"Oh, don't cry Bubbles, I'm here for you..."

Mephistopheles would not know until years later how true that statement, produced from jest, would become...

Bubbles, sitting on the one singular bed that the Powerpuff Girls were expected to share, heard a voice, unexpectedly gentle amidst all the fighting, call out to her.

She spun around, and saw Octi. Octi was a singular voice that knew her troubles, in a sea of turbulence and chaos, the unending fighting of her sisters, and that eternal threat of darkness. Bubbles craved this beacon of hope, a singular soul that would soothe her in this chaos. And so she listened to the softly-whispering force that was secretly the voice of doubt and turmoil itself, the disguised mischief of the demon Mephistopheles, manipulating from afar with intent to drive some darkened sense of doubt into the girls, for them to see the world differently than they did, with their misguided hope placed in the wrong hands...

...Indeed, all Professor could do was add another voice to the argument, one that didn't do anything, he couldn't even assert his position as a father, mostly because he could not see himself properly as one. All he did was stand between the two.

And for the entire day, Bubbles felt at least someone was out there to listen, and that was partially true, even if, for the moment, their intentions were less than noble.

The second argument was worse than the first, and once again, Utonium was merely a statue between the two, muttering useless phrases and making it worse, as Bubbles sought solace in her room, trying to persuade Octi to speak again, wanting that sweet, comforting voice back to keep her safe, to be there for her when nobody else was.

"STUPID little girl..."

Bubbles recognized that voice, it was not the first time she had heard it...

Utonium had sent the girls to bed one night, it had only been a few days, and he wondered how much they were different from humans, if they understood him, if they were worthy of being his companions. He had called earlier for Bubbles, the one who had been his favorite, and just now she was wandering through the darkness of the house, searching out the Professor. He waited in the darkness of his lab, anticipating a night of experiments, of testing limits, of tasting perfection. And when she finally found the door, had finally entered, and was in front of him in her little pajamas, he took her in his hands, only thinking of what the night had in store, and of himself.

"...Don't touch her, you have no right..." a voice cut through the darkness, the colors of flames lighting the dim room and its darkness for only a second, and that one second was what Bubbles needed to see the needles, the bindings, the blades, and every other utensil that Utonium intended to employ that night to explore what was the bounds of the perfection that he had created. She immediately squirmed, yet he still held her without intent of letting her go just yet.

"...Don't mind HIM. He's not involved with this- GAK!"

Bubbles was shocked as her father was knocked to the other side of the room, his grip broken of her, and she floated away to the door quickly, hovering there to catch a glimpse of the figure, a frightening spirit in red with claws, and she would not be surprised if it was one of the monsters under the bed that Buttercup spoke so often of to frighten her. The creature pointed at Utonium, growling at him simply, with the darkest voice she could never imagine...

"...If you ever touch her like that again, I will kill you."

Bubbles was young, and did not understand why any of this was happening, but she did understand that she should flee now for the safety of her room, and that she should never be without light at night ever again. This moment could not be relived. Whatever that thing was...Him...That was what she knew the creature as now...It had threatened to kill her father, and she only understood that It did not want her father touching her, and she would never understand why.

"I know you, you're HIM!"

The thing that had taken over Octi confirmed that, and then went off to destroy the world. Bubbles decided that it was something to fear, and ran off after it to learn about it, to find out the truth about that night...

"STOP...You USED me!"

"Oh, is that what I did?" It spoke nonchalantly, still with that tauntingly comforting voice that unnerved and worried her.

"That wasn't fair!"

"No, it isnt...Neither is THIS!" it demanded, grabbing her with an arm, and she screamed.

At the moment it seemed as if it wanted to eat her, but that wasn't exactly it. The arm only held her where she was, the thing that had spoken was angry, but she felt it was not at her, and she still felt that horrible confusion, and she remained silent as she looked at Octi with some sense of pity. Then she saw her sisters there, just floating, and as the arm shook her, perhaps trying to put some sense into her, she screamed again. Her sisters were going to save her from this thing, and for that she was glad, even though the thing that held her, HIM, seemed reluctant to let go.

She giggled as the girls brought her home, but even so, she still stole a glance back to the dissipating creature engulfed in flames as it had been before.

The creature dissolved into the air with an expression of tortured tragedy, of depression and sadness, and it truly looked as if it missed having that small semblance of company, someone to talk to. For that, she resolved to keep Octi, even though he would probably never speak again, and she would hold him just as tight as she had before.

On their 'seventh' birthday, as she had reached the physical maturity of a human seven-year-old now, as when she had been created she had first come into existence as a five-year-old, Bubbles and her sisters had gotten presents, and even then she had treated Octi as if it was his birthday too, using his little arms to open the gifts, a tea set for pretend teatimes, a bottle of bubbles, and many other presents. That day was wonderful, and as soon as the sun started to set, she brought the play tea set inside excitedly, sitting all her toys around to play with it.

Blossom was off reading a book she had been given, and Buttercup hated fake tea parties. So all she had was her toys.

As she poured the nonexistent tea, she almost dropped the teapot as Octi raised his own teacup timidly with two arms. She froze.

Octi said nothing, but that stitched-on mouth smiled slightly, and those eyes glittered as it raised the cup higher. And she knew who had given her this present, even if it didn't make much sense, she smiled and continued pouring imaginary tea. This time, Octi would not talk, but at least she knew she had someone to listen to her, and that she wasn't alone.

And Octi seemed to find happiness in that too, the glittering eyes squinting shut slightly as that stitched smile became slightly broader.