'So can I have your number?' Jimmy, a really cute actor who was guest starring on Meal or No Meal.

'Sure.' I grinned, giving him my number and he smiled, kissed my hand and winked.

'I'll call you.'

'Ok.' I grinned as he waved and walked away from me.

'He won't call you.' Said that all too familiar voice and I whirled around angrily to see Chad Dylan Cooper leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face.

'And how would you know that Chad?' I scoffed and Chad grinned.

'Hey, I am the ultimate pro when it comes to dating Munroe, you of all people should know that.' He laughed and I rolled my eyes.

'If you mean dating as in your relationships lasting no longer than three days then your wrong – you know nothing about dating.'

'But least I get dates and I can tell the signs Munroe. That guy just there, he's not into you at all, he was just charming you to see if he could get any attention from that girl over there.' Chad motioned to the very angry looking girl who was trying to kill her banana with a glare.

'Well... just wait and see, he'll call and then who will be laughing at who! Haha!'






'Good and goodbye!'

'I can't believe he didn't call!' I raged at Tawni and she put an arm around me as I stared at my pink lips phone, as if waiting for it to ring. It had been a week since I had given my number to Jimmy.

'Oh I'm sorry Sonny.' Tawni said comfortingly

'Ugh and now Chad is gonna laugh at me.'

'What has Chad got anything to do with this?'

'Oh, he told me when I gave Jimmy my number that he wasn't into me and I kind of told him that he would call so I would be able to laugh in his face.'

'Oh God Sonny, you know how Chad's crooked mind works – he's gonna ask you soon and he'll ask for back up from Jimmy, so you have to tell him the truth.' Tawni sighed.

'I guess, well how's your love life going.'

'Well yesterday, I bumped into a guy – he was really, really cute, but he's 25 and married.'

'Oh my God Tawni! You can't get involved with a married man! That's like social suicide! Besides, you're only 17!'

'Nearly 18!' she argued, 'but he's so cute and he was truly into me. He gave me his card too, apparently he and his wife are having problems at the moment and he didn't want to marry her but it was either a marriage or a break up.'

'Well, although it's wrong to mess with a married man, my mum's friend Julie got into a situation like this and the married guy left his wife for Julie.'

'You think that will happen to me?'

'Yeah, but just watch your back, since you know you're a teen icon and a celebrity – it may cause some bad press if this gets out.' I smiled.

'Thanks Sonny, but you know what, I just can't fathom why this guy hasn't called you back.'

'I know, perhaps, I'd best go and talk to him, see why he hasn't called.'

'You know what, maybe you should.' Tawni grinned and together we made our way to Condor Studios and towards the set of Meal or No Meal.

'Jimmy!' I called out when I saw him practicing his lines.

'Oh hey Sonny,' he said nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Why do guys even do that?

'So... you never called me, how come?'

'I... er... lost your number?' he cried.

'Bullshit! You just wanted that girl to get jealous!' I yelled before slapping him and walking passed a stunned Tawni. I didn't stop at stage 3 but marched straight to stage 2 and into Chad Dylan Cooper's dressing room. 'OK so you were right, he didn't call!' I huffed, sitting down with a baby pout on my face.

'See Sonny, Chad Dylan Cooper is never wrong.'

'Well if your so right all the time, give me some advice! How do I know when a guy likes me or if he will call?'

'Sit back and relax Munroe – you have a LOT to learn.'

Thoughts? Should I continue the story or scrap it?