Cayuna: Yeah! First story ever!

Amu: Yeah! First story! *reads first chapter* What? How could you do this to me! You must be depressed or something!

Ikuto: What's all the yelling for?

Amu: Here, read this! *Hands Ikuto first chapter*

Ikuto: *Reads chapter* O_o Cayuna, how could you, you made Amu go through so much pain? *Cuddles Amu*

Amu: Eww…Get off of me you pervert!

Ikuto: Aww…Amu doesn't love me anymore=(

Amu: W-what! I never loved you, you pervert!

Ikuto: Oh…that hurts Amu-chi, how could you say that?

Amu: I can say it cause it's true!

Cayuna: Oh, Ikuto, you just got burned.

Ikuto: Shut up…You made Amu depressed because her mmmm…*Mouth is covered by Cayuna*

Cayuna: Shush! Don't tell them the story!

Ikuto: *Cowers in a corner*

Cayuna: Will someone do the caption?

Amu: Cayuna doesn't own Shugo Chara! or anything involved with it, but she does own a kitten! Wait she does? *Goes and plays with kitten*

Cayuna: Just read the story…

-The Way the Winds Blows -

Amu stepped out into the rainy street to look at her old house one more time. She'd lived here all her life, but now she was being moved. Her foster family had been inside the plane as it crashed, and they had all been killed.

Amu knew it wasn't her fault, she knew there was no way she could have done anything, but she felt the blame was on her shoulders. What if they had never took her in? Then they wouldn't have taken a plane to find a bigger house for their growing family, and they wouldn't have been dead right now.

I always bring misfortune to everyone I love, she thought miserably. It was true, she had finally started to let down the walls, and had started loving them as her own parents, and then they died.

She folded up the umbrella to allow the rain to pelt her pale skin and wash away the tear stains that had dripped down her cheeks. The car would be here soon to take her to another house, but she didn't even care anymore.

The day her real parents died had been a rainy day too.

"Hurry up Amu, my sparrow." Her father yelled through the rain.

"But daddy, do we have to leave yet?" She responded with a pout.

"Yes Amu, we have to go, your mother's waiting for us." He said, pulling her into his lap, "See, there she is."

"Ok, daddy, let's go."

They walked hand in hand, and joined up with her mother.

"Mommy!" Amu screeched happily.

"Hey sweetie." Her mother said smiling at her little daughter.

They walked into the silent street, and all went well until Amu yelled,

"Wait Mamma Daddy I left little Iku, I'll be right back," she said while running back to get her favorite stuffed animal. It was a blue stuffed kitten she had named after her childhood friend, Ikuto.

Her parents never had time to move when the big semi came around the corner, and the chain snapped sending the heavy load barreling to them, and Amu had no chance to warn them.

"No! Mommy! Daddy!" Amu shrieked, knowing that it was already too late.

Amu dropped on her knees, her sobs racking her body painfully. She had been five then, she was now fifteen, but the pain never went away.

The car drove up to her, and she got in barely aware of anything. The pain was numbing and she was glad for that, she was asleep within a few minutes.

Cayuna: So whatdya think?

Amu: Why did you make me so depressed?

Ikuto: Yeah Cay, why'd you make her so depressed?

Cayuna: It's the way she has to be, cause you have to break down her walls and steal her heart! Oops! *covers mouth*

Ikuto: O, I like this story *hugs Cayuna* Thanks for no Tadamu!

Cayuna: To…Much….Hotness….I'm melting…*goes into trance*

Ikuto: Oops…

Amu: Yeah, oops sure….

Ikuto: What Amu-koi…it was an accident…

Amu: Uh-hu sure…wait… Amu-koi…d-don't c-c-call me that y-you pervert !

Ikuto: *Chuckles*

Amu: D-do the honors idiot!

Ikuto : Fine *sighs dramatically* Please Review!

Cayuna: Reviews are love 3

Ikuto: *Hugs Cayuna*

Cayuna: *trance*

Ikuto: Hahaha!