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Rachel felt herself waking slowly, feeling groggier than usual. She wondered what time it was, but couldn't seem to get her eyes to open. She was warm and when she tried to move she found that she couldn't.

What in the world? Her eyes shot open and she took in the scene around her. Her head was on Puck's (what was he doing in her bed?) chest, his arm underneath her and as she glanced behind her she really freaked out. Santana's head was on her back, her arm was draped over her back, her hand cupping Rachel's butt and one of her legs was thrown over on of Rachel's as well.

"What is going on?" she screeched as she sat up, throwing Santana off of her.

Suddenly both Santana and Puck were awake, sitting up in bed and staring at her (little did she know it was because the sheet had dropped and left her breasts bare).

"Chill, babe." Puck rolled his eyes as he glanced at the clock. "It's really fucking early."

"Do NOT tell me to chill. What is going on?" Rachel could hear her voice rising as she freaked out.

Santana slid towards the edge of the bed. "You don't remember last night?"

Rachel shook her head, but suddenly flashes of the night before began to come to her. Oh no, had she really done that? Her eyes widened and her gaze dropped down. She quickly noticed that she was bare from the waist up and pulled the sheet back up to cover her. She fell back onto the pillows, covering her face with her hands. How could she have done that?

"Ummm…I'm just going to jump in the shower. Leave the two of you alone."

Rachel sighed, dropping her hands as she heard Santana leave. She opened her eyes to find Puck staring down at her. "How could you do this to me?"

"Do this to you?" Puck laughed. "Babe, you were not complaining last night."

"That's because I was DRUNK!" Rachel sat up again, careful to keep herself covered this time. "You took advantage of me!"

"Oh no, you're not going to use that excuse." Puck shook his head. "You've been throwing off signals for weeks that you wanted to fuck me."

"Don't be so coarse, Noah."

"See! You're not even denying it."

Rachel shook her head. "Maybe I did want to go to bed with you, but I never would have agreed to Santana joining us."

"Then maybe you should be mad at Santana and not at me."

Rachel sighed. He was right. She had been trying to get up the nerve to have sex with Puck to see if all of the talk was true (and because she just plain wanted him), but she had never wanted Santana in the equation. She'd never even thought of Santana in that way (at least not that she'd admit, even to herself). But she couldn't be mad at him for that. She'd been drunk and an opportunity had been presented to her and she hadn't said no. "Fine."

"Fine?" Puck raised his eyebrows. "You're gonna stop bitching at me?"

"Ugh! Why do I even bother?" Rachel started to slide from the bed, keeping the sheet around her.

"Wait." Puck grabbed her arm. "Don't go. Please."

Rachel turned to him, her eyes questioning. Puck gave her a small smile before leaning over and kissing her. It was a light kiss, barely a brushing of the lips before he pulled back slightly to look at her. "It's just you and me now."

Rachel sucked in a breath. Was he saying what she thought he was saying? Did he really want to have sex with her now? "But Santana…"

"Is in the shower." Puck grinned, that wicked smirk of his that announced to the world that he was up to no good (and that turned Rachel on more than she was willing to admit).

"Yeah, but-"

Puck cut her off with a kiss, this one lasting longer. His tongue slid into her mouth, brushing against hers and it was like fireworks went off inside of her head. She knew that there was no way she was going to say no, even knowing that Santana could walk in at any time.

Her arms slid around his neck as he slid across the bed so that he was beside her. He pushed her back onto the bed, sliding himself on top of her.

Oh my. He was completely naked and he was hard as he pressed up against her. As his lips trailed down her neck she let out a moan. She forgot the other girl in the bathroom – she forgot everything but his lips. Well his lips and his hands, which were gliding up and down her sides.

Rachel's own hands went to his head as his mouth found her nipple. Another moan slipped from her lips as he took the nipple into his mouth, biting lightly before rolling it between his lips and tongue. He drew back long enough to smirk up at her before turning his attention back to her other nipple. He bit it lightly before lapping at it with his tongue.

His hand began to slide further down her body, gliding across her thigh as he blew on her nipple, watching as it pebbled even further as the air touched the wet. He blew on the other nipple just as his hand brushed against her center. She gasped at the sensation, her hips thrusting towards his wandering hand. Her fingers dug into his scalp as he slid a finger along her slit.

She knew that she was already wet and any other time she might have been embarrassed by how little it took for her to be ready, but right then all she cared about were the sensations wracking her body. She whimpered as he trailed his hand away from her center, traveling across her thigh again. But he just shot her that infuriating smirk again before flicking his tongue over each of her nipples and then kissing below her breasts. He slowly made his way south, dipping his tongue in her belly button which caused her to jerk against him.

Who knew that his tongue in her belly button could be such a turn on? She watched in wonder as he continued his trail of kissing down her stomach, his hands gripping her thighs and pushing them further apart so that she was open wide to him.

The first flick of his tongue had her hips jerking off of the bed. He pressed down on her thighs, holding her down on the bed as he ran his tongue across her center. She jerked again, but his hands held her in place as his tongue slipped into her. They both moaned as his tongue delved further.

Her hands dug into his scalp again as she began to cry out his name brokenly. Oh he was good, less than a minute and she knew that she was close to coming. One thing was for sure: his prowess in bed had not been exaggerated.

His hand slid up her thigh, his finger flicking across her clit. He traced around it, circling it but not quite touching it and she thought she would go crazy. Her hips began to jerk against him and finally he pressed his thumb to her clit, massaging it and the next thing she knew she was exploding.

Puck continued to lap at her as her inner muscles contracted around his tongue. His tongue slid in and out of her as she finally collapsed on the bed. He slowly slid up her body, his lips meeting hers and she could taste herself on him. It was strangely erotic.

She could feel him pressing against her center and the sensations it set off were almost enough to make her come again. She bit down on his lip, jerking her hips against him so that would get the idea that she was ready.

Santana sighed as she turned the shower off. She wondered if Puck had calmed Rachel down yet. She'd known that this morning would be awkward (how could it not be?) but she'd been hoping for a better response. She had hoped that after this she and Rachel could still be friends, after all it had taken them almost two years to become as close as they were. As great as the sex had been it wasn't worth losing a friend over. Damn it.

She quickly toweled herself off and as she was tying the towel around herself she heard a noise from the room.

She pushed open the door and stopped in shock. She watched as Rachel exploded in Puck's arms, calling out his name as he continued to lick her. She could feel herself growing wet at the sight.

She stepped further into the room as the pair kissed. She watched Puck slid away from Rachel to grab a condom and Rachel's eyes met hers. She read the desire in them and this time there was no horror. She didn't invite her to join them, but she didn't tell her to go away.

Santana walked over to the couch that sat not too far from the bed so that she could watch them, letting the towel fall away so that she was naked. Her hand slid down her body as she watched Puck lower himself over Rachel, sliding into her. All three of them moaned together as Santana slid a finger inside of herself.

Puck heard a noise behind him as he grabbed a condom and knew that Santana had entered the room. He glanced at Rachel and saw that her eyes were on the other girl. When she made no effort at stopping him or the other girl he slid back over her.

He slid into her easily, groaning at how wet and tight she was. He heard her moan at the contact and somewhere behind him he heard Santana moan as well. He glanced over his shoulder to see her on the couch, her hand working nimbly between her legs. Well hot damn. He glanced at Rachel, whose eyes were once again on the other girl. He pulled out slowly before thrusting into her again and Rachel's eyes flew to his.

He smirked at her. Holy hell, she was totally into Santana getting herself off to them having sex. Who would've thought that Rachel Berry was so kinky in the bedroom? He leaned down, taking one of her nipples into his mouth as he slid in and out of her again. She moaned, her hands going to his head again.

Suddenly an idea hit him. He pulled out of Rachel, grinning when she whined at the loss of contact. He carefully laid back onto the bed, pulling Rachel on top of him so that she was facing Santana.

"C'mon Rach, you can't take your eyes off of her. This is the best of both worlds. You can watch her while you ride me."

He watched as Rachel's face reddened and if it was possible he found himself even more turned on. He lifted her hips, lowering her onto him. He'd swear that his eyes rolled into the back of his head when she slid down to take him full hilt.

She bit her lip as looked down at before glancing back up to where Santana sat. He couldn't see her without twisting his head around (which would totally not be comfortable) but he could hear her. She was making soft mewling noise and he knew that she was still stroking herself.

He rocked Rachel's hips against his own and hissed at the sensation. Fuck, she felt good. Luckily Rachel got the idea and began to move her hips. She rocked her hips against his before putting her hands on his chest so that she could steady herself as she began to move up and down on him. He watched as she threw her head back, her eyes still on the other girl.

Fuck. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea. Between Rachel's movement and the fact that he knew she was watching Santana get herself off, he didn't know how long he was going to be able to last. He slid his hand between them, finding Rachel's clit.

She bucked against him, her pace picking up but becoming more erratic. "Noah…ohhh, Noah…"

His name on her lips in that breathy voice was the hottest thing he'd ever heard. Fuck, he was going to come and she hadn't even come yet. But just as the thought came to him Rachel slammed down onto him once more and she came apart. She screamed out his name, her nails digging into his chest. His own hands clamped onto her hips as he thrust further up into her, her name falling from his lips.

Rachel slid down to rest on his chest as he heard Santana's breathing become more rapid and as he turned to look at her she came as well. She cried out before collapsing against the couch.

He wrapped his arms around Rachel as she struggled to get closer to him (like she could get any closer). What a fucking (literally) great spring break this had turned out to be.

"What the hell happened to you last night?" Finn asked as Puck walked over to where his friends sat by the pool.

Puck shrugged. He wasn't one to kiss and tell. "I was busy."

"Obviously." Matt rolled his eyes. "Not that we should be surprised. You are Noah Puckerman and if you can't get ass on Spring Break, then who can?"

Puck just shook his head, ignoring them. If he'd been paying more attention he would've made a comment on that, but he was too busy watching the two girls who had just emerged from the hotel. Their arms were entwined and their heads were bent together as they talked. But when one of them looked up, meeting his eyes, her face lit up.

He watched as they walked over, savoring their bodies that were once again clad only in bikinis. Fuck, they were hot.

"Hey guys," Rachel called out to the group, a small smile on her face.

The others may have responded, but he wasn't paying attention. He had eyes only for Rachel, who although she had said hello to the others was looking directly at him. Fuck this. He didn't give two shits what anyone thought of him.

He reached out, grabbing onto Rachel's hand and jerking her towards him so that she fell into his lap. He leaned down and kissed her, ignoring the noises that the other guys were making. "Hey Berry."

"Hey Noah." She smiled up at him, her face turning ten shades of red.

"I hope you don't mind." He nodded towards the others. "I just don't think I can keep my hands off of you."

She laughed. "No, I don't mind." She paused. "But why are you back to calling me Berry?"

"I just like the way it sounds, babe." He glanced up at Santana who had pulled up a chair next to his before leaning down to whisper in Rachel's ear again. "Berry sounds more like the girl I had in bed with me last night and this morning, than Rachel does. Rachel sounds like a prude."

Santana burst out laughing. She'd obviously heard what he'd said. She winked at him and he knew that she agreed. As he looked back down at Rachel he saw that she had turned an even darker shade of red (how was that even possible?)

"Oh, okay." She sighed as she struggled to sit up, but when she went to stand he pulled her back down.

"Stay here."

She just nodded. Who knew, maybe there could be something for them beyond Spring Break. But for now he was just going to enjoy the rest of the time that they had on this vacation and they'd worry about the rest of it when they got home.