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Chapter Five: Of Death and Ohio

"No!" screamed Destinee loudly (and melodramatically). "I shall never be your apprentice Slade!"

The rock which she was addressing said nothing.

"No! You are not my mother's sister's niece's cousin's former roommate! We are nothing!" She pulled out a squirt gun. "Die, bitch, die!" she squirted the rock. Pink, swirly, glittery fog started appearing, beginning to cover the entire street. "Why won't you die already?" demanded the girl, whose hair was now impossibly spiky and green.

The rock still said nothing.

"Die!" she yelled again, pulling a huge plastic sword out of nowhere, and charging at the rock. For a little while, it looked like she was fencing very badly with the air. Then she got angry, and started to batter her pathetic Wal-Mart sword on the poor, very innocent rock. The sword fell to pieces, and the rock remained silent.

"Taste my wrath!" Destinee Rose 'Sparkling' Whack-Job Glow, now producing what appeared to be a bazooka from hammer space. She fired, and several Nerf darts came out and bounced off the rock, accompanied by loud swearing.

And the rock was still silent

"Robin? Should I do the taking care of her?" asked Starfire, shock so heavy in her voice that it was difficult to tell if she wanted to harm Destinee Rose 'Sparkling' Loony-Bin Glow.

"I think that might be a very good idea Star," said the boy wonder, who was still watching Destinee release her "weapons" supply of foam bullets on the rock. When it ran out of ammunition, she tossed it aside, swearing viciously.

"It is time to end this. Slade, you are finished! Titans! Go!" wept Destinee Rose 'Sparkling' Insanity Glow, pulling out no new weapons, but her fog started becoming thicker and thicker, especially around the area where the rock was located.

"I believe that is, as you humans say it, 'my cue,'" Starfire stated as she took aim with a starbolt.

Destinee, however, out of pure, incredibly stupid luck, ran forward and started jumping up and down on the rock. "Die!" she added for good measure. Suddenly, she gasped, and grabbed at her heart. "Oh, no…"

A large, very bright explosion (that only, as far as the Titans could tell, made a loud noise) followed, and then Destinee was lying on the ground.

The Titans rushed forward, not sure what had just happened.

"Oh no! I am dying!" Destinee declared in the most dramatic fashion possible.

"What are you talking about?" demanded Robin, glancing at Cyborg, who scanned for vitals.

"Oh, Robin my love, I am so sorry," sobbed the annoying girl, "Bu this bullet wound is fatal. I cannot be saved."

"Good," Raven said bluntly.

"No Raven. Your healing will not help me. The damage is fatal."

"That's the best news I've heard all day," commented Cyborg, not concerned in the slightest. Then he walked over to Beast Boy. "Ten bucks she makes a dramatic love speech to Robin."

"To easy," said Raven knowledgably. "Fifteen that she calls Robin 'her little bird,'"

"Oh, you're on!" chorused the boys.

"Robin…" Destinee Rose 'Sparkling' Confusion Saphyre Glow whispered. "Be strong my love. Promise me that you will go on. "

"No problem," Robin replied, rolling his eyes under his mask, hoping that she would just get to the dying already.

"Farewell, Robin my little bird," the strange girl who had added some very strange things to their lives whispered. ""Do you remember when we first met?"

"How can I forget?" Robin muttered, disgusted. Starfire flew over, and grabbed his hand.

"It's a shame we never got to get married," Destinee Rose 'Sparkling' What the Hell Is Going on Here Glow said quietly. "Our wedding would have been beautiful."

Robin nearly choked, and only Starfire was concerned, since Cyborg and Beast Boy were too busy giving Raven her winnings. "I'm so sorry, Robin. But apparently my time in this life is drawing to a close," Destinee continued, as her hair grew as long as her feet and black as black could possibly be.

"Dude, will you just shut up and die already?" Beast Boy yelled, frustrated and mourning the loss of his money.

"It is time for me to depart from this world. But I love you, Robin. You have changed my life. I will never forget you…" and then she closed her eyes and died.

The Titans just stood there, unable to believe that she was actually gone. They started to cheer, and Robin was pulled into the air by Starfire, whose cheers were the loudest.

"Look!" Beast Boy shouted, dismayed, as he spotted the unfortunately now very familiar pink fog coming out of Destinee's mouth. Starfire plummeted to the ground, and the Titans gathered around the fallen "Titan."

The Titans knew that something strange was going on immediately. Destinee's hair was retreating back into her head, stopping at her shoulders, and turning into a shade of brown that actually appeared in humans. Her skin paled significantly, leaving her pale with the exception of a few freckles, and her lips became much smaller, no longer appearing as if she'd taken an air pump to them. In a few short seconds, she gained a lot of weight, which, in the case of so-skinny-you're-about-to-die Destinee, was a very good thing. She actually looked healthy. Her mini-skirt's sequins disappeared and turned into denim, stretching down to completely cover her legs before turning into a pair of jeans. Her pink tank top turned into a light blue, much more modest t-shirt. The horrible boots shrunk into a well-worn pair of Converse, and to top it all off, a pair of glasses appeared on her face.

"Huh?" the girl's eyelids fluttered, and then she was up, very much alive, much to the Titans dismay.

"Destinee?" Starfire asked, greatly saddened.

"Who?" demanded the girl in a very different voice, getting to her feet. "I'm Christie. Where am I?"

"Jump City, California," said Raven.

"What? How'd I get here? I live in Ohio!"

"So…" Starfire asked, hovering, "You are not Destinee Rose 'Sparkling' Saphyre Glow?"

"Who on Earth would have a name like that?" demanded Christie, looking very confused.

The Titans just looked at each other.

"Hey, aren't you the Teen Titans?" said the girl, who was clearly not the girl who had been stalking them for a few days.

The Titans nodded reluctantly, fearing a relapse. "Huh." She said, walking away to find a phone to call her parents.

The Titans looked at each other, very confused. "I know a spell that can erase a few days' worth of memories," offered Raven.

"Sounds like a good idea," said Robin, grabbing Starfire's hand, and the group started back to the Tower.

The spirit of Destinee Rose 'Sparkling' Saphyre Glow frowned at the scene before her. Robin should be sobbing uncontrollably, and the rest of the Titans should be in deep mourning. That was how the story went anyway. She checked the story that had been written by Christie's younger sister a few months ago. There was nothing in the story about memory wiping…

"And seriously I need help 'cause, I think Jinx is going to kill her, and I don't think I'll be able to stop her, and even worse, I don't think I'll mind! This Emilee chick has been stalking us for over a week now, and she thinks that she's my girlfriend! Hello? Robin? You there? Anyone?" Kid Flash was rattling off on one part of the main screen in the Titans Tower when they walked in. The screen had been divided into three parts, with Kid Flash on the top right hand one. In the background, one could see a furious Jinx throwing things at a girl with long brown hair with a purple tank top and black baggy jeans.

"Stay away from my boyfriend!" screamed Jinx at the girl.

"WAAALLLYYY! Your stupid ex-girlfriend is throwing stuff at me!"

"Oh, and she somehow knows my name! How the hell does that work?" added Kid Flash, while the Titans stood, frozen.

"Well, Speedy here's got himself a stalker as well. So does Aqualad. They're driving me crazy. They've locked me out of my room, burned my clothes, and one of them has been pretending to be team leader!" said Bumblebee, furious. "We can't get rid of them!"

"Hey Ellie!" yelled a random girl with what appeared to be cheap plastic jewels glued to her skin.

"Yeah?" yelled a girl with a pink cloak. "What is it, Bella-Not-From-Twilight?"

"I think your long-lost sister, Raven is on the screen!"

"Oh, let me see!" declared the girl-Ellie apparently- shoving Bee aside. "Hi RAE!"

The Titans were exchanging very scared looks. On the bottom of the screen, there was Kole, who looked very scared. "We've got about twenty of 'em! They're all chasing Jericho around, claiming they're his sisters! And they hate me! They keep saying I'm not good enough for him, and that he should be dating Raven! It's driving me crazy!"

"Oh crap," whispered Cyborg.

"Please tell me that we don't have to solve this problem..." Beast Boy said to Raven.

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