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After breakfast, Hidan and Konan dragged me (literally) and the rest of the crew into a store across the street. I didn't get a chance to see what the store was called but I had a feeling I wouldn't recognize the name even if I saw it.

I was scared the moment I walked (was dragged) into the store. The people there were not the kind of people I usually associate myself with. They all had dyed hair and piercings and it freaked me out.

The boys all took off in separate directions, leaving me with Konan. She pulled me to the back of the store where all the teen clothing was. She threw several skirts, tops, and accessories at me then pushed me into a dressing room.

When the door closed behind me I looked around nervously, I'm not sure why but I had a feeling if I looked around long enough I would see hidden cameras.

I sighed and hung all the clothes up and proceeded to change. The first outfit I tried on was a red plaid mini dress that came with poncho. The poncho had a hood and the hood had bunny ears attached to it.

I stepped out of the dressing expecting to see Konan, instead I saw Tobi. When the dressing room door opened Tobi turned his head and beamed at me.

"Hi Bunny," he looked at my poncho hood then giggled, "Now you really look like a bunny." I blushed slightly then said, "I guess."

Tobi gave me a worried then pulled me into a hug. "If Bunny-chan is upset she can talk to Tobi." I blinked once before saying, "Tobi, I'm not upset." I pushed him away slightly, just so I could look at his face. "But if I ever am you'll be the first person I talk to."

The look on Tobi's face was one of total joy. He squeezed me so hard it hurt and happily said, "Tobi is so happy he met Bunny-chan." I nodded and patted his back, "I'm happy I met you to Tobi."

I then expected Tobi to let go of me. He didn't. I gently patted Tobi's back kind of expecting that he would get the hint and let go. He didn't. "Um, Tobi?" "Mm?"

I was starting to get claustrophobic so I quickly said, "Could you please let go. I have other clothes Konan wanted me to try on." Tobi gave me one last squeeze then let me go.

I returned to the dressing room and continued to try on the various outfits Konan had picked out for me.


"Bunny-chan!" Tobi yelled skipping across the store. He stopped in front of me and held something out. I was a Hello Kitty accessory set complete with a watch, 3 earrings, 2 necklace, 2 rings, a bracelet and, 4 hair clips. "It's very cute Tobi." I replied. He lifted it closer to my face, "Does Bunny-chan want it?" he asked me.

I turned the box over looking for a price. I found a small pink price sticker that read $19.99. It was a pretty good deal considering all the stuff you got with it. I nodded and had begun to pull the box from Tobi's hand when he turned a headed for the cashier, "Then Tobi will buy it for Bunny-chan." I stepped jogged forward and stopped in front of Tobi. "That's okay Tobi. I can buy it for myself."

Tobi shook his head and walked around me, "Tobi wants to buy something pretty for Bunny-chan." I don't know why, but I had this feeling nothing I said would change Tobi's mind. So I didn't try to stop him from purchasing the accessory set.


I sighed quietly. I looked at the small Hello Kitty watch from the accessory set Tobi had insisted on buying me; it read 9:58. I sighed a little louder. How did I let them convince me to stay out so late? And on a school night, I thought pulled out the key to my new dorm room.

After shopping at the store I had learned was called Yami, the Japanese word for darkness, and buying 5 new outfits complete with accessories, Tobi had insisted on taking me into the Hello Kitty store. Where I bought 4 new outfits and Tobi had bought me After which Konan had found out that I didn't have a dorm of my own so she took me to the school office to get me a dorm room. It took her a lot of excuses, blackmail and a little flirting to get the secretary, who was a man thank you very much, to forget that we were supposed to be in classes. Then we went to lunch, more shopping, and Konan had somehow tricked me into going to a pub so I now had 4 or 5 new numbers in my contacts.

I unlocked the door and placed all of my bags onto the desk. I took off all of my jewelry and sat at the desk. I rested my face in my hands and groaned. "Tired?" someone behind me asked.

I stood up so fast I knocked the chair over and turned toward the voice. My eyes widened when I saw who it was. "Pein."

Pein smiled at me, "I think we should talk. Miss Bunny."


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