This idea just came to me. Sorry, I know this is short, but it is just the introduction; setting the scene. Hope you like it!

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Marcus POV

I look out to the courtyard and watch my children play. So beautiful. Along with my best General's son, Maximus. Such a moral loving man Maximus is, so unlike my son Commedus.

Commedus will turn ten this year and start his schooling to train to be Emperor one day, or, at least, a senator. But, there is something about Commedus that worries me. Something is already budding up in him, and it scares me to think of what it might become. Just yesterday I found him in the woods, watching a squirrel squirm about as it bled to death, slowly, make unearthly sounds of pain. Commedus had watched in fascination, and a bloody knife was found on his person later that day.

Lucilla, ah, my daughter. She is so wise, and always able to keep my boys in check. Whomever she marries will have to be strong willed to survive, but they will gain knowledge and be remarkable. At age thirteen, she will be in the middle of her finishing school and will soon be presented to the public. Though, she appears to have a taking to Maximus.

Maximus, the boy who makes my day bright. I see great things from him. He could be a great philosopher, but he chooses not to get caught up in politics. Smart boy. Though, I will see to it that he gets a proper education if he were to change his mind. At fourteen, he is a strong young lad, eager to join the army, and advance to the highest position possible. Hopefully Maximus can lead Commedus down a better road. If not, the future of Rome might not be too bright.

Commedus and Maximus are fighting now, with their wooden swords. Commedus isn't quite the fighter. I am so glad he chose not to be a soldier, or I would not have a son. He only does good when the fights are choreographed beforehand. Lucilla has now joined the fight. I chuckle to myself as she takes down Commedus with her own sword, and, after Commedus is up on his feet, joins her to take down Maximus. This should be good.

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