30 Ways to Annoy a Death Eater

1. Buy them front seat tickets to Equus.

2. Tell Bellatrix there is something eating her hair.

3. Call Rodolphus Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

4. Give Voldemort a coupon for free hair growth kit.

5. Make them all read the really graphic fanfictions about themselves.

6. Take them to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. They will cause an uproar when they find themselves on the screen and when they find they can't get Harry.

7. Sit in on one of there meetings with a bleeper so whenever they speak you can bleep out some of there words to make them sound stupid.

8. Tell Narcissa that Lucius is sleeping with Bellatrix. All hell will be raised.

9. Whenever the Black family is brought up be sure to mention Andromeda and Sirius. This will piss Bellatrix and Narcissa off a lot.

10. Exclaim that you are the girl/boy that lived and not Potter. Be sure to be armed and ready for attack.

11. Send Tom Felton fangirls into a meeting. At least Narcissa will be happy that so many pretty girls adore her son.

12. Show Lucius that he was in the top ten hair crimes of the decade.

13. Introduce Edward (from twilight) to the deatheaters. Confusion will follow.

14. Take them all to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. Be sure to make sure they don't have their wands or else the place will be destroyed.

15. Introduce Lady Gaga to them. Tell Voldemort that Lady Gaga want to rule the world with him. Bellatrix will be killing Lady Gaga when Voldemort is thrilled by this.

16. After anyone insults Harry Potter say "God Bless his Heart."

17. After anyone says mudblood, look to the ground and whisper mudblood. It should annoy them.

18. Tell the Deatheaters that Voldemort is the world master at wizard chess. They'll start a tournament. That should keep them occupied for a while.

19. Reveal to Voldemort that who R.A.B. was. Rabastan's amusing brother, or was it Rodolphus' amusing brother.

20. Paint malfoy manor red and yellow.

21. To make Snape feel better tell him to look at Voldemort and thank god that he's not like that.

22. Blast the Harry Potter theme song throughout there meeting.

23. Loudly tell Voldemort that you enjoyed the other night, but you really do need your bra/boxers back and that he should go buy his own now.

24. Sit back and watch Bellatrix break down. Smile sweetly.

25. When Lucius is on the top floor of his mansion, shout up to him saying" Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair!"

26. Pass out leaflets asking them to be blood donors. Say that pureblood is scarce after all.

27. Sleep with Lucius. Afterwards comment that Draco's talent definatley didn't come from him. Roll over or walk off unamused.

28. Use the imperius curse to make them all believe they are in fact part of a gardening and book club. And that they are now called "Death Readers".

29. Convince Bellatrix the only way to get Voldemort is buying him a cat. Make sure the cat she buys is rabid and named "Mr. Tinkles."

30. Finally, remind the death eaters that Voldemort is indeed half-blood.