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Chapter One: Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen sat lonesome in the doctor's office for the first time in his existence since the chicken pox outbreak when he was six years old. Looking straight ahead at the wall of certificates, he drummed his fingers on his jean clad leg. His face was emotionless as he awaited the doctor's return with test results that could potentially change his life.

Edward was an active man who was never known to be sat down for more than ten minutes unless it was dinner time of course. He spent his spare time snowboarding and swimming at the local sports centre or travelling and exploring although he still had a strong passion for music. His parents, a doctor and home maker, had bought him a baby grand piano when he was thirteen as a joint birthday and Christmas present. Ten years on it still resided in his studio flat in Seattle next to his treadmill.

Although his job as a sports writer at the Seattle Times fulfilled his dreams and interlocked with his lifestyle he continued to compose music both leisurely and for his twin brother who played keyboard in a local band; The Crescent Moon. He used to tease them all about getting real jobs but once he was promoted to Sports Columnist he realised the feeling of doing something you've always wanted. He sighed audibly, which echoed around the room, at that hoping again that these test results would show no abnormalities.

He was also a healthy man as his actives suggested. Every morning he would walk a mile on the treadmill before work then again before he went to bed. He was not a completely healthy eater but he ate the three main meals a day whether it meant eating taking an extended lunch to buy a pasta meal he could consume at work.

Edward's social life was excellent. He and his long time girlfriend Tanya met twice a week at least, sometimes she stayed overnight. Other nights he would go out and party with friends from both work and home. He chuckled thinking of the bear he knew as Emmett, who'd got him drunk last week on a rather wild night out...

His family life faired just as brilliant. His parents still lived within the town he'd grown up in; Forks which was about three hours away. Through the wonders of MSN and webcam he was able to speak to them four times a week. His twin brother Jasper resided in an apartment three blocks down with his band mates. Edward would go down to visit them on his lunch break occasionally giving them autographs he'd managed to scrounge off Football player's he'd interviewed that week. The lads had gone crazy once upon receiving an autograph of Peyton Manning one winter's night. Edward shook his head softly at the memory; they'd all got pretty hammered that night.

His younger sister Rosalie happened to be the only one who unfortunately he had a rocky relationship with. At sixteen she confided in Edward that she planned to have an abortion, Edward both sickened and worried by the idea went to his parents who in the end convinced her to keep it but give it up for adoption. Rosalie had hardly spent much time with him in the five years since. He ran a hand through his dishevelled mane, that relationship was something that needed fixing.

The door opening distracted him from his deep thoughts, making his eyes snap to the man in a long white coat whose face was plain and emotionless. Edward shifted in his seat pulling it closer to the mahogany desk in front of him as the doctor sat down in his leather chair opposite. To keep the bright side of things Edward snickered to himself; the chair looked like that of a James Bond villain's chair, all the guy needed was a white cat.

Doctor James Earnest was one of his father's most trusted doctors. He eight years Carlisle's, Edward's father, senior and had trained him himself. His hair was greying atop of his head and in the goatee he'd styled since before Edward could remember. He was about three inches taller than Edward; just enough to make him loom over him when he would finish reading through the small file.

Edward waited patiently for this his fingers continuing the drumming of his fingers but now on the arm of the chair as he stared at the purple file however unable to read the words scribbled across seven or eight pages. If he's not pulling faces thats got to mean the tests are good...right? He mused watching the doctor now intently.

How long does it take to read eight pages? Edward's mind grumbled. These were the longest moments in his life; even longer than when he asked Bella Swan, his neighbour, to Prom in high school. Well it'd seemed to him to take ages but to be fair it wasn't any longer than a second or two before she was grinning happily. Bella... he groaned audibly without thinking I really need to cam her soon She'd gone to work in London as a book editor a few months ago but with his life being hectic over all this he hadn't had chance to speak to his best friend since the day after she'd arrived in her little flat.

'Edward?' James asked calling him from his thoughts once again. Edward cleared his mind and returned his attention to said doctor who was now sat back in his chair; elbows propped up on the arms and fingers interlocked. His expression was calm as he stared into Edward's eyes.
'Sorry I was away in my thoughts.' Edward chuckled nervously leaning forward.

'You came to me a few weeks ago complaining of vomiting? Occasionally some blood in that?' James asked.
Edward nodded 'I've also been tired a lot over the last six months. Sometimes I've just needed to go to bed due to the heartburn I'm getting.'
James nodded in reply 'You also said you were anaemic last year? You'd been given iron tablets for...' he looked into the file 'a month was it?'
'Yeah they said I'd be fine after that. It was only slight anaemia.'

James flipped over a page and clicked his pen 'Do you excessively smoke or drink?' Inside Edward's mind rolled its eyes; this was going to make him out to sound like an alcoholic.
'I'm a social drinker.' He explained 'I drink when out with friends but that's no more than a few Budweiser's.'
'Smoker?' The doctor asked scribbling that down.
'One or two a day now I've cut down over the last couple of years. Hopefully by May I'll have stopped.' The doctor nodded finishing his scribbling before moving back again.
'Edward I have some bad news.' Edward's stomach churned and he almost felt sick. 'You have Cancer.'

It was like glass shattering around him. That one word; the one he hoped he'd never hear in the same sentence as you have just shattered the world around him. All his plans for this year were over; Chemo would put a stop to that. He'd be weak probably end up being in a desk job until he was stronger. Edward took a slow breath in looking down at the floor. This can't be happening to me... I'm a fit and healthy 23 year old. I've only been smoking two years. He gripped the chair tightly with one hand before his gaze moved back to the doctor.

'It's Cancer of the stomach.' James clarified gaze never altering.
'So you'll put me on Chemo for a few months and I'll just need checkups and suc-' His voice was shaky for obvious reasons until he was cut off.
'Edward,' James spoke softly leaning forward. This was horrible for him too; he'd know Edward since the day he was put into his mother Esme's arms. He'd watched him grow and become a fine man 'Its terminal. We'll put you on Chemo but only to extend your life.'

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