Disclaimer: I do not own any characters, they belong to Meg Cabot.

Authors Note: This is my first fanfic, but I love to think up different ways for the story to end. I've only read book 1, but I think I know the basic plot line to Book 2 so I suppose I will leave off after there with the excerpt in the Seventeen Magazine, where Mia and Tina sent that note anonomously to Michael that said "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You may not know it, but someone loves you." Then when they went to the Winter Carnival and stopped at the Computer Club's both Michael had a special note for Mia: "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You may not know it but I love you, too." I haven't read this excerpt yet, but that's what I heard it basically said. So I'm starting where she sees it and freaks out and heads for the bathroom as always. This is going to be from both Michael and Mia's POV.

Oh yeah, I'll try my best to be original, but since is my first fanfic, and most people's ideas are the same, It hard. So don't be too mean to me.

Mia's Diary

Why did I have to choose now to be assertive? I knew I never should have sent that note to Michael. I don't know how he figured it was me, but he did, so he created some sick joke to get me all upset. He created some sort of computer game for the Computer Club's booth and then when I went up, it said "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, you may not know it, but I love you too." My eyes went wide when I saw it and I felt my face begin to blush. So I did the first thing that came to my mind. I turned around to the bathroom and ran with Tina and Lars at my heels. And that's where I am now, locked in a stall, with Tina banging on the door begging me to come out, insisting that its not a joke. Now how would she know that????

Michael's Journal (on-line)

Yeah, I know it's kind of weird for a senior boy to keep a journal, but my parents encouraged me to start it in junior high, so that I could get all those teenage frustrations out. Sometimes it sucks to have psychologists as parents.

Anyway I think I just made the biggest mistake ever. I never should have created that special game for Mia, that ended with the same poem that she sent me, just modified a bit. Now she just ran off with Tina and Lars.

I never would have sent it if Tina didn't decide to play matchmaker. She saw me open the letter when I received it, and then she decided to come over and tell me that Mia was the one that sent it.

I guess she saw that glazed look in my eyes, so she asked me, "You don't by any chance like Mia too, do you?"

I started stammering, "Um...well...sort of." And then I started telling Tina, a girl I hardly know all my feelings about Mia. "Well, actually yeah, I like her a whole lot. I've had this crush on her for a few years. I just was always afraid to act on my feelings since she is younger than me and Lilly's best friend. But recently, I've been wanting to do something, even if I get rejected. I just want to know."

Then Tina told, me that there was zero chance of Mia rejecting me, and she said, that she would help Mia and I get together. She said I should send a note back to Mia, but it was my dumb idea to do it at the Winter Carnival. I should have never done that in a public place. I should've just put it in her locker like Tina suggested, but I wanted to make it special and do it my own way. Oh well got to go. Lars is walking over here.