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I sighed staring out the limo window. I was on my way to my new private school with my cousin, little sister and father. My gaze returned to my lap as I fiddled with my fingers.

''Hinata,'' my cousin chimed, I looked up at him. He seemed very relaxed for going to a school with lots of people we didn't know, hormonal boys just waiting to prey on a young defenseless girl, perverted teach- I stopped myself.

Calm down Hinata you're over reacting, I straightened myself and smiled ''Yes Neji?''

He cocked an eyebrow ''Are you ok Hinata? You seem to be tense,''

I almost slapped him, Of course I'm tense you idiot! You know how I get around strangers, but I just smiled shyly ''I'm just nervous I don't know anyone there and I don't make friends very well,''

''Don't worry sis!'' I turned to my left to see my sister smiling brightly; she pointed her thumb at herself then Neji ''We'll make sure you have lots of new friends in no-time,'' then she cracked her knuckles threatingly ''And If any of those boys make a move on you I'll grind them to dust,'' She smiled again and patted my back ''So don't worry!''

I giggled quietly ''Thank you Hanabi,''

''Besides,'' We all turned to father ''Don't the Uchiha's and Sabaku's (Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro) attend Konoha Gakuen,''

Neji looked back at me ''He's right,''

My father continued ''It would be good for you to become more acquainted with them, if you are friends with Gaara and Itachi when they become head of their respected companies they could become valuable business partners,''

I smiled at him ''Yes father,'' to be honest I didn't want to be acquainted with them, the Uchiha's were scary with their black eyes that look like bottomless-pits, and the Sabaku's were tough, very tough I was afraid they would beat me to death if I got on their bad side.

I looked up as the car came to a quick halt, exhaling quietly. ''We're here,'' Hanabi said in a scary horror film type way.

''Hanabi,'' father said in a stern tone as he crawled out of the limo. She stuck her tongue out at him when he turned his back. I hesitated getting out of the car ''Come on,'' Neji said extending his hand toward me. With hesitance I took his hand and he pulled me out of the car.

My eye widened as I stared at the school it was huge! It also had very dark, gothic feel to it. I also noticed there were three large buildings.

''Gargoyles!'' I hissed in Neji's ear ''This school has gargoyles! That has got to tell you something's up with this school!''

''Forget it Hinata,'' he said, not bothering to be quiet, or look at me ''We're going to this school, so enough with the ridiculous reasons to go somewhere else,''

I pouted but kept walking. I sighed well maybe if I keep out of everyone's way and sit in the back I can get through on- "Hello Hyuga family!''

I looked up to see a very busty blond woman with pigtails in a simple dress suit beaming brightly at us, behind her to her left was a small woman wearing a similar dress suit with short black hair and black eyes, but unlike the Uchiha's her eyes were cute not scary. I touched my own blue hair wondering if it looked a soft and cute as hers did. The man next to her had white spikey hair that pulled into a white pony tail. He wore a simple black suit, which look very good on him.

My Father reached forward and shook her hand briefly ''a pleasure to meet you ms…'' he stopped implying she never told us our name.

''Tsunade Senju Principle of Konoha Gakuen,'' she said, she then motioned to the woman behind her "TThis is head nurse and assistant vice principal Shizune,'' then she motioned to the man ''And this is vice principal Jiraiya,''

My father shook their hands as well ''Nice to meet you both,''

Shizune only nodded, Jiraiya said ''a pleasure indeed'' his eyes quickly skimming my body.

I moved behind Neji a little, and Hanabi stepped in front of me protectively.

Ms. Tsunade clapped her hands together ''Well shall we begin the tour,'' she then motioned for us to follow her. We walked behind her, Neji holding my hand to make sure I didn't try to run, ''as you can see'' Ms. Tsunade began ''We have a large campus so there is plenty of room for the children to move around in,''.

I could tell by the way Neji squeezed my hand that he didn't like being called a child, frankly neither did I. A 16-year-old girl is not a child nor is a 17-year-old boy. Hanabi either didn't hear or didn't mind being called a child, though at 12 she still kind of was a kid.

As we entered the school I began to see a few students. The older students had on black suits, the girls had black skirts, and the younger students had more uniformy type outfits. The boys had a black sailor top with two badge type marks on the sleeves and black slacks. The girls had a similar top with a ruffled white skirt. When you received the uniform you also had a choice of wearing a cute little hat with a small bow in the back.

''Now why dont we get the kids fitted into some uniforms shall we,'' Tsunade turned quickly clapping her hands together. ''Yes,'' my father replied with a smile.

I turned to Neji and whispered ''The clapping might get annoying after awhile,''

Neji replied ''I'm more concerned about these uniforms I do not want to be stuck in one of those little boy uniforms,''


Hanabi squealed when I came out of the dressing room ''You look so cute!'' I blushed and smiled shyly ''Thank you Hanabi you look cute too,''

She beamed at me and adjusted her hat ''Thanks, and thanks for wearing the sailor uniform with me,''

I smiled and opened my mouth

''Well don't expect me to wear it with you,'' Neji came out of the dressing room fixing his black tie ''I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit,'' he gave the boy's sailor suit a side-ways look then shook his head

''Just be thankful she's friends with dad or-'' she clamped a hand over her mouth as dad and Ms. Tsunade walked in.

He smiled at us ''Don't you two look cute,'' he kissed my head the Hanabi's ''You look good to Neji,''

Neji smiled, then turned to the mirror ''I always look good Uncle, you should know that by now,''

Hanabi walked over to him and pulled his hair ''Ow! Hanabi what was that for!''

''You'll look good when you cut this stuff off,'' she held up his hair in disgust

He snatched his hair away ''Girls happen to love my long hair,'' he said smoothing his hair back into place.

Hanabi shook her head ''Your mom doesn't count,''

He glared at her ''I wasn't talking about my mom Hanabi,''

I giggled at them, they were so silly. Ms. Tsunade handed Neji and me a little piece of paper.

''What's this?'' he asked

''Schedules,'' she replied


''For school,''

''Were starting school already!''

''Of course, you and Hinata will start now while Mr. Hyuga and I take Hanabi to her building,''

I sighed and looked at the ground, I thought that we were going to have a day to adjust to the campus, but no we are thrown right in.

''Well lets go Hinata,'' Neji broke through my thoughts, I nodded and followed him.

We exited the tailoring room and walked down the halls until we came to a staircase, at the top was another hallway, as Neji turned right I unconsciously followed. He stopped and looked over his shoulder at me ''Why are you following me?''

I looked at him confused ''Don't we have the same classes?''

He shook his head ''No, I'm a Junior you're a Sophmore, why would we have the same classes?''

I blushed and looked down ''Sorry,''

He patted my head ''No biggy, just pay more attention to your schedule,'' he turned and walked away.

I sighed and looked at my schedule Math 10 A

I looked around the halls and turned left.


I jumped as the bell rung. I panicked looking at the clock, great late on my first day,

I ran down the hall and turned left bumping into someone on my way.

''oomph'' I fell on my butt and blushed.

''I'm so sor-'' I panicked when I looked up and saw who I had run into.

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