankly I was jealous that Tyson hardly spent any time with me anymore and chose her. But if I had to guess, it must always be the same with couples when a new relationship starts.

"I would take Ray, but I want to go straight from here. I can't wait" he said and placed his hands behind his head, leaning back balancing his chair on its back feet, glaring at the ceiling. Naturally he was bothered and worried by Max's absence just like I was, even if we had seen that coming from the day before. As it seemed, for whatever reason Hiromi wouldn't be joining us.

Leaving a sigh myself, I rest my chin on my joined hands, looking down at Dizzy's closed lid "How do you think he will be?" I dared to whisper after a while, when the rest of the classmates and the teacher had walked in the class and the lesson started. As my friend didn't reply I turned my eyes to him with a slight frown, to meet his own sad face as he had sat normally once more and leaned forward on the desk.

"I don't know…" he said in the end and bit the end of his pen anxiously.

I figured it would be pointless to keep up this conversation. It would only make the hours pass slower and make us both worry even more for Max. The anxiety was already unbearable and the hours went by slower than I thought possible. I stared the clock on the wall. I knew very well that the time was flowing just like always, but why did it seem like someone was forcing the dials to slow down…?

End of Kenny's POV

In the Hiwatari mansion a peaceful song, played through a guitar and hummed from a young male, echoed through the east side of the first floor until the clock in the lounge rang twelve in the noon.

Rafael looked up on the first strike. Till all twelve were heard he had placed his guitar aside on his bed, beside a freshly closed laptop, a pile of untactful spread notes with lyrics and notes for music, and put on his butler outfit, with the white shirt, the expensive black vest and the shiny shoes and crest of the Hiwatari family, on the side of the heart. Leaving the room he walked down the corridor and the staircase heading straight to the kitchen where two maids, a cook and a butler were starting the preparations for the lunch.

Everything was back to normal. The same morning Kai had got breakfast with his grandfather and left for his exams, while the elder went to his job. Neither talked of the facts from the previous night. The young heir looked perfectly healthy, in contract of what he seemed to be the day before. Susumu was currently in his office, doing paperwork. Rafael mentally ordered him to stay there, since Kai would be returning soon. Today was his first day of exams. Right after the winter break. This didn't worry anyone really, in contract to the image he had, he was an excellent student. After all, he couldn't do otherwise. He had to keep up to the expectations for him.

"What's in today's menu?" asked the silver haired placing his hands behind his back. One of the maids replied with a short list. Rafael nodded and stepped forward "Go ahead, call me before you make the shares" he said and stepped outside. He always supervised Kai's share when it was being served, indenting to prevent another attempt of murder toward his brother and master. Susumu's failed tries to get rid of Kai had caused a lot of troubles to many of the servants and it was one of the reasons Voltaire was keeping Rafael in the house, and had become more patient toward the youth. Apparently it had been a long while since Kai's life had been threatened deadly from his so called 'father', since the head of the family had changed his rules, saying that if something happened to Kai he would pass the company to his daughter instead of Susumu. That dropped his hopes on taking over the threads of the Hiwatari Corporation but he hadn't stopped showing Kai how much he hated him with every chance… In the last thought Rafael's eyes narrowed clenching his fists, causing one of the maids to ask him if something was wrong. Giving her a sweet beam, Rafael replied negatively and left the room.

The middle of the hall was quiet and empty, making the rich decoration seem pointless. Kai's step brother raised his furry grey ears and pulled his pocket watch out, checking the time. Surely the youngest Hiwatari was on his way home. The youth placed the watch back to his pocket and returned upstairs to feed Elektra. Once the cat was devouring her food, the ookami took a view of his surroundings. Like usual he had hardly anything to tidy. The bed was already made, and pretty much everything was in place. Kai was truly very tidy.

Rafael stopped in front of the desk with the artistic stuff on it and pulled out the notebook that was missing the weeks Kai was away, from the shelf and shuffled through the last pages. Someone would consider this as invoking into someone's personal life. But supposedly the two brothers had no secrets. A few pen sketches were added since the last time the boy had looked through the pages.

Something not many people out of the family knew was that Kai had a very good hand, which was also something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and luckily his grandfather allowed him to go to the colleague, even if they both knew, he wouldn't allow that to be his future. He had a company to run after all. He just let him to do this because he loved it too much, and he was already finishing his studies of what he would need to run the HC.

Rafael's eyes ran over the newer sketches, hoping to find a clue of what had been bothering his brother. He had tried to ask him again, but he wouldn't get an answer and that was eating them both. Through the drawings, Rafael recognized one of Kai's teammates. In the past, he had seen a lot of drawings of them all. Someone could say Kai enjoyed drawing his 'friends', they were one of his favorite themes.

These ones were different since the moments captured in the sketched were somewhat more personal. For example there were five rough sketches of the boy, whose name Rafael remembered, was Max, while he was sleeping. The brown eyed mentally noted that the freckled boy looked pretty cute and reminded him strongly of a puppy. Another two sketches showed him too be freshly awake, one while he yawned and the second in a 'just sat up from deep sleep' way. There was also a sketch of Max while he read a book, one while he was crying and about seven where he laughed. There were other sketches of course as well. One looked like Kenny, and there were four drawings of Tyson with Hilary, as well as a couple of pictures of Ray while he cooked. Naturally there were also more than ten sketches of cats and puppies here and there, since it's Kai's notebook after all.

Placing the will to praise his brother's abilities with pen, Rafael guessed that Kai's bad mood was caused my Max. Most of all, he paid close attention to the sketches where Max was crying and laughing. The lines were more forceful at some, to the point that the paper was swollen. Thing that meant Kai was emotionally overwhelmed while drawing them. All the sketches had dates written in Kai's calligraphic letters under them, placing the drawing where the blond cried, between two of the ones where he was laughing. Kai's brother was both really curious and worried right now. His sources hadn't been much helpful till now and the notebook only gave him a slight hint.

Elektra hissed lowly looking up at the boy. Rafael looked at her and smiled soft "Calm down. No sick intentions, I only want to help" he told her. The feline's green eyes remained up at him while the end of her tail shifted left and right, until Rafael closed the notebook and placed it back on the shelf "There" he told her. The cat licked her lips and yawned, rushing to Kai's bed and curled to her throne like a real queen.

Rafael rolled his eyes and left the room, about the time that the sound of the limousine coming at halt in the garden was heard. The teen stepped down of the stairs and made a step toward the door, suddenly being stopped as a hand grabbed the back of his collar and turned him around, shoving him against the wall of the staircase's side, leaving a gasp at the sudden violent move.

"How many times have I told you to mind your business?" looking up from where he was cornered, Rafael's eyes met Susumu's grey ones. The younger pulled a face that only showed the adult how little he thought of him.

"You are getting slower" replied Rafael with a slight smirk "Usually I would have the chance to tell you off right after Voltaire!"

Susumu growled "Shall I remind you your place?"

"This is getting old, don't you think?" Rafael's smirk only got brighter "I have place in this house as much as you do. We are one and the same on how much we deserve to be here, with the mere chance that I am wanted by someone"

The dark haired chuckled "You are the one who called Voltaire over right?"

Rafael's smirk dropped and his expression darkened to a glare "Right after you stepped to this house. I had no intention of letting you lay a finger on him"

"It's not of your business what I am doing with my son"

"He is not your son" the ookami's ears moved back and he growled lowly "And surely he is not your property"

It was Susumu's turn to smirk.

Kai's POV

The first subject of the exams wasn't difficult. Even with a faint headache I had completely no problem in answering every question. Luckily my fever from the night before left as it came. As it seemed it was the stress that had caused me all that, or so I thought. Either way, I was healthy.

Before I leave for school, I was left alone with my grandfather for a very short while after the breakfast, and he didn't forget to tell me how disappointed he was and that I could have face Susumu. Honestly, even if I don't usually have mean thoughts concerning my grandfather, he could at least respect the fact that once in a while even I get sick. Not to mention he should have kicked Susumu out of the house long ago. But no, he had to protect the family's name. As if my mother didn't show off the fact she was eloping with her butler.

At least after shoving this subject aside, I got him to agree to pay for me removing the tattoos off my face. It wasn't a big deal concerning money, but until now he said I was young and it wasn't healthy or something. No idea how he came up with those things. Eventually, we agreed that I would escort him to some high class meetings and receptions that he had been invited the last months, and within the following month I would be getting the blue triangles off my face. For those who don't know it, the tattoos weren't my choice. They were Boris' idea when I had entered Biovolt. My grandfather wasn't happy about that actually…

Finally I walked through my house's gate at 12:55. Luckily or not, I was busy enough today with my personal matters, that my mind didn't wonder much toward Max and how he could be doing. After all, there wasn't something I could do now. It would be meaningless to keep worrying over him now.

Stepping out of the limousine I greeted Cassius and stepped inside the house, playing with my pendant absent mindedly (usually I don't wear my scarf at school). From the morning I hoped it would be a peaceful day for me, since I really REALLY needed full 24 hours of peace of mind. But it didn't seem like I would have it.

Right after I stepped inside the mansion, I found my idiot of brother on top of my asshole of father in law, fighting, while a maid and a butler were trying to pull them apart. I paused for a second taken by surprise of the sight and let my bag drop to the floor, rushing to them, managing to pull them apart.

"Rafael!" I called "Hey!"

The boy looked at me half glaring then glanced at Susumu who was being held by the butler. Naturally, Rafael had merely any scratch on him, while my mother's husband was developing a bruise under his eye and a cut on his lip. My brother slowly calmed and fixed his vest and tie cleaning his throat.

"My apologies" he said, without any hint of guilt or regret in his voice.

"This time I will make sure to get you fired, scum" growled the adult, fixing his own outfit.

"Ow yes? Just wait till he ask me why I hit you" hissed Rafael, getting Susumu to narrow his eyes.

"Are you threatening me?"


"Cut it out both of you!" I raises my voice catching their attention and turned my eyes to the older "As you can see I am fine today, so don't provoke me" I said pretty calmly "Don't you have work to do?"

The maid who had helped me get a hold of Rafael was shaking like a leaf, still gripping my brother's sleeve tightly.

Finally Susumu pulled away from the butler and spit blood on the ground before turning his back to us and returning to his study.

Rafael turned to the girl and soothed her calmly, while the butler rushed to clean Susumu's dirt. When both left the room, I looked at Rafael disapprovingly.

"What was that about?" I asked placing one hand on my waist.

Rafael frowned and averted his eyes from me, causing me to frown as well, getting the general idea of what was going on before I come. After all, I was pretty much always the reason for the two of them to fight.

I let out a tired sigh "Look, whatever he said, you should have ignored him"

"I apologize" he mumbled pouting.

"Whatever" I said and picked up my bag from where I dropped it before "Is there anything in my program today?"

"No, nothing. Tomorrow you have visit to your optician only. Apart of this, your usual stuff"

"Ok, call me when it's time for lunch, and no more fights" with this I headed up for my room.

"Check your temperature again! Just to be sure" called Rafael from the bottom of the stairs, his ears perking up.

"Ok, ok" I closed the door and set my bag next to my desk. Elektra jumped down and rushed to stroke herself on my legs, purring loudly. I lifted her up and dropped with my back on the bed, having her rest on my chest. I stayed there for a while, reading a book of the ones that delivered while I was away, called Good Omens. In fact I had already read this online, but I wanted my own copy, so I bought it and was already halfway through with it.

About half an hour later I got up and moved to my right desk (the one with the drawing supplies). Taking a view of the things laying on the surface, I knew I had a lot of drawings to finish, but I didn't feel in the mood to continue any of them yet. Carefully I packed them and placed them on the pile of the other of my unfinished drawings on the box next to my legs. Elektra climbed on my other desk and sat on the laptop to watch me work.

I bit my thumb thoughtfully, looking up at the shelf, wondering what I could draw to spend my time. I spotted the notebook I had taken with me in the trip with the Bladebreakers, slightly narrowing my eyes as it was placed upside down, but guessing it was Rafael who inspected it, I brushed it off. He had seen many of my drawings of my teammates I had made in the past… Without a doubt, this time I had overdone it with Max, but the same was happening when my roommate was ray. I would draw him the most on my notebooks, so there was no really reason to worry for anything. It was not like I had something to hide.

Eventually I dragged close one of my blocks and turned to a white page, taking one of my mechanical pencils from the pencil case. I started doodling Max once more. It might be weird to some people, but to me drawing and reading are the greatest stress reliefs, even if I am known for beyblading. By now, I could draw all of my teammates by heart; I didn't need any sort of reference. Soon in this sketch, Max turned out to be laughing while he sat on the stone of a pond swinging his legs, with a couple of turtles poking their heads out of the water.

A soft smile formed on my lips, while I added tones and textures with my pencil, making the picture seem livelier. You could say it was one of those pieces of art, where the creator places his wishes in the paper… I really wished to see Max laugh once more… it seemed quite a long time since it had happened, even if he would occasionally laugh in the time we shared a room, but it was shadowed by the facts that had taken place… I wanted to see him laugh full heartedly like when I first met him…

As I expected, my mind wandered to my blond teammate faster than I could prevent it, while I stared his face in my own drawing. I wondered if his father had already talked to him. Most likely he had, so I wondered how he was doing now. I knew very well that I felt guilty, and that was why I couldn't snap out of it. I had done the right thing, hadn't I? The worst of the storm should have passed by now…

"Very cute indeed… How long do you plan on staring it? Even if I would be proud enough to watch it for hours if I had drawn it myself"

I jumped looking up at Rafael who was looking over my shoulder.

"When did you come in!" I demanded to know.

"Just now. I knocked but seems like you were very absorbed to notice" he smiled softly. I let out a groan and rubbed my temple "What is it?"

"Lunch is ready, young Master" he said grinning widely.

"Ok, I am coming" I replied and closed the block, letting the pencil in, to keep the page.

"You draw him a lot, how come?" he questioned. I knew very well that Rafael never asked out of mere curiosity or intended to gossip. He was worried, because of the long face I had since I returned.

"We shared room" I knew this explanation covered enough, since it was a usual habit of mine, to use the person closer to me at the time as a drawing subject. Surely more questions were lurking from the silver head, but noticing something I got the chance to change the subject "Your shirt is wrong buttoned" I said and raises my eyebrow looking at him suspiciously.

"Ow… Well…" he blushed deep and looked away with a smile he could hardly hide.

I mentally rolled my eyes, while a smirk formed on my lips "How many times have I told you to stop screwing the maids?" I asked half scolding him and half jokingly.

"I stopped!" he yelped "Now I am screwing the butlers" a satisfied smirk plastered on his face and he started buttoning his shirt correctly.

"Sometimes I wish I hadn't asked…" I sweat-dropped even if I still felt the smile on my face.

"Pansexuality is a good thing, Nicky. You should try it"

"Right, whatever. I won't be able to always save you from Voltaire though when he finds out you are keeping his workers busy" I stood up and we headed out together.

"Why come on. I am keeping them happy! They are more productive after sex"

I laughed soft "Whatever floats your boat. Sometimes your reasoning is leaving me speechless, if you are lucky same will happen for my grandfather"

"I doubt it, so I will try to keep it hidden"

"Good luck. Fix your collar" I instructed as we reached the dining room's door. Rafael reached for the doorknob but paused before opening the door and looked at him "The boy you are drawing. Max… Is something going on between you two?"

His voice had lowered since behind these doors my grandfather was waiting for me. For some reason his question caught me off guard. I had drawn Ray so many times and he never asked me anything of that sort, why now?

"Where did that come from?" I asked glancing at the door uneasily. If something like this reached my grandfather's ears, even if it was a lie (which was), I would get in trouble without a doubt.

Rafael shrugged "Just asking… I don't mean romantically. I am asking generally"

"Ah" for some reason I would swear I saw a smirk on my brother's face for a second "Yeah, well… Some things…"

"Did you have a fight?"

"No, not exactly…"

"Aha… I see. Too complicated to be explained at the moment" with a sigh he slid the door open for me and I stepped inside "Don't think you escaped" he whispered as I passed in front of him and joined Voltaire and Susumu.

End of Kai's POV

IchigoNyanNyan said: Say, Winry.

WinryGenious said: Mhm?

IchigoNyanNyan said: What are you doing when you miss someone? Or when something is going on, and you don't know what it is?

WinryGenious said: Ow… Well, you aren't asking exactly the right person. I haven't happened to miss someone… But if something worries you why don't you ask them?

IchigoNyanNyan said: I asked and they didn't tell me… They said I shouldn't worry… They are living pretty far away right now and we only text each other, but I hardly have any signal, so even this is occasional… Last time we talked he seemed pretty upset about something, but he wouldn't tell me what was wrong.

PinkKumagoro said: Ow… Could it be you are talking for your boyfriend, Ichigo-chan?

WinryGenious said: Are you stalking our conversation Kumagoro?

PinkKumagoro said: Not at all! I had said brb, Winry-chan. And here I am.

OzInWonderland said: Was about time! I was so bored!

PinkKumagoro said: Ow my love. Don't worry! I am here!

OzInWonderland said: Jajajaja! Welcome back.

WinryGenious said: If you are bored with us, Oz you could have simply left.

OzInWonderland said: I was waiting for Kumagoro-chan!

PinkKumagoro said: Why are you so cute!

IchigoNyanNyan said: Guys I have to go soon, I remind you I am on from an internet café.

PinkKumagoro said: But of course Ichigo-chan. Please feel free to continue your conversation with Winry, I will talk with Oz.

OzInWonderland said: after all, if you didn't want us to read that, you could have moved in a private conversation.

IchigoNyanNyan said: Yeah, ok. We will do it now.

PinkKumagoro said: Hey hey! All jokes aside, Ichigo-chan. When I miss someone and I can't contact them in any way. I do things that can make me feel like they are there.

OzInWonderland said: Wow, I didn't know you were that romantic. Why didn't you ever show me that?

PinkKumagoro said: Haha!

IchigoNyanNyan said: Like what?

PinkKumagoro said: Like things you did together. But it depends on the character as well. This may make you feel nostalgic and upset you… I sing and write songs when I miss someone… A dear person to me draws a lot of the things he dreams.

WinryGenious said: This feels cheesy…

OzInWonderland said: Indeed, I must agree.

PinkKumagoro said: Oh come on, Oz. I have a wonderful voice! You should listen to me sing!

OzInWonderland said: Hm… Oh ok, love I believe you. Will you write a song for me?

PinkKumagoro said: As many as you want love.

IchigoNyanNyan said: sadly I am not talented in either drawing or singing.

PinkKumagoro said: it's not about talent. It's about what you did together. What did you do together?

IchigoNyanNyan said: we trained in beyblading and cooked a lot.

PinkKumagoro said: Cooking sounds cute.

IchigoNyanNyan said: -giggles- I suppose I can try it.

PinkKumagoro said: So, is he your boyfriend?

IchigoNyanNyan: Well… Yeah, I suppose he is!

PinkKumagoro said: The lucky bastard…

OzInWonderland said: Jajajaja! Kumagoro is in love with Ichigo!

WinryGenious said: I thought he was in love with you.

OzInWonderland said: Oh true true. What do you have to say about that, Kumagoro!

PinkKumagoro said: Fret not my beloved! You are the only one for me!

WinryGenious said: Do you even know each other irl?

PinkKumagoro said: sometimes, it is not needed to know the other irl to fall in love, Winry-san. Isn't that right? Do you know anyone on here irl?

WinryGenious said: Not as far as I know…

OzInWonderland said: Me neither! But it's ok!

IchigoNyanNyan said: Haha! You are cute guys. Neither do I know any of you, but I like you. Well, I have to go now. It was fun talking with you all, take care and thanks for everything. Bye bye!

PinkKumagoro said: Bye bye! Don't forget us!

WinryGenious said: Take care

IchigoNyanNyan left the conversation.

OzInWonderland said: I would love to stay and harass Kumagoro-chan, but I will go out for coffee with some friends. You should have come earlier!

PinkKumagoro said: I will dream of you my love! Don't forget about me ok!

OzInWonderland said: Jajajaja! Yes yes, I will make sure of that. Bye bye~

PinkKumagoro said: Kisses!

OzInWonderland left the conversation.

PinkKumagoro said: Weeeeeell. It seems like it's just you and me now, Winry-chan. shall I rape you?

WinryGenious said: Decide who the hell you want. Me, Oz or Ichigo?

PinkKumagoro said: I love all flowers is the truth. Ichigo-chan is extremely cute, and I love strawberries. Oz is delicate and smart and funny. But you… You are the smartest of them all, Winry-chan…

WinryGenious said: It's the first time I hear you say something correct.

PinkKumagoro said: Tsk tsk… So much hate… I can't help but wonder who was more upset about Ichigo having a boyfriend. I, or you, Winry-chan…?

WinryGenious said: Excuse me?

PinkKumagoro said: you are so lucky she isn't as smart as I or Oz or your cover would have been blown off.

WinryGenious said: You are speaking nonsense.

PinkKumagoro said: I hope I am. Because I really really like her… If I get her to tell me who she is irl, I will take the first plane to find her.

WinryGenious said: Good luck with that. I must return to my job now.

PinkKumagoro said: Is your boss back yet?

WinryGenious said: No, that's why I must go. Someone must keep the others intact.

PinkKumagoro said: Makes sense. Good luck, Winry-chan.

WinryGenious said: Later

WinryGenious left the conversation.

PinkKumagoro said: Ah… Alone again, naturally…

PinkKumagoro said: This is sad…

PinkKumagoro said: I am upset…

PinkKumagoro said: This is lonely…

PinkKumagoro said: I could speak my secrets inside this empty chat room! No one will ever know!

PinkKumagoro said: I am really upset. I really feel like killing a bastard…

PinkKumagoro said: But it's not my fault! He is getting on my nerves.

PinkKumagoro said: We all have someone very important that we need to protect!

PinkKumagoro said: We don't want them to be hurt…

PinkKumagoro said: No…

PinkKumagoro said: Is that a crime?

PinkKumagoro said: I am sorry…

PinkKumagoro said: I am sorry!

PinkKumagoro said: I AM SORRY!

Kenny's POV

Holding Dizzy close to my chest, I walked beside Tyson, heading to Max's house right after school was done. The walk was painfully quiet, while having for company Tyson. It was really suffocating. When you have friends like the champion, you don't get a quiet moment, even when you want to and now he wouldn't even make a sound… In the end it was my laptop that broke the silence.

"Why now, you are both as silent as the grave, this doesn't help the condition, boys"

"Tsk. What do you know?" asked Tyson annoyed with his hands shoved in his pockets.

"I know enough" replied Dizzy steadily "I know that you both are worried, but honestly, if you have long faces when you meet Max, I doubt he will be delighted to see you".

"I think he will be"

"A smile would help him more than your expressions. You will burn my camera. Kenny stop being that negative!"

"I am sorry, Dizzy" I replied apologetically frowning "The ones that lighted up my spirit are both down, so…"

I saw sideway Tyson looking at me and then turning away, biting his lips guiltily "Sorry, Chief…" he said.

"It's alright…" I mumbled.

"By the way" said Dizzy again "I know that it's nice to have a girlfriend, Tyson. But you shouldn't ignore chief that much!"

I yelped "Dizzy!"

Tyson blushed deeply "I-I… Oh shit, I guess I did it" with a groan the taller run his fingers through his hair "I'm really sorry, Kenny… I was trying to convince her not to come today, so I stayed with her all time. I didn't think Max would feel all that comfortable with her there"

"Wow… You have some sense of logic after all!" exclaimed my laptop.

Tyson growled loudly "Of course I do, you arrogant machinery!"

I smiled lightly, as I saw some of the old Tyson resurfacing.

Not long after we were standing on Max's doorstep. We traded one lance glance to each other, and Tyson finally rang the doorbell. About five minutes passed and nothing. I raised my hand and rang once more.

This time faint steps were heard from the inside until they stopped behind the door that slowly unlocked and opened just a bit, where we came face to face to our blond friend. At first he opened the door very little, just to check who it is. His face wasn't well lightened but I could still see how desperate and hopeless he seemed. His eyes were swollen and red from crying. I guessed that we had taken him out of the shower, because his hair was wet, and his pajamas were fresh, with a soft smell of soap.

After a moment that he watched us, and got a quiet greeting from Tyson, he pushed back the door, wide open and jumped on the one who greeted him, wrapping his arms around his neck tightly.

Even if the champion seemed taken aback, a weak smile appeared on his features as he wrapped his arms around our friend "Hey, Maxie" he said softly and brushed the blond' s wet locks gently. The blond whimpered shakily, gripping Tyson's shirt to the point where his knuckles turned white.

"I am really happy to see you guys" he said weakly, barely being heard through the sobs that he was struggling to suppress.

"It's cold out here and your hair is wet! You will catch a cold!" I said.

"Chief is right, let's go inside" said Tyson, ruffling Max' s hair and the younger nodded with a weak smile, pushing back only to get a hold of Tyson's sleeve as if he feared he would go away and guided us inside.

Max led us in the kitchen and offered us a seat, letting go of Tyson's sleeve only when he had taken a seat. Max himself pushed a chair between Tyson's and mine and crouched himself on it, after bringing a cup with hot cocoa for each of us.

"Are you alone?" I didn't expect him to be left alone in his condition, but it seemed after all that no one was with him.

"Yes" he replied curling his feet in front of his chest, curling back to his seat, holding the cup on his knees "My mom went out to bring me something to eat and dad is visiting a rehabitation centre, one and half hour from here to speak the last details of my hospitalization" he finished his sentence frankly.

My stomach twisted. I didn't turn toward him or away. I froze in my place. Tyson clenched his cup looking down at it and Dizzy who now rested with her lid open on the table remained silent.

Slowly Tyson turned to the blond, and I did so as well, hesitantly. Max's eyes were overflowing with tears and he was biting his lips, looking down at his own cup, soundlessly crying. The leader left his cup on the table and carefully took Max's from his hands, placing it aside as well. In the end he wrapped his arms around the boy comfortingly, with a serious look on his face. Max let out his sobs be heard now and leaned on him, hiding his face on his shirt, gripping on it tightly.

Once again, I felt pretty useless. I stayed watching my friend in pain, while the other was hushing him. Now it occurred to me and I wondered, if what Kai did was the right thing to be done. Kai had betrayed them in the past, but… No… that was different… It wasn't like before… This was for Max's good. We all wanted him to get better, and to succeed this once and for all, he needed help from professionals… Since his mother had come over as well, it was absolute. I stayed there quietly in case they needed anything since it seemed like I couldn't do any better than that, until the doorbell broke through the sound of Max's sobs and Tyson's soothing words.

"I will get it" I said and walked out to the corridor to the door. While I reached the middle of the way I paused for a second, as a scary thought passed through my mind. If that was either of his friend's parents they would get scolded. Opening it, I faced a pile of bags. Behind it was Judy, I figured from the voice that followed.

"I am sorry, Max. I couldn't take my keys out" she said.

I blinked and reached out, taking some of her stuff, to help her and allow her to face me.

"Nice to see you again, Miss Judy" I said seriously.

"Oh, Kenny. It's been a while. Came to visit Max?" she said giving me a small smile and stepped inside. I used my foot to close the door and followed her, but made sure to cut her before she pass to the living room.

"Yeah… Miss" I called in a stern tone that made her pause in her steps and turn to face me.

"Yes?" she replied.

I turned to the things I was holding since I couldn't see my feet while holding those "You left Max alone in his condition…?" I asked lowly.

"I didn't take long" she replied calmly.

"That isn't an excuse… The worst things happen in the time of seconds" I looked up, glaring behind my glasses "You don't leave someone in his emotional state alone! Didn't it occur to you that he could have suicide!" I asked. I didn't yell it and I really hopped that I wasn't heard in the kitchen.

Judy stared at me seriously "He wouldn't do such a thing" she replied simply.

"Some days ago, you wouldn't think he would do drugs! How irresponsible are you!" I couldn't help but raise my voice this time. It is not easy for a child to stand up to an adult. But I was right, I knew I was. The mere thought of losing my friend scared me more than I thought it would, but at the moment it was a possibility that could have happened. It wasn't an imaginary alternative universe. When I and Tyson walked in the house, all signs of life had left his eyes. What if that though had crossed his mind? What if we hadn't come? Would he still be alive?

I turned my eyes down once more, squeezing the bags I was holding, feeling my own eyes water. I don't know if it was out of anger or sadness, as pictures of the old cheerful, full of life Max filled my mind. What was the woman in front of him thinking? Did she not care? Is it an adult thing? Is it a selfish way that forces them to see things differently? It doesn't matter how well you raise a child. It could do mistakes, it could have dark thoughts, it doesn't mean that you mustn't see them.

'I raised my kid correctly, it wouldn't do this, it wouldn't do that. I did no mistake'

I had heard this selfish way of thinking in the past. It made me wonder if something of that sort was bothering Judy's mind. Did she intentionally overlook facts? Because she didn't want to accept she might do something wrong?

I felt myself shaking and I wanted to scream, but I had said enough already. Looking up, I saw Judy watching me frowned. To be honest, never before had I seen her like that. She turned around and walked to the kitchen, where the others were without a word. I sighed and followed after a minute.

Max was curled close to Tyson with his head rested on his shoulder. Judy walked close and whispered to him something that sounded like 'my baby'. The blond raised his gaze, sitting up a little as his mother leaned over and pulled him in a warm embrace, holding him fondly and preciously.

I felt a little bad for what I told her, but if this sight was effect of what I said, then I was glad I did. It was a beautiful sight without a doubt and Max seemed like he melted in her arms, fully relaxing and feeling safe like nothing could harm him.

Both I, Ray, Kai but Max's parents as well knew how much Max feared the hospitalization, but three days later he seemed to have got used to the idea. He hadn't yet met Kai. Our captain was currently busy with exams, and he wouldn't be seeing us the whole week. Tyson cussed on him many times for not appearing before Max and claiming that he was a coward, unable to face the outcome of his doing.

Ray took Kai's place, saying that he had went through a lot for Max's sake and he deserved a rest, even if he said he knew he didn't do this for this reason. None of us talked about Kai in front of Max. Every time the name would accidentally slip someone's lips the blond went silent and his expression turned blank.

Ray, who had most free time, passed most time with Max. Making sure the boy was taking his pills, and ate well; the rest of us went over as much as we could. I had to hide what was wrong with Max, or my parents would have freaked out and forbid me to see him, thinking he was bad influence or something.

Speaking of which, none of us ever got a reply of how Max got mixed up with drugs. We had managed to talk the matter openly, but on the certain subject our friend looked like he got stuck, and he told us he didn't remembered. I am not sure if we all believed it or took it as a hint to not ask again.

As the week reached its end, on Thursday afternoon we escorted Max to the rehab centre. For about an hour, we waited on the waiting room, while Max was taken away for examinations, after getting his spirits up with our help.

Once everything was done, Max was sleeping deeply in one of the patience's room. According to the doctors he had been treated very well, and that he would be fine within three months. His studies would have to be postponed, but judging by the look on his parent's face that didn't really matter.

All of us were relieved as it seemed this nightmare would end up good, and everything would turn out ok…

Only one person was allowed to stay with him all day, except of some hours per day, where we visited as much as we could. Everything was really much better than all of us had expected. Max told us that a weight had been lifted of his chest, and he seemed to feel peaceful finally.




Kai finally appeared in the afternoon of Saturday.

Kai's POV

Max was sitting on the patient's bed, with an IV linked to his arm, framed with Kenny and Ray. All three of them looked up at me as I showed up on the doorway. Max's father was at the shop, while Judy was taking an overnight trip to America, to return the following morning.

The blond was as pale as I remembered him. His blue eyes widened as he saw me on the doorway and all three of them, stuck their eyes on me and stopped talking. After five whole minutes of awkward silence, Ray stood up and looked at Kenny.

"Chief, come on" he said.

The shorter looked at him and then at Max, not seeming too sure that he should go.

"Chief" ordered the neko-jii and finally the brown haired stood up. I saw him turning to Max and whispering something. The patient just nodded.

When they passed by me Ray gave me a serious look and a nod. Honestly I felt a little calmer. Like even a little bit I had been forgiven for what I had caused.

The door closed, leaving me alone with my former roommate.

"Hi, Max" I said calmly and took three steps forward, closing in to his bed.

His aqua eyeballs were still fixed at me. I stared straight at them, trying to figure out his feelings. I wasn't sure if he was mad at me. If he was sad to see me, or if he was even feeling something. Slowly his eyes traveled a bit lower, where the pendant he gave me hanged, and then back at my own eyes.

"Kai…" he finally spoke in a weak voice.

"I am sorry; I couldn't come till now…" I said looking away from his fragile figure.

"You couldn't or wouldn't?" he asked suddenly his tone turning fierce. I looked back at him, keeping my expression and position steady. Then he spoke again "Maybe you were too scared to face me after you betrayed me".


There are things that work to some people like poison. For me, betrayal is one of them. I felt my body twitching instinct at the sound of this word coming out of the younger's lips.

"I don't regret it" I told him, facing him like before.

"I know" he replied, as calmly "You did it for my own good… I realize that and, I want to thank you… I feel really calm right now, but…"

I looked at his eyes sideway, biting the inside of my lip, while my stomach though it would be a great idea to copy a beyblade and twist to the point where I felt like I wanted to throw up.

"I… Can't" he said seeming to struggle with himself to find the words "I don't want you here" he said frowning. I took a moment to examine his expression, and I could see so clearly that he felt like I had crossed him (which I obviously had). I turned my gaze to the feet of the bed. To be honest I expected worst, so I couldn't realize why words placed so tactfully, hurt me. I guess I passed too much time with this bunch of idiots and got softer.

"I can't face you right now. Please leave" he said. I noticed the end of his sentence getting shaky, as if his emotions were building up "And… Don't come here again" he said finally. This time the whole sentence was spelled out shakily.

I bit the inside of my lips and slowly nodded "I understand" I replied and moved to turn around. Midway I stopped and looked at the boy. His blue orbs were stuck on me, in a way I couldn't translate. Without thinking I closed the distance and stepped around Max's bed, his eyes following my every move in wonder. Once I was beside him I leaned close, pausing with my face inches away from him. I could hear his breath shakily being slowed down, as most of it was being held back. Once more our eyes stayed stuck to the others.

Slowly I lifted my head just lightly and rested my lips on the boy's forehead. Max closed his eyes, seeming to relax, still holding in his breath.

I really have passed too much time with them…

I withdrew after a while, listening to him release his breath with a faint sound. Gently I raised my hand and caressed from his cheek back to his hair and placed another light hiss on the top of his head.

"I'm sorry, ok?" I whispered. Max was curled close with his head half leaning on my chest. He didn't make any movement or sound as I brushed his bright locks "Get well soon" I said finally pushing back and met his gaze once more in close distance "I will see you in three months". Using my fingers I stroked some of his hair behind his ear and straightened my body up. I reached inside my bag and took out a thin rectangle packet, setting it on his bedside table.

"See you, Max" I said, eventually stepping out of the room, without realizing I had left Max in a daze, but I felt pretty mixed up myself, so I didn't let him talk, or gave any more time to myself to act. I was already acting weird.

On my way out I saw Kenny and Ray, but I walked past them without trading any words. They must have told me something, and actually I might even reply, but I can't recall it. By the nightfall I was back at my house.

Three months it was.

We all would wait for these months, for Max to be back in the team, and hopefully things would be back to normal. This is what I hoped. This is what we all hoped.

But none of us saw what was coming, until it happened.

To be continued~

Also Thanks to: All those who read and enjoy this story and will actually keep up still! THANK YOU!

Beyblade (c) Takao Aoki

Enjoy the silence (c) Breaking Benjamin